Elite new buildings of Moscow: an overview of the most popular premium LCD for life says Elitnoe.ru


    In the primary market of the district consists of nine complexes of the elite class. Almost 80% of the housing they buy for own stay and for children

    Yakimanka became one of the most “family-friendly” locations in the center of Moscow. In 2019 half of the housing in luxury buildings areas, according to Savills, has purchased for his own residence, compared to 27% for children. Another 15% of purchases made investors confident in the price potential of Moscow and growth in rental rates here. Now at average prices for “elitku” – 1.2 million rubles per square meter – area ranks third in the CAO, second only to the Patriarch’s Prudy and Ostozhenka. And the selection here much more, because location is among the most heavily built-up expensive real estate in Moscow. Seven years ago in the primary market area was represented by only three of the club house of the elite class. Today, however, exhibited nine complexes of different scale. The Portal “Elite.ru” to find out what are the main features of these projects, and how much it will cost to buy flats or apartments in them.

    The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Moscow – branded residence-apartments near Kremlin

    The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Moscow, on the island Balchug – the “fresh” project in the centre of Moscow and the most expensive in Moscow. Capital Group has launched sales last year. The price of housing in the complex, according to Kalinka Group, a record comes to 100 thousand dollars per square meter. In such a sum estimated the penthouse, whose total cost amounts to 81.7 million dollars.

    The quarter consists of several restored houses from the 18th century with four new buildings. The project is made of Asheboro Sergey Skuratov Architects and architect Ilya Utkin in the traditions of classicism. The facades will issue red and white brick, used for carving stone. In historic buildings will open Mandarin Oriental hotel, Moscow – the first of this network in Russia, and the new structure is 137 apartments-residences managed by the hotel operator. This is a classic housing, penthouses with fireplaces and terraces, and maisonettes with a plot, two entrances and terrace. All apartments for rent with finished project Pierre-Yves Rochon. Styles – classic, American classic and “contemporary”. Homeowners will be able to use all services and facilities.

    “Copper 3.14” popular housing in the “quiet” center

    “Copper 3.14” – another project of the developer Capital Group, appears on the market a year earlier than The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Moscow. Build the complex in quiet location – on Donskoy street. This is one of the most popular new buildings in Moscow: the “Copper 3.14” and the following two projects (“Sophia” and “Polyanka, 44”), accounted for over 75% of the demand in the area by the end of 2019, as estimated by Savills. In may last year, the complex as reported to the Capital Group, was sold by 68%. According to sales Director of the developer Oksana Diveevo, at least 80% of buyers – people who already owned housing within walking distance of the project. The demand was reflected in prices. In 2019 the average cost of the project increased by 30%, from 449 to 585 thousand rubles per square meter (data Est-a-Tet).

    In the framework of the “Copper 3.14” build three towers with a height of 9, 16 and 21 floors. The architectural appearance of the complex, as the previous one, developed archive Bureau of Sergey Skuratov Architects. But the solution is totally different facades to be faced with copper and brick. The houses 134 apartments, of which (in 16-storeyed building) for rent without repair, while the others finish in several options to choose from. On the first floor is traditionally hosted infrastructure, including children’s club, and on the underground levels – Parking on 148 seats. Construction will be completed by the end of the year.

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    “Sophia” – investment apartments at the Baltschug

    The house is ready – his company “Transstroyinvest” put into operation last year. This is another project on the island of Balchug in front of the Kremlin and Zaryadye Park. In July 2019, “the Sofia” has bought approximately 60% of all apartments. “The price per square meter since the implementation has increased by 76%, from 397 to 700 thousand roubles (to November 2019)”, – said the head of the sales organization “Transstroyinvest” Oksana Rogova. According to her, about 30% of housing to buy for investment purposes.

    “Sophia” is 8-storey building with three sections. Facades and columns lined with stone and ceramic tiles, slopes of Windows also ceramic tiles and wood. The building has 224 apartments. Finish as an option. The first floor has a fitness club, beauty salon, bar-restaurant, bakery, dry cleaning and mini-Atelier. Provides a children’s play room. The underground part – a Parking for 198 vehicles.

    “Polyanka, 44” – apartments in the collection of houses on Bolshaya Polyanka

    “Clearing the 44” is also completed in 2019, but it is built in another part of the district – on the street Big glade. The developer performs the PSN Group. In addition, a more extensive complex consisting of eight new and historic mansions. Also here do not sell apartments, and apartments. According to “Metrium” housing in the project costs an average of 909 thousand rubles per square meter.

    Three houses, named “Muscat”, “Saffron” and “Cinnamon”, a reconstructed building from the late 19th and early 20th century, built by the Gustav Gelria. The other five, including “Hydrangea”, “Lotus”, “Magnolia”, “Orchid” and “Camellia” refer to new construction. The author of the architectural concept “Polyanka, 44” became a British Bureau John McAslan + Partners. In seven buildings planned 189 apartments, and “Cinnamon” with a separate area – 4. On the first floor are commercial premises. The underground part is made of Parking for 372 seats.

    “Patron” – townhouses and cottages on the Kadashevskaya embankment

    “Patron” is also put into operation last year. This is a renovation project of the Kadashevskaya Sloboda, which is situated near the Museum “Kadashevskaya Sloboda” and the Tretyakov gallery. The complex is implemented in an unusual for Moscow format. In addition to the 24 apartments in low-rise buildings in the “Patron” there are nine town houses and three cottages with fireplaces. KV. meter, according to “Metrium”, will cost an average of 1.2 million rubles.

    The developer is the company “Torgprodservis”. The complex consists of nine buildings with a height of 2-3 floors. Underneath the underground Parking with 64 Parking spaces. On underground level there is a storage area from 6 to 17 square meters. Almost one third of the garden, the recreation area with Playground.

    “Tsarev a Garden” apartments on the “Gold island”

    It is the third object in the area that are implementing on the island Balchug. Last year in the project “Tsarev Garden” resumed sale, and this year the complex will be commissioned. According to Kalinka Group, the prices in the complex are priced up to 2.5 million rubles per square meter. In such a sum estimated the penthouse, whose total cost is 2.9 billion rubles.

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    The construction is a subsidiary of “Sberbank” – the company “Sberbank Capital”. The architectural project was designed by the architectural society “Environment”. Within the complex there will be three 7-10 storey building, integrated with reconstruction in a single volume. It’s like a modern building, and the structure of Kokorevskoye Podvorye of the 19th century. Provides 63 apartments, four penthouses with terraces and a Villa. Some of the buildings reserved for offices and restaurants. On the ground level has a SPA centre, Parking for 247 cars and technical premises.

    Cloud Nine – historic housing at the Tretyakov gallery

    Developer Vesper implements Cloud Nine not far from the Tretyakov gallery. The project includes the renovation of four buildings of the 19-20 centuries, including buildings, where worked the printing house of brothers Manitou, and a former apartment house. Will complete the complex this year. Housing costs an average of 1.1 million rubles per square meter (the estimates of “Metrium”).

    The architects of the complex Bureau “Tsimailo, Lyashenko and partners”. Planned a total of 41 apartments. Housing for rent renovated, equipped kitchens, bathrooms and closets. In the decoration used marble, wood and glass. Design interior in modern classic style has developed Bureau “Tsimailo, Lyashenko and partners”, and in the industrial style and eco-chic – designer of the Ferrari brand Massimo joza. On the lower floors of the houses will be a meeting room, wellness area, kids club and facilities for storage. Underground levels will be used for Parking for 70 cars.

    Barkli Gallery – an apartment that is closer to the Tretyakov gallery

    This complex was built closer to the Tretyakov gallery. Moreover, the project is implemented by company “Barkli” in partnership with the Tretyakov gallery. Barkli Gallery, like many buildings in the area of Yakimanka, put into operation in 2019. Already last summer in the sale were only a few apartments and three penthouses. Last year the “square” of real estate, according to the developer, rose more than 30%. Housing, according to “Metrium”, will cost an average of 2.1 million rubles per square meter.

    Club house includes two reconstructed buildings of the 19-20 centuries. The architectural shape designed by the English Bureau Aedas. The décor combines canons of Moscow of the early 20th century with the reinterpretation of the ideas of the past, with art Nouveau floral motifs and neo-classical and geometric shapes. The facing is made of Portuguese limestone, English glazed tile and Norwegian labradorite. The planned complex of 39 apartments and four penthouses, all pass the finish project Aedas lead designer Tim shepherd. Styles in flats – Classic deco bliss and Amber, while the penthouses are decorated in themes “Moscow”, “new York”, “London” and “Shanghai”. There is underground Parking for 74 cars.

    Mon Cher – club apartments on Bolshaya Yakimanka

    Mon Cher – another project of the Capital Group, only have already been commissioned and populated. In addition, he is the most chamber – there are only 26 apartments. KV. meter is estimated at 0.9 million roubles (the data “Metrium”).

    Club house – five-storey building with an atrium with a glass roof and panoramic lifts. Architectural design and interiors of public spaces designed by Jacques Grange, decorator from France. In the facades and public spaces are decorated with natural stone and valuable breeds of a tree. Beauty salon, boutiques and a French restaurant. The underground level is a Parking for 46 cars.


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