Moscow elite real estate market 2019 – an overview of trends from the portal


Presnya and Ramenki are among the three most popular districts of Moscow, although quite recently these locations could hardly be suspected of being premium

Despite the inertia of the residential real estate market, it is changing. And the flagship of the changes, as a rule, is the elite housing segment. Preferences and prices change, some areas are losing popularity, while others, on the contrary, attract the attention of developers and buyers. The portal has identified five of the most striking trends that have emerged this year.

1 – Khamovniki are losing their positions

Location, location and location again. Real estate professionals love to remember the formula for the success of an elite project. True, the arrow of the prestige of the capital market regularly changes its direction. So, for example, recently the status of Khamovniki as the most popular area among buyers of “elite” has shaken. Its leadership is ensured by both actively emerging new projects (only five have been launched since the beginning of 2019), and those already being implemented for a long time, in particular, Garden Quarters. This complex, released back in 2010, has become the largest – 35 houses – and a demanded object in the expensive segment. However, if in the third quarter of 2018 a quarter of all transactions took place in the location, then in July-September of this year the share dropped to 19% (data from Knight Frank).

Presnensky District and Ramenki, which are already chosen by 17% and 15% of buyers, are stepping on the “heels” of Khamovniki. Over the year, the shares of locations increased by 6% and 5% at once. New large projects appeared in these districts, which, together with Sadovye Kvartalov, were included in the top three sales leaders at the end of the quarter. These are Lucky and The Cherry Orchard (pictured above), each with eight houses. In Lucky, sales started at the beginning of this year, in the first stage of the Cherry Orchard – last year, and the second stage is going to be withdrawn by the end of 2019.

2 – “The first floor is not to be offered” is becoming a thing of the past, following the last

During the Soviet era, the apartments on the first and last floors of buildings were considered the least prestigious. Today the situation has changed radically. However, you will not surprise anyone with the interest in housing on the upper floors with good species characteristics. And apartments on the first levels are still not popular, and developers more often use these floors for commerce. However, housing with a separate entrance and patio, where the atmosphere of life in a house with its own plot is created, has become a real trend of recent times. Usually, such options are available in complexes where the format allows you to make an inner courtyard, where the housing goes. For example, in the House with Atlanteans (pictured below), Ordynka, NV/9 Artkvartal, Polyanka 44, Ordynka 19, Vorobiev House and Knightsbridge Private Park.

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Some developers have gone further. They proposed projects entirely consisting of housing more familiar to the suburban market. For example, at the end of 2018, sales began in the Quartet House of four townhouses and the Cameo complex of 17 villas. In March 2019, the official implementation of the Eight Yards project began with eight townhouses.

3 – Finishing is gaining momentum, although so far more developers have

Already more than a quarter of buyers are purchasing housing in an expensive segment with a ready-made renovation. In 2018, according to Capital Group, the share of such transactions was 23%, and this year it has grown to 28%. The share of supply is even larger and reaches 40%. At the same time, developers prefer to maintain a balance of lots with and without repairs in one complex. This expands the range of proposals and the target audience of the project.

4 – Buyers choose larger and more expensive housing

The demand for high-budget residential real estate has shifted towards larger and more expensive properties. More often they began to choose 2-level apartments, housing with terraces, penthouses and townhouses (in the photo below – penthouses in Barkli Gallery).

One of the reasons for the increase in large transactions is the rise in prices. In just a year, the cost of housing in the expensive segment rose by 11%, to 841 thousand rubles per sq. M. meter. In the premium class “square” has risen in price by 6%, to 613 thousand rubles. In the elite class – by 19%, up to 1.2 million rubles. This is the highest figure in three years. Prices are rising due to increased costs for developers caused by the transition to home sales through escrow accounts. Another factor is improving the quality of most of the new complexes.

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What, where and how much?

The portal also found out what kind of housing you can count on with a different purchase budget. With an amount of 50 to 70 million rubles and without additional funds for repairs, you can buy apartments with finishing, for example, in the VTB Arena Park project near the Dynamo metro station. According to Penny Lane Realty, for 70 million they offer lots with an area of ​​89-92 sq. meters. Even cheaper – for 65 million – apartments for sale in the very center of the Arbat, in the house “Artisan” (pictured below), but already without finishing and a smaller area – 77 sq. meters. If the legal status of real estate matters, then in the neighborhood, in the Turandot Residences club house, you can buy an apartment, however, also without finishing, but more spacious. This housing is 112 sq. meters for 69 million rubles.

With a budget of 100 to 150 million rubles, you can count on, for example, apartments with finishing in the project “Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 9” near the Kremlin or at Fairmont & amp; Vesper Residences near Mayakovskaya metro station (130-150 sq. Meters). A renovated apartment can be bought in the “House with Atlanteans”. This housing is 111 sq. meters for 109 million rubles.

Oddly enough, but having a budget of 250 million rubles, much higher than the previous one, you can find an offer in the same projects. But for a large amount, you can take the most successful objects in the complexes – species, with terraces and penthouses, as well as with better finishes and a larger area. Fairmont and Vesper – renovated apartments with an area of ​​238-274 sq. meters, and in the “House with Atlanteans” – a townhouse with an area of ​​274 sq. meters for 250 million rubles or a penthouse with an area of ​​303 sq. meters for 460 million rubles. Many lots for this amount are in private sales, for example, apartments in the Stoleshnikov 7 project.


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