Just a photo of: Small and udalenky “second” houses


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Office Sian Architecture & Design

1. The office in the shade
Where: London, UK
The designer of the project: Gurmeet Sian

This house, hidden in a London garden serves as a home office. The facade is polnochnye door. They can be completely open and work on almost nature.

Platform 5 Architects

2. Office and barn…
Where: London, UK
Project architects: Platform 5 Architects

The house shell was built 1950’s, and the owner wrote my book during the holidays. The second half of the house is a shed for garden tools.

Architectural Studio za bor

3. Summer dining room and kitchen
Where: Moscow region, Russia
Project architects: Peter Zaytsev and Arseniy Borisenko, Studio za bor

On a small area placed a spiral design, “turning” dining table and the kitchen, like the crest of a wave. Turned out whether a gazebo or a canopy — space for get-togethers outdoors in almost any weather.

Und Meister Meister GmbH

4. Bath
Where: Hamburg, Germany
Project architects: Meister und Meister

After the construction of the mini-pool is the garden house was bathing with sun loungers.

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Garten Kubus

5. Office in Cuba
Where: Munich, Germany
Architettori project: Garten Kubus

Garden house-a cube, painted in the colors of eggplant, the owners use as a mini office.

Peter Kostelov

6. The house with the generator spray
Where: Moscow region, Russia
Architect: Peter Churches
Photo: Zinon Razutdinov

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The perimeter of the upper terrace of the rest house installed a system of water irrigation. The smallest particles of water provide in the area of “the observation deck” a comfortable microclimate. It will allow you to sunbathe even in very hot and muggy day.

Architectural Bureau Arkhstroy

7. All at once
Where: Moscow region, Russia
Project architects: Architectural Bureau Arkhstroy

In this building the architects have combined several functions: there is an open kitchen, a place for children to play, a gazebo with a terrace and even a second level where you can sundown.

Yuri Grishko

8. Summer kitchen
Where: Suzdal
Authors: Vadim Dymov and Evgenia Zelenskaya
Photo: Yuri Grishko

The summer kitchen during the warm time of the year spend all breakfasts and Lunches. Please note, the design of the lamps is a reference to the beloved family — workshop “Dymov Ceramics”.


9. Mini house
Where: Portland, United States
Designer: Megan Lei

The owner used to build garden shed boards from old barns. Sliding doors reveal a small living room into the garden, and Dormer window adds light to the bedroom.

Landscapes by Dallas Foster, Inc

10. The cabin in the woods
Where: Dallas, United States

The garden house is like out of fairy tales —here on the threshold appears a woodsman or a witch.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D. P. C.

11. House for sleeping
Where: shelter island, United States
Project architects: Schappacher White Architecture

To Wake up in the summer with the first chirping of birds instead of traffic noise — did anyone refuse?

Holly Lepere – Lepere Studio, Photographer

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12. Among the lavender and lemons
Where: Montecito, United States

A house with a greenhouse surrounded by a small Mediterranean-style garden and raised beds with vegetables.

AMUNT Architekten

13. The barn for the beekeeper
Where: Aachen, Germany
Project architects: Amunt Architekten, Mårtenson und Nagel Theissen

This garden shed is built for the beekeeper, who manages the apiary. 24 sq. m. fit racks for tools and useful things, there was even a place for a folding bed.


14. Van in the garden
Where: France
Project designer: Manu Chavance

Previously, there stood a dilapidated shed, which the inhabitants demolished. The design of the new barn inspired by traditional van. Several Windows and a skylight provide sufficient day light and fresh air.

De Bilt

15. Guest house
Where: Balboa, US
Project designer: De Bilt

When the interior designer Dominic Lobjoy built flower barn in the backyard, she had no idea that the place becomes a club for adults. Cozy cottage has become a popular place for guests to hang out and even sleep.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D. P. C.

16. House-billiard room
Where: shelter island, United States

Behind the big doors of the house, no cars, no lawnmowers. Here is a billiard table, and one of the guests of the house can not pass.

If your yard or garden with a second house, tell us about its functions. Use it as a shed, workshop, summer room or day bedroom? Share of your stories and photos of the houses in the comments section!


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