Top 5 most affordable new business class buildings in Moscow


Business class complexes where you can buy an apartment at prices up to 300 thousand rubles on average per sq. m. meter

There are 127 business class complexes on the primary housing market in Moscow. Average price per sq. meters in them is 417.6 thousand rubles. However, in some projects it is even comparable to prices in new buildings in the mass segment. Experts from the portal have selected the five most affordable business-class projects in the capital, in which the average price per sq. m. meter does not exceed 300 thousand rubles.

“Phystechcity” – 259.8 thousand rubles

The most affordable new business-class building in Moscow was the PhysTechCity apartment complex. The project is being implemented by the Osnova Group of Companies in the Northern District in the north-east of the capital. The complex includes two 20-story sections, united by a stylobate. The houses have 488 apartments ranging from 23 to 227.3 square meters. meters. There are options with terraces up to 35 square meters. meters or two balconies that face different sides of the world. Sq. meter will cost an average of 259.8 thousand rubles. “Phystechcity” will be put into operation at the end of this year.

“Mirapolis” – 267.6 thousand rubles

Next up is Mirapolis. This is another “Fundamentals” project, also located in North-East Administrative Okrug, but in a different region – Yaroslavl. The complex includes four buildings of variable number of floors of 13-34-36 floors on a common stylobate. The buildings contain 1941 apartments with an area of ​​19.5-92.9 square meters. meters, including terraces. Average price per sq. meter of apartments is 267.6 thousand rubles. Commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2026.

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“Level Streshnevo” – 274.5 thousand rubles

Third place went to “Level Streshnevo”, a project from Level Group in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo district (North-Western Administrative Okrug). These are the 25-storey towers “South”, “West” and “North”, the 24-storey tower “East” plus a building with townhouses. The buildings contain 975 apartments ranging from 21 to 209 square meters. meters. There are penthouses with a terrace, apartments with an entrance from the yard and patio, and townhouses. Sq. a meter will cost an average of 274.5 thousand rubles. Three buildings were completed at the end of 2022, the remaining one will be completed at the beginning of next year.

“Nevsky” – 290.2 thousand rubles

The fourth place was taken by Nevsky from the Krost concern. The complex has already been commissioned; it was built in the Voykovsky district in the north of the capital. The project consists of seven buildings ranging in height from 6 to 28 floors. The houses are designed for 1,770 apartments and apartments, the areas of which vary from 19 to 92 square meters. meters. The average price is 290.2 thousand rubles per sq. m. meter.

Stellar City – 290.3 thousand rubles

The top 5 is closed by Stellar City, implemented by Tashir Group of Companies in the Mozhaisk district of the joint-stock company. The quarter consists of seven buildings of variable number of floors from 12 to 17 floors. There are 3,851 apartments available ranging from 30.6 to 79.6 square meters. meters. Sq. meter is estimated at an average of 290.3 thousand rubles. Some of the houses have already been commissioned; the project will be fully completed in the second quarter of 2025.

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