Dina: the lamp that will make you realize the value of light


Dina: the lamp that will make you realize the value of light.
Image: moakstudio.


In the design Studio Moak has developed a unique lamp, called Dina, which is designed to make us realize the value of light. The idea, as always, is very simple, but extremely interesting: in order to turn on the lamp should throw in it a coin.

When a coin is inserted closes an electrical circuit, and the lamp begins to burn. But not just any coin will fit! The concept of lamp laid the concept of the value of light and to emphasize this, the device is configured to work only with coins of large size, which, as a rule, have a larger value.

To turn off the lamp, you need to pull the wooden handle, then the coin will fall inside, and the light will turn off. Thus, the lamp Dina and also performs the function of a piggy Bank.

For the manufacture of unique lamps uses a technology called three-dimensional printing. Learn more about the project on the official website of Moak.

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