More than 40 new business-premium and elite class, which can appear in 2020 in Moscow – overview of the portal


    The primary market of the capital can grow 20 complexes of a business class, a premium 11 and 10 elite projects

    In recent years, the real estate market of Moscow has set records in terms of new projects. So, in 2017 only in the luxury segment, according to real estate Agency Knight Frank, published 15 residential and apartment complexes, in 2018 – 20 (10 premium and 10 segment de Suite). In 2019, the year there was a small decline in premium and elite classes of the market, according to the company Savills, added a total of 11 projects. According to the managing company Webster Konstantin Kovalev, a total selling out of approximately 1,300 lots.

    It seemed that motivator to the conclusion of new projects for developers in recent years has been the transition of the market scheme escrow accounts. The developers tried to catch up to x hours, which came this summer, after which the market expected a lull. Perhaps the lull will be, but I guess not this year. The editors of the portal “” counted more than 40 big-complexes that can reach the primary market of Moscow in 2020.

    New business class – 20 new projects

    1. LCD “Achievement” on Academician Korolev street, house 21. In this project 1195 apartments of “Sminex” closed sales began at the end of last year, and in the near future we can expect the official launch.

    2. Kazakov Grand Loft (pictured below). The project is located in the Basmanny district, address: Kazakova street, 7. While the developer of the loft-the complex – the company “Koldi” – published uninformed: the total area of 22.75 sq m and completion is scheduled for 2022. But it promises to share the details with those who you leave your contacts. We can assume that this project came in closed sales, and its official launch not long to wait.

    3. Of the Capital Group and the “kortros is a management” promise to bring a joint project to develop territory North of the river port at the address: Leningradskoe shosse, possession 57-63. While the working title of the project “North harbour”. The development area is approximately 20 hectares, which will build 800,000 square meters of real estate.

    4-5. The following three projects do not reach the business class, but location are quite “biznesowe”. Two of them displays a group of PIC. The first to be built at: Presnensky Val, 27; second Hour on the street, 28.

    6. Another “border” project will bring a group of Stone Hedge on ulitsa Matrosskaya Tishina, 1A. Here’s how housing business class and comfort class. This is because a part of the space project will go on resettlement under the program of renovation.

    7. Group “Inteko” continues to explore the West of Moscow. Next year the company needs to bring in the Ramenki district, the project Will Towers (pictured above). A complex of six multi-storied towers at 3190 apartments to be built on the streets of Minsk. Completion is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

    8. Another project, in the Ramenki district – LCD “Present” – will build the “Center-invest” Vinnytska, 8. A large-scale project. On the territory of 161 hectares envisages the construction of housing, social infrastructure and offices. The total area of the project, which will be built in two stages, accounting for nearly 1.18 million square meters.

    9. MR Group on the street Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya, 25, will build residential complex with a total area of nearly 100,000 square meters. However, half of the areas can go under the relocation program of renovation.

    10. LCD “Heather” (pictured above) at the address: 3rd Khoroshevskaya, 19, building 3, build team of “MIC”. The company has already received permission to build. Complex located within walking distance from the metro station “October field” will consist of two buildings with 20 floors. The price of apartments start from 5.7 million rubles.

    11. A new player in the market business-class – GK “Airplane” – plans to bring the project on Varshavskoe shosse, 9/1.

    12-14. The group of companies of FGC promises to replenish the capital market business class from three projects. The first, located in Shenogina, 2, called Viewpolis. Two more projects on the streets of Academician Volgin, 2, and Wilhelm Pieck, 3, – yet unnamed.

    15. Another project of the group of companies “MITS” – “Mint” (pictured above) – will be constructed at the address: 1-ya Magistral’naya ulitsa, 25. The complex is planned to 520 apartments. Sold they will be finished.

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    16. Also next year should start the second phase of the residential complex “Beach” (pictured below) at the address: Beregovoy proezd, possession of 2-3. Complex consisting of three buildings of variable height (height from 7 to 27 floors), built on the site of the Moscow factory reinforced concrete. The developer of the project is the company “Glavstroy.” Architectural and town-planning permit obtained by the developer six months ago.

    17. Another complex of business class-“the Transfiguration of the Fort” – you may receive at the address: 1-ya ulitsa bukhvostova, 12/11. The developer of the complex is the company “Investment Outlook”, rooted in the Cypriot structure “Zebala limited”. The first information about the construction of this project appeared in 2015, but a few months ago the project approved by the Moscow architectural and urban planning Commission.

    18. Company Level Group, which recently brought to market a complex “Level Streshnevo” in Tushino, promises to soon start another project called “Level Nagatinskaya” 52 with a total area of 200 square meters. The development area is 0.9 hectares.

    19. On the Leningrad highway, 34, to begin construction of the tower powder Tower (pictured above) with a height of 36 floors. It is planned to place 207 apartments business class, ranging from 25 to 255 square meters.

    20. The market of the Lefortovo district in the current year may leave the complex “Monodom on Zolotorozhskiy” (16-storey building with 160 apartments).

    The new premium – 11 new projects

    1-2. In “Moscow-city” will construct two new towers. First address: 1st Krasnogvardeyskiy proezd, possession of 13, constructing the urban developer Mosinzhproekt. The total area of the IFC Tower One is 280,000 square meters. A significant part of the building (125 000 sq metres) will be reserved for housing. In total it is planned to place 1520 apartments. The construction of this skyscraper with a height of 405 meters has already begun. In addition, experts say the obtaining of the architectural-urban solutions for a complex with a total area of 338 330 square meters, located on an adjacent site, at the address: 1st Krasnogvardeyskiy proezd, possession 11.

