Just a photo: 27 ideas to the end is not lost


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mo+ architekten

1. Hidden bench
Frankfurt, Germany

Project architects: Mo+ architekten
Likes: hidden at the end of the kitchen island leaving the bench.

Mark Newman Design

2. A place for the printer
San Francisco, USA

Project designer: Mark Newman Design
What do you like: a place for the printer is hidden in the Cabinet next to the couch.

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Atelier Charlotte Goyty

3. Hallway at the end
Biarritz, France

The designers of the project: Atelier Charlotte Goyty
Likes: wardrobe at the entrance separates the entrance hall from the living room, and in the end made a place for undressing.

cecilia avogadro

4. The envelope of the bench
Milan, Italy

Project designer: Cecilia avogadro
Likes: asymmetric seat, enable the walls of the corridor.


5. Narrow niches on the wall
Paris, France

The designer of the project: BlackStones
Likes: symmetrical niches with sockets where you can put the tablet or the phone to charge.

ANDdesign / Alexander Dashkevich

6. Compound niche
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Alexander Dashkevich, ANDdesign
What do you like: usually, a niche (bedside table) are doing inside the Cabinet. And here the same result achieved floor Cabinet and hanging Cabinet above it.

4 Furies

7. Mirror panels
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Marianne Dokadina, 4 Furies
What do you like: wardrobes that separates the bedroom from the living room, decorated mirror panels, which helped to visually expand the space of a small room.

BENT Architecture

8. Secluded niche
Melbourne, Australia

Project architects: BENT Architecture
Like that: instead of a blind end corner-a niche for reading or children’s games. _____________________________

The Studio Of Tatyana Arkhipova

9. Mini fridge
Moscow, Russia

The designers of the project: “the Studio of Tatyana Arkhipova”
Like: as in a kitchen island found a place for a compact refrigerator for several bottles.


10. Minibar
Moscow, Russia

The designers of the project: ARTUP BUREAU
Likes: wine fridge at the end of the Peninsula. Mirror door at the same time working on the “expansion” of space.

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Flatsdesign / Evgeniya Matveenko

11. Storage space
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Evgeniya Matveenko, Flatsdesign
Likes: shallow locker for small items along the blank wall.

Murray & Ball Furniture Ltd

12. Roll-out module
London, UK

Designers kitchens: Murray & Ball Furniture
Likes: high exit module (see next photo)

Murray & Ball Furniture Ltd

Between the refrigerator and a closet placed the module on the depth of the pier. it is convenient to store jars with spices and cereals, bottles of oil.

Design Studio by Olga Kondratova

13. Open rack
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Olga Kondratova, “Design Studio by Olga Kondratova”
Like that: instead of a blind end of the kitchen Cabinet on the aisle decorate an outdoor rack beautiful wood color.

Julia Orlova

14. Home bar
Moscow, Russia

The designers of the project: Yulia Orlova, Alexandra Gutnova, Godino, Benjamin (Benjamin Godiniaux)
Likes: the main thing in the kitchen-living room — wardrobe around a corner. In the corner section is a bar: pull-out tray and shelves for bottles and glasses.


15. Backyard

The project designers: Martin architects
Likes: in this project butylamino mounted next to the sofa in the living room, at the end of the kitchen Peninsula.

Alexander Tkachev

16. At arm
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Alexander Tkachev
Like that: another practical option is the bottle holders — display rack for wine storage placed on the wall above the dining table. To choose and buy the bottle if possible, only reaching out his hand.

Anthony Edwards Kitchens

17. For wine lovers
Hampshire, UK

Project designer: Anthony Edwards Kitchens
Like that: as the end of the enclosure used for storage of wine bottles and space for glasses.

Anastasia Ufimtseva

18. Where everything is at hand
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Anastasia Ufimtseva
What do you like: on the wall next to the kitchen couch was placed a rack with shelves where you can put books or to put your favorite Cup.

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MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

19. A place for mops

Designers kitchen: MasterBrand Cabinets
Like that: instead of the usual dull wardrobe — shallow end Cabinet for household chemicals and a MOP.


20. Fireplace and panels
Novosibirsk, Russia

Project architects: ART-UGOL
Likes: electric stove, built-in furniture storage.

Daria Melnikova

21. The mirror on the shelf
Moscow, Russia

Project designer: Daria Melnikova
Like: how involved the face of the rack, finding a place for the growth of the mirror. Without him in the room girls can not do.

Inna Velichko

22. A place for books
Moscow, Russia

Project designer:
Inna Velichko
Likes: as a functionally “closed” blank wall of a deep Cabinet in the nursery, finding a place for extra storage.

Polina Rozhkova

23. The rack is in the working area
Moscow, Russia

Project stylist: Polina Rozhkova
Like: extra shelf at the desktop next to the window slope.

Danara Akhmetova

24. Wardrobe by the window
Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan

The designer of the project:
Danara Akhmetov
Likes: used for the rack end face at the window — not news. In this project it is interesting that for the shelves organized full-size wardrobe.

Javier Bravo

25. Place for bags and things
Madrid, Spain

Project designer: Javier Bravo
What do you like: at the entrance to the bedroom at the end of the wardrobe made a niche for handbags.

Sycheva Natalia

Sycheva Natalia

26. The wall in the bath
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Project designer: Natalia Sycheva
What do you like: used as a place for a bath, placing there a roll-out shelf for small items and household products.

Mia Mortensen Photography

27. Place to records
Lillerod, Denmark

Photographer project: Mia Mortensen Photography
Like that: as the end of the enclosure was turned into a chalk Board where the family shares his plans for the day and come up with a menu for the next few days.
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