Lecturer school of real estate “Know-How” of women’s tears, football and why when dealing with a stutterer companion also begins to stutter

In any field of sales valued the ability of the Manager to not let go customers without buying. But the real estate where the transaction price in the millions in the mass segment – rubles, elite – dollars, is the ability to worth their weight in gold. But to become a successful realtor needs to possess special communication skills. He should be able to tune with the buyer to control their own and others emotions… However, the list of adjustments and manipulations that can come in handy when working with agents for the sale of property is much broader than it seems at first glance.

Adjustment of physiology: chattering and stuttering

Let’s start with the basics – rapport – adjustment according to the physiological characteristics of source, tone of voice, speed of speech, gestures, etc. for Example, a customer said quickly and just as quickly tries to tell the seller. Or, on the contrary, the client speaks very slowly, and the agent carries on a conversation with him in a very calm measured pace. In this case, communication between the interlocutors is much more efficient than when one of them stretches the word, and the second – chatters.

Sellers to adapt can and should

People when come in contact, often use such adjustment unconsciously. For example, when dealing with a stutterer, many also begin to stutter. They are unconsciously tuning. Sellers to adapt can and should be.

I will draw such an analogy, if your partner is French and you know French, you will be easier if you communicate with him in his native tongue. Another thing, if you know very bad French. Then it is better to speak through an interpreter. Or, to put it more analogies, with poor level of mastery of the technique of adjustment, it is better to behave naturally. To adjust the necessary skills and abilities, and the coarse tuning looks funny and causes rejection of the interlocutor. As a result, his credibility is only reduced.

Now consider the situation from the other side. Did you notice that the source you are trying to adjust. What to do in this situation? If the negotiations you triple, you can not submit the form. It turns out that the source is confident that he controls the course of negotiation, but it is under your control.

And when the conversation starts to go in unfavorable direction, it is possible to build up – breaking fine-tuning of your interlocutor. For this you need to make a custom course. For example, to drop and raise the handle to pick up the phone and something to read it and then apologizing and the phrase: “Sorry, what were we talking about?” to return the conversation to its beginning. If the person continues to adapt, you can this procedure be done several times. Sooner or later he will get bored and it will start to behave naturally.

Adjustment values: to sing in chorus

The second type of adjustment – interest and values – family, children, Hobbies, work, travel. If the interests, values and views on life your and your partner match, then you become emotionally closer to each other.

It should be noted that realtor is very convenient this kind of construction, since agents, in any case, have to ask clients about family members, life priorities. After all, no one is not suspicious when the doctor asks the patient that he hurts or what he ate for Breakfast. It is part of the professional duties of a physician.

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The realtor should ask questions to identify the needs of the buyer. But within this conversation it is possible and to adapt to the interlocutor. For example, if a customer says that he has two children who sing in the choir (if this is true) it is worth noting that your also singing. If the buyer interested in proximity of the sports complex, then ask, what kind of sports he likes. For example, he says football. And you have the third Junior level in this sport and you every Saturday chasing the ball with the boys in the yard. