Five of the most popular apartment complex in Moscow


    The sales leader was the project Only, which accounted for 13% of transactions with apartments in the past year

    In the capital continues to increase, the demand for this format of real estate as apartments. If in 2014 the new “old” Moscow according to the analytical center CYANOGEN, was purchased for 1.9 million of these objects, then in 2017 the number of transactions has almost doubled to 4.4 million At the same time 38.5% of sold apartments were in five of the complexes expensive segment: class “business” and “elite”.

    Interestingly, in three of these five projects, lots are decorated with. In Only one of sections “Liner. West” future residents will only need to bring furniture: includes the repair of “turnkey”, kitchen furniture and appliances, and finished bathrooms. In Neva Towers, which is a continuation of building “Moscow-city”, the developer offers apartments in White Box condition, which implies full readiness for the laying of finishing materials.

    1 place – Only

    The rating of apartment complexes with the highest sales led the quarter Only. In 2017 here was purchased 585 apartments. It should be noted that this project is one of the most successful in Moscow. Developer Central Properties brought to market Only in August 2016. And 15 months since the start of sales, the company sold 80% of all lots totaling 7.3 billion rubles. All eight buildings of the complex is already built, being the finishing work. The keys to owners of apartments will be issued in June.

    2nd place – “fresh city”

    Second place went to “Moscow city”, which became one of the most sought after projects with 339 past transactions. By the end of October-December 2017 this complex became the leader of sales for all primary market TSAO (data Est-a-Tet), largely due to price. The average cost of “square” apartments 208,6 thousand rubles, which is less than the average value in the County is 2.7 times. “Fresh city” they have the bakery to them. V. P. Zotov, will place the infrastructure: restaurant, game center, Museum, art galleries and shops. The construction of the complex will be 2018, but a little later – in July-September.

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    3rd place – “Liner. West”

    The complex “Liner”, located in the ice Palace includes two buildings: “Eastern”, built first, and the “Western”, was commissioned in late 2017. It is in the “West” last year, I bought a 305 apartments. It is worth noting that this project is of interest not only to those who buy the property for themselves. In 2016, the seller (now changed its name to “the House.RF”) launched a pilot project to create affordable rental housing. In particular, in the case of “Oriental” Agency bought the 295 apartments. The total transaction amount has reached 2 billion rubles. Last summer, these apartments have already started to rent out.

    4th place – Neva Towers

    Fourth place in sales took Neva IFC Towers in “Moscow-city”. In 2017, the company Renaissance Construction sold in the project 275 apartments. Interestingly, 64% of buyers – men. This complex has become the most popular in the primary market of the business centre. According to managing partner of Savills in Russia Dmitry Halina, eight out of ten sold in the last year apartments in “Moscow-city” was implemented in Neva Towers. In 2017, the market came one of the two members of the complex of skyscrapers. Today in the first tower, as explained commercial Director at Renaissance Development Ali Ihsan Mutlu, purchased over 60% of the apartments. Recently began selling in the second tower. The cost of apartments in it starts from 15.8 million rubles. This is the minimum budget purchase in MIBC.

    5 place – “Iskra-Park”

    Also popular among buyers has become a complex “Iskra-Park”. During the year the company “gals-development” sold 190 apartments. A feature of this quarter, the draft of which was completed Bureau Speech, was an architectural solution in neoclassic style of the Soviet art Deco. Last month a developer started facade works and installation of translucent structures. The facades will issue with the use of decorative elements, different for each section and repeated in the decoration of their entrances. Developed by the “Studio of Artemiy Lebedev” ornaments gratings reflect the achievements of the USSR in 40-50-ies of the 20th century in the fields of engineering, energy, construction, aerospace industry, mining and agriculture. Enter “spark Park” is scheduled for October-December 2018.

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