    3. In the prestigious Yakimanka district will begin construction of a second luxury home brand Titul. The first – “Titul on Serebryanicheskaya” (pictured below) – is located at the address: Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya, possession of a 7-11. About the beginning of construction of the complex “Titul Yakimanka” are talking about a year, but the launch has been postponed. The platform on which it is planned to build six-story club house for 20 apartments located at the 2nd Khvostov pereulok, 8/1.

    4. On the street Big Spassky, 35, may begin construction of residential complex “Dialogue.” Coordination of the “Mosekspertiza” the developer of this project – the company “the Center-invest” received a year ago, in January 2018. It will be a complex of 170 apartments, building height 20 to 23 floors. The total project area is 20 to 800 square meters.

    5. Talk about the renovation project of the former Babaevskogo brewery on Kutuzovsky Prospekt was all of last year. On a plot of 6 hectares of the Capital Group developer plans to build residential complex (pictured below) in height from 8 to 16 storeys (75 metres). The total construction area is 155 000 square meters, 90,000 of which will have for housing. It can be expected that in 2020 the company will start implementation of this project.

    6. Turkish company ANT Development can lead to the sale of complex N1 Poklonka located at the address: street of brothers of Fonchenko, 3. The developer has already received architectural and urban solution. In the new project on an area of 4 hectares will be 100 000 square meters of residential and commercial properties. Eight homes: five 11-storey towers and three 10-storey buildings with two sections each.

    7. Hutton Development will build on Slavyanskaya square complex Lumin. It will be eight-storey club house of 54 apartments and two levels of underground Parking. Total project area – 7 000 square meters. The developer has already received permission for construction.

    8. In place of the factory “Fili-Roof” at the address: Kutuzovsky, 16, company Aeon-Development plans to begin construction premium project consisting of four towers-buildings with a total area of 180,000 square meters. Perhaps the start will be in 2020.

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    9. In March 2020, the market should enter a second phase of the project development award NV quarter/9 (pictured above) near the China town.

    10. In the fall of 2018 was approved by the architectural and town-planning solution of the project, which should build on the street Vrubel, the house 4, on the site of the former casing of “Kommersant”. The school building that housed the publishing house, was demolished. However, more information did not appear, but you can expect that this year the complex “Vrubel, 4”, will add to the primary market of the capital. The total area of new construction, will be 30,000 square meters. The developer is the company “Sibtrubovodstroy”.

    11. At the end we left one of the most controversial projects of the past year. According to the information portal “”, in February will begin construction of a complex Prestigehal located on Druzhinnikovskaya street, the site of the cinema “Nightingale”. The launch of this project is associated with a series of scandals: the public demanded not to touch cinema. But city officials have not changed the decision, and soon on the spot “Nightingale” will begin construction of a premium apartment complex.

    Elite new – 10 new projects

    1-2. Complex Bvlgari Hotel & Residences, Moscow (pictured below), located on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, 9/15, about six months is in closed sales. This is a project of reconstruction of buildings of the 18th and 19th century manor, belonging to count Razumovsky. After construction, there will be the first in Russia hotel under the brand Bulgari (Bulgari Hotel Moscow) and a part of the area to be redeveloped as luxury apartments with service from the hotel operator. Perhaps in 2020 will be announced the official sales of this project. So, experts say the real estate market to enter the market two branded residences projects. However, the second draft version of the portal “” failed to find out. Perhaps we are talking about the complex at the address: street Tver, 10, where can I build a club house with a hotel.

    3. Development company “Sminex” this year plans to bring a luxury complex with an area of 41 000 sq. meters at the address: Bolshoy Tolmachevsky lane, building 5. Most likely, sales will begin at the end of the year.

    4. Another project “Sminex” may appear on Clean ponds. Last year a developer purchased the mansion area of 6700 square meters, located in Potapovsky lane. After reconstruction, this may include luxury apartments.

    5. Capital Group can derive the complex is very well House (pictured above) in the Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 44. It will be a five-story club house on 24 apartments ranging from 63 to 243 square meters.

    6. Group “Tashir” has received permission for the construction of luxury complex of Ambassador Golf Club Residence (pictured below), located in the Ramenki district, address: street Dovzhenko, 4. It will be a ten-storied house on 63 apartments with an area from 83 square meters. It should be noted that information about this complex appeared on the market a few months ago, and now we can expect that “Tashir” will announce the start of sales of the official.

    7. Also there is talk about the redevelopment project of skorobogaty of Levinsona in Trekhprudny lane. Here, too, can appear a luxury apartment.

    8. Perhaps this year will start selling in the renovation project of a four-storey building built in 1917 at the following address: Bryusov pereulok, 2. According to the information portal “”, it is planned to erect a club house for 10 apartments.

    9. Also, most likely, will begin reconstruction of the building at the address: spiridonievsky pereulok, 17. Upon completion, there will be a club house. The project has been told for a long time, and start delay associated with the attempt of the developer to increase the number of storeys.

    10. Another object, details of which have been market – club house address: 2-ya Brestskaya street, house 19/18. This project is the restoration of the building in 1909, known as “the apartment house of Bykova”. This complex can also start in 2020.


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