What is the Architectural Residential Complex, which has become the new dominant feature of the south-west of Moscow?


And why the South-Western Administrative District has become the most desirable district for purchasing housing among residents of the capital

The colored towers of the Architect residential complex, with heights of 28, 46 and 47 floors, are clearly visible from almost anywhere in two districts: Obruchevsky and Konkovo. Their memorable facades are made of aluminum composite panels (a mixture of aluminum with other metals), which, unfortunately, have so far practically not been used in the construction of apartment buildings. This technology has many advantages: resistance to corrosion, low weight, doubled sound insulation when facing concrete walls. For residents of large cities, noise protection is of great importance. However, when buying a home, the main parameters are the area, the infrastructure of the complex itself, the reliability of the developer and, of course, the prices of the apartments. Let's look at “Architect” from these angles.

Let's start with the developer.Today, transactions for the purchase of housing in new projects are processed through escrow accounts. The project financing scheme is safe; if construction is stopped, the money for the apartment is returned to the buyer. However, this scheme cannot in any way affect the quality of construction, so it is better to choose projects from well-known developers.

The FSK group of companies, implementing the Architect project, appeared in 2005. Today, according to the Unified Resource of Developers, the company ranks fifth in the list of the largest developers in the country. GC FGC has about 1.5 million square meters of active construction. meters of housing. In the Moscow region, the development group is building more than 20 residential projects of comfort and business, as well as premium classes. In recent years, the group has been consistently included in the rating of confidence of Russian developers by the economic magazine Forbes.

You can learn more about the projects of the GC FGC on the company website>>

Now about the environment complex“Architect” is being built on the territory of the Obruchevsky district, at the intersection of streets named after two academicians: historian Vyacheslav Volgin and geographer Vladimir Obruchev. This is not an accident. The names of famous scientists often appear in toponyms throughout the south-west of the capital: Vernadsky Avenue, Artsimovich, Butlerov streets, etc.

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Since the middle of the last century, the status of Moscow's scientific cluster has taken root in the South-Western Administrative District. From the first days of Soviet power, residential areas in this part of the city grew up around research institutes, rather than factories. Today, the institutes of archeology, genetic biology, human morphology and many other scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences are located here. In total, there are about 150 of them in the district. There are also many universities: within a 30-minute drive by public transport from the Architectural Residential Complex there are about ten institutes and universities, the most prestigious of which are MGIMO and RUDN University.

As for the infrastructure necessary for life – schools, kindergartens, clinics, etc. – there is, if not excessive, then enough of it in the district. Within walking distance from the residential complex there are 8 kindergartens and 9 schools. Parents should pay attention to school No. 1514, which, according to the capital's Department of Education and Science, is one of the five best public schools in Moscow.

Ecology.Not long ago, the analytical portal IRN.ru conducted a small survey among Muscovites. The respondents were asked in which district of Moscow they would like to live. South-Western Administrative District took first place: it was chosen by 22.6% of respondents. As the head of the portal Oleg Repchenko explained, two factors were decisive for Muscovites when choosing an ideal place of residence: developed infrastructure and favorable ecology.

South-Western Administrative District has long been firmly established at the top of environmental ratings. Firstly, the district is located on the main hill of the city, so the wind here quickly disperses harmful substances. Secondly, in the southwest there are practically no industrial enterprises, and thirdly, the district is rich in parks and forests.

“Architect” is located surrounded by four large green areas, two of which are Vorontsovsky Park and the landscape reserve “Forest on the Samorodinka River” are within walking distance from the complex.

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You can find out about the progress of construction of the “Architect” residential complex on the developer’s website>>

Internal infrastructureAt the same time, a fenced private area is planned in the “Architect” residential complex, where only residents of the complex will be able to walk. Interestingly, the yard will be on two levels. Children's playgrounds will be located on the lower tier, and on the upper tier there will be a lounge area with gazebos and sun loungers, outdoor exercise equipment and a yoga area. The second level will be heated.

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The lobby of the residential complex is designed by analogy with the foyer of expensive hotels: with high ceilings, a seating area with upholstered furniture and a reception desk. Also on the ground floor there will be an area for a children's playroom and an area for holding parties. And in the underground part of the building there will be a three-level parking for 670 cars and storage rooms.

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Apartments and prices. In total, the complex will have 1,502 lots with an area of ​​29 up to 250 sq. meters, the layouts of which are presented in 64 options. All apartments are planned to have panoramic windows. There are rare housing formats: lots with master bedrooms, Euro format, with additional bathrooms, as well as storage rooms. You can buy an apartment at Architect in two options: without renovation and White box (pre-finishing).

Average price per sq. m. meters in this project is 415 thousand rubles. For housing of this class it is inexpensive. True, 70% of the apartments have already been sold. At the moment, the most affordable lot without finishing is a studio with an area of ​​30 sq. m. meters – costs 15 million rubles. For apartments with White box finishing, prices start from 20 million rubles. For this money you can buy a studio of 34 square meters. meter.

You can find out about current discounts and promotions on the website of the FSK group of companies>>

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