Seven new buildings in Moscow with the most unusual architecture


From a futuristic complex to rock towers and a house-ship

Moscow's primary housing market is replenished with dozens of projects every year, approaching a hundred. However, there are quite a few unusual among them. Experts from the portal selected complexes with unique architecture among new buildings in the capital, sales of which started in 2023. Such projects can become the calling card of developers, and some can even become one of the iconic objects of the modern capital.

Emotion – futuristic complex

The Emotion complex, which the Osnova Group of Companies is building in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki (SZAO), is distinguished by its futuristic architecture. The authors of the project, the Kamen bureau, developed a solution based on one of the main points of perception of the object – movement along the Zvenigorodskoe highway – and applied the effect of perceiving the sculpture in motion. Four buildings with a height of 7-27-28-28 floors form a complex volume. At a certain angle it looks like a single plate, and dynamically it “unfolds” in several planes at once.

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“Obrucheva, 30” – skyscrapers in the brutalist style

The complex “Obrucheva, 30” is being implemented by LSR Group in Konkovo ​​(South-Western Administrative District). The project was also carried out by the Kamen bureau. For the 45- and 58-story skyscrapers, with their ends facing Obruchev Street, they chose the brutalist style. It is based on the principle of morphing, in which one form flows into another, mid-rise building into high-rise building, forming an endless screwed “ribbon”. Additionally, the dynamic silhouette is emphasized by the difference in height of the complex, as well as the displacement of the buildings relative to each other.

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“Lissitsky Towers” ​​in “Seliger City” – horizontal high-rise

Then there are “Lissitsky Towers”, which are part of the fourth stage of the “Seliger City” residential complex. The developer MR Group is building it in Western Deginino (SAO). According to the project of the MLA+ bureau, the 39-story high-rise buildings stand out for their modern interpretation of the idea of ​​a horizontal skyscraper. This is one of the most famous concepts of El Lissitzky, an outstanding representative of the Russian avant-garde. The floating bridge between the houses will become a memory of the ideas of the great Soviet visionary.

“Very on Miklouho-Maclay” – residential rock towers

“Very on Miklouho-Maklaya” is another complex of the Osnova Group of Companies, which is being built in the Obruchevsky district (South-Western Administrative District). The author's architecture from the Highlight Architecture bureau is based on associations with minerals and precious stones, environmental friendliness, and natural structure. Three 19-story towers, due to their silhouettes and voluminous facades, create sculptural volumes reminiscent of the outlines of rocks. Three groups of stones with a distinct color combination were chosen as the prototype for the houses. Sapphire or kyanite have blue-blue shades, and in their raw form there are gray and white inclusions in the stones. Citrine combines clear, white and yellow-orange colors, while emerald or jade stands out with a mixture of black, brown and green tones.

Forum – avant-garde house

Forum is being implemented by the developer MR Group. The project is located in the Meshchansky district (CAO). The driver for the development of the concept was the proximity to the Forum electrotheater of 1914. The project, authored by the Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners bureau, traces historical parallels. For example, in the complex diamond shape of a 13-story building, providing perfect symmetry. This is a reference to the works of the stars of the Russian avant-garde, including, as in Seliger City, the work of El Lissitzky.

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Era – stepped Art Deco quarter

The Tekta Group company is building the Era quarter in the Danilovsky district (Southern Administrative District). Gafa Architects bureau created the complex, inspired by the Art Deco style of the 20-30s of the twentieth century. The six buildings, up to 33 stories high, have a stepped silhouette and eclectic facades with floral patterns and fantasy geometric patterns. The lower tier is decorated with corrugated stone slabs with metal trim and arched elements. In contrast to the geometric precision and severity of the Art Deco style, openwork French balconies and arched vaults will create smooth lines and soft shapes.

Stories – house-ship

Stories is being built by the October Group in Ramenki (JSC). Bureau Nikken designed a complex of 11- and 29-story buildings, the stepped terraces of which resemble the decks of an ocean liner. The impression is enhanced by the rounded corners of the cabinets, seamless glazing, horizontal decks and the creamy-golden color of the walls.

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