Peculiarities of premium class residential real estate management


People living in premium houses want to see a reliable partner in the face of the Criminal Code for solving everyday tasks and problems

According to the Metrium analytical center, in 2021, 5.2 thousand transactions with premium class residential real estate were concluded in Moscow, which is 2.8 times more than in 2020 and 2019. Premium properties are located in the central well-groomed areas, have designer architecture, developed infrastructure and spacious apartments equipped with high-tech “smart home” systems. Stanislav Sherstyukov, Head of the Zeppelin Residential Property Management Department, spoke about the features of premium real estate management.

Target audience of premium real estate

The area of ​​residential property management requires special attention to many processes, including interaction with clients. Clients are not only the owners of the premises, but also people who live in the house or come to visit.

Residents of premium properties rely on the professionalism and customer focus of the management company. Therefore, basic services, cleaning and maintenance of engineering system elements must be performed at the highest level. In addition, the service should be prompt, and the management company staff should not attract the attention of residents.

Each client has his own specific perception of the surrounding space, so some things need to be personalized. At a minimum, it is desirable that the property manager know residents by face and address them by name if they suddenly meet them in the process of walking around.

In addition, people living in premium class properties want to see them in person Management Company is a reliable partner for solving other everyday tasks and problems: from minor repairs to the implementation of complex technical everyday tasks.

Service features

In premium residential complexes, management companies provide a wide range of services: territory security system and video surveillance, concierge service, apartment cleaning services, development and coordination of engineering projects during repairs, as well as ordering and delivering products, car rental, pet walking and babysitting services .

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Often, residents of premium residential complexes request the services of a gardener or the removal of garbage from an apartment or apartment. If the gardener is on staff, then he is also involved in the maintenance of winter or Italian/French gardens, usually located on the loggias of clients. If the design of the project provides for fresh flowers on the racks or in the halls, then the employees of the management company control that they are always fresh.

It also happens that the management company organizes events involving animators and catering for the holidays.

The cost of services of the management company on premium real estate objects

The cost of services for the premium class is higher, since the facility uses more expensive equipment and consumables, such as imported elevators, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as qualified personnel who require higher wages.

The most expensive is the operation of club houses, where the cost of services starts from 130 rubles per square meter. m. The service is a little cheaper for residents of elite residential complexes: here the rate is from 110 rubles per sq. m. m, but it significantly depends on the volume of the protected area and guard posts. Also, apartments with service for 80-100 rubles per sq. m. m depending on the location relative to the city center. The amount of payments in residential complexes of different classes with approximately the same set of services differs several times.

Qualifications of employees

For the maintenance of premium facilities, the qualifications of the staff play an important role. The houses in this segment have complex engineering systems and expensive equipment, so highly qualified personnel are required to carry out their maintenance. It will be difficult for a low-skilled specialist to work with software equipment and systems that are installed at premium class facilities.

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In addition, there are certain generally accepted requirements for MC personnel, for example, uniforms. However, most of the requirements are individual and depend on the characteristics of a particular house and its infrastructure.

Premium LCDs” require special approach and use of modern equipment, as well as chemicals intended for cleaning premises and territory by qualified specialists.

Zeppelin's residential property management department, together with colleagues from the company's training methodological center, has developed manuals and training programs for employees providing services in the premium segment. We quite often conduct trainings for employees, simulate and analyze situations, as well as organize on-site training and explanatory work with staff.

Changes in the premium property management market in 2022

The situation in the world is unstable and changing rapidly, so it is difficult to predict something. The rise in prices for all services is the only thing that can be said with certainty, since, first of all, the cost of consumables will increase significantly. It is absolutely certain that the services of contractors will also grow.

However, people are always trying to reduce their costs of maintaining real estate and paying utility bills, so the management company will have to find the most acceptable and optimal methods for operating residential real estate, especially the premium class ”.

Any Crisis is an opportunity to look at many business processes in a new way. Some processes can be reduced, and something will have to be radically changed to maintain quality. So, for example, in order to contain the growth in the cost of contractors' services, you can agree to purchase some of the materials yourself.

Taking into account the daily changes in the news feed, the market will also react to changes. At the present time, many foreign companies are leaving the real estate management market, which gives a good chance to many domestic companies to take their places.


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