Architecture: 14 unusual houses from Spain


Integration into the landscape, using unusual materials or colors, play with the space… each of these houses causes reflections on what today means architecture.

The Sibarist Property & Homes

The Sibarist Property & Homes

1. House on the rock

Place: Salobreña, Granada
Project architects: Bartolomé Gil Arquitectos

This house was built for a young family, stands on a plot with a slope of 42 degrees, facing to the Mediterranean sea. Architects incorporated the building into the landscape, revealing views of the boundless water space.

Ensamble Studio

2. House Hemercoscopium

Place: Madrid
Project architects: Ensamble Studio

House of concrete and glass with unusual swimming pool, located in made from the main volume of the U-shaped beam.

Alberto Campo Baeza

3. The flat house

Architect: Alberto Campo Baez of (Alberto Campo Baeza)

This house is a concrete plane in front of the endless sea. ACCORDING to the architect, “this is the most radical house we have ever built”.

The Sibarist Property & Homes

4. Round house

Place: Matarranya
Project architects: KGDVS

Landscape and architecture are inextricably linked in this round house: 550 square meters with panoramic views of 360º. The building with minimalist interiors and is divided into independent modules that are input by the yard.


5. House 360º

Place: Madrid
Project architects: Subarquitectura

The curved façade, lined with slate, playing with volume, integrating the house into the environment.

Ramón Esteve Estudio

6. Sardinera House

Place: Alicante
Project architects: Ramón Esteve Estudio

The house, which can be seen through the almost completely transparent facades.

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The Sibarist Property & Homes

7. The Levene House

Venue: Escorial
Project architects: NO.MAD

Is it possible to design a modern house that respects nature without resorting to the fact that it has become common place sustainability and the use of alternative energy? To this question the architects NO.MAD said, her project at home dissolved in the woods.


8. The house of three sisters

Location: Bullas, Murcia
Project architects: Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura

According to the architects, this unfinished house, which will change over time: “the Sun and precipitation will change the color of the wood, and on the facades there are signs of life in this building.”

xpiral arquitectura

9. House attraction

Place: Mazarrón, Murcia
Architect: Javier peña of Xpiral Arquitectura

This house is full of exciting details. Of the many photos we chose this courtyard: with mirrors, tiles and glass hand — made elements that form the floor, changing appearance depending on light conditions.

gus wustemann architects

10. Hostal Los Limoneros

Place: Marbella, Málaga
Project architects: Gus Wüstemann Architects

The spectacular atrium on the photo gathers the interiors of the house.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

11. The cube in the rock

Location: Ayora, Valencia
Project architects: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
This house is a sculpture embedded in the rock. The form of the building adapts to the environment thanks to the play of volumes.

Muka Arquitectura

12. House muralist

Place: Ciudad Real
Architect: Moses Royo, Muka Arquitectura

The accuracy and quality of the solution components define the character of this monumental project, which the architect himself called “the disappearance of home scale the home.”

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xpiral arquitectura

xpiral arquitectura

13. House with color mood

Location: Mar Menor, Murcia
Architect: Javier peña of Xpiral Arquitectura

Don’t be deceived by the brutal appearance of this house. Inside, everything is filled with color, textures and light.

Andres Jaque Architects

14. House Never Never Land

Place: Ibiza
Architect: Andre Jacques

During construction any tree on a plot was not injured. This task the architect decided, raising a large part of the volume of the house on pillars and posts.

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