How a former film producer ended up at the helm of a luxury real estate agency


The wife of the presidential envoy Olga Minkh told the Elitnoye.RU portal how the castles in the air brought her to the chair of the general director of Paul & # 8217; s Yard

Last year, the luxury real estate agency Paul & # 8217; s Yard changed owners. The founder of this company, Pavel Zdradovsky, was elected head of the administration of the village of Kubinka in the Moscow region, and his share in the company was acquired by Tatyana Streltsova, the wife of the head of the State Duma department Vladislav Streltsov, and Olga Minkh, the wife of the presidential envoy to the State Duma Harry Minha. In December 2015, Olga Minkh became the CEO of a real estate agency. The Elitnoye.RU portal asked the former film producer to talk about how she ended up at the helm of an elite real estate agency.

Castles in the air, Onegin and television

– Until recently, there was little that connected me with real estate. Well, maybe the construction and design of your own home. However, the beginning of many stories can be found in childhood. So, at school I often drew and drew buildings: I liked working with space. The shortage of square meters in real life was not constrained by fantasy on paper: I settled in apartments, houses and even castles of my relatives and friends. This was how my idea of ​​the diversity and quality of life, of a cozy and comfortable interior was created.

The agency was in a difficult situation, and the price of the issue was not high, and in addition, professional curiosity and natural excitement worked.

But she still loved books and literature more: she knew by heart a lot of poems and all of Eugene Onegin, wrote notes for the newspaper. In the year of graduation, a department of journalism was opened at the philological faculty of Tomsk State University. And this determined the fate: I am a journalist by profession. Then there was scientific and teaching activities, postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, higher directing courses and wonderful years of intense and enthusiastic work on television. And then I started making documentaries as an author and producer.

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The price of the issue and professional curiosity

– Some time ago I started looking for new housing – a cozy apartment with a good renovation and a view from the windows, but I could not find a suitable option. A friend offered to purchase with her a share in an elite real estate agency. With a joke: they say, maybe this way it will be possible to find an apartment … There were several moments that prompted me to accept the offer to become a co-owner of Paul's Yard. The agency was in a difficult position, and the price of the issue was low, and in addition, professional curiosity and natural passion worked. The decision was neither difficult nor long: since July 2015, I have been a member of the Pauls Yard Society.

An invincible banal argument took part in the decision: if not me, then who?

Of course, now is a rather difficult time on the real estate market – demand and sales are falling, the number of transactions is decreasing. Still, housing will always be bought and sold. People, fortunately, get married and have children; unfortunately they are getting divorced; it happens, they just move to other areas, cities, countries. There is a constant movement – for enlargement or fragmentation. And if real estate falls in value, it only means that agencies will sell cheaper apartments, if they grow up, more expensive ones. The need for professional realtors does not depend much on the cost of housing.

Seven years is a period

– Initially, it was only about buying a share in the property. The proposal to nominate me for the position of CEO sounded just like a version. But many took it seriously … And here my decision was not easy: I went to bed with the thought of refusal, and in the morning I “canceled” this internal refusal and agreed to head the company. The decision involved an invincible banal argument: if not me, then who? In addition, one of the heroes of my television programs, academician Guriy Ivanovich Marchuk, said that the job should be changed every seven years, and my production experience clearly exceeded this period. This also became an additional “fulcrum” in this decision.

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In the new status

– Of course, I perfectly understood that I had no knowledge and experience in this industry. But the newcomer also has advantages: a fresh look, the absence of any prejudices and stereotypes that have developed over the years & # 8230; There are even certain advantages in this position: when there is a lot of new things, then you read the documents more carefully, fixing the details. In a sense, you become a student again, only you are no longer at your desk … And on December 8, 2015, I took over as CEO of an elite real estate agency.

Life has changed a lot since that moment. For example, I used to be more free to use my own time. I went in for sports a lot – table tennis, swimming. Almost every day, in any weather in any part of the world, I ran 5-7 kilometers. Now there is not enough time for active sports or travel. But I hope that in the future I will find some balance in order to return to these very important activities for me …


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