TOP 5 most affordable large-scale new business-class


    The value “square” in large complexes, business class is comparable to the price of a square meter in the projects of the mass segment

    Specialists of the company “Metrium” has made a rating of the largest residential complexes in business class (the number of apartments in the sale of more than 1,000) with a minimum cost of square meter of housing. Generally, pricing in the primary market depends on location of project, provision of transport and social infrastructure, and environment buildings. However, in large-scale projects from developers it is possible to reduce costs and to establish minimum prices.

    So, at the end of 2017 apartment business class in average cost of 223.5 thousand rubles per square meter. In five projects included in the ranking, the minimum value of the “square” below the average market for 32-36%. Moreover, the price of a square meter in the most affordable projects of the business class is comparable to the cost of a square meter in the projects of the mass segment, which last year amounted to 150,8 thousand rubles.

    1st place – “Tricolor”

    Cheaper it will cost to buy a apartment business class in the project “Tricolor” – from 143,6 thousand rubles for “square”. To wait until the end of construction is not necessary. This is the finished complex, commissioned by the Capital Group at the end of 2015. The project includes two 58-storey towers, 3-section building height of 38 floors office center. All the buildings are in the podium inside which made Parking.

    2nd place – LCD “Krylatskoe”

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    Second place went to “Krylatskoe”, where the available “square” housing is 148.7 thousand rubles. In this complex of buildings more than five storeys but they are smaller – in the range of 23-24 floors. In addition, only three houses have been commissioned. The project will be a lot of infrastructure. This sports complex, school and kindergarten (300 and 125 seats). Although “Krylatskoe” is located within the ring road, but almost adjacent to the ring road.

    3rd place – LCD “Character”

    “Bronze” went to “Symbol” with the rate of 149,9 thousand rubles per square meter. This complex is the leader in the segment of “business” in the number of properties for sale. At the moment the implementation is almost 3.7 thousand. Moreover, the “Symbol” is one of the most ambitious projects. As part of the renovation of the industrial zone of the plant “Hammer and Sickle” is the renovation of land of approximately 60 hectares. Only the first two quarters (“Dignity”, “Freedom”) will build nine multi-sectional buildings. Minus one: the construction started not long ago, the first houses will be ready only in 2020.

    4th place – LCD “Lobachevsky”

    On the fourth place – “Lobachevsky”, the minimum cost of a “square” which is almost the same – 150 thousand rubles. This complex, like “Tricolor”, completed. Buyers of apartments will immediately receive the keys. The project built four multi-body height from 21 to 24 floors and a kindergarten. However, the complex is located on a busy street Lobachevsky, passing in Aminievskoe highway. In addition, in the close vicinity of the Kiev direction of the railway.

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    5th place – LCD “Mayakovsky”

    The top five “Mayakovsky” with the rate of 151.6 thousand. It is a complex company Tekta Group who previously specialized only in construction in the suburbs. Mayakovsky includes three 36-storey towers located on a common stylobate. The project is implemented near the Leningrad highway and a kilometer away from the Himka river. The construction of all three skyscrapers completed in early 2019.


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