“Abstract architecture” by photographer Peter Stewart (Peter Stewart)


“Abstract architecture” by photographer Peter Stewart.
All images courtesy of Peter Stewart.


Australian traveller Peter Stewart began the path of a photographer relatively recently, in 2009, buying his first camera with a whale lens (the kit lens is…) for Amateur photography. Prior to this photo had absolutely no interest in Peter, and he could not suspect that his desire to play with the camera on vacation to turn into something more.

In the vast photography collection of Peter Stewart holds a special place architectural photography. He has a rather unusual style of creating pictures. View the pictures of Peter and You will immediately become clear what was going on. An unusual perspective from which the picture is taken, as well as quality post-processing can significantly change the perception of photography. Full of clean lines and various geometric shapes footage of Stuart can be safely attributed to the “abstract architecture”…

More fascinating pictures can be found on the official website of the photographer.

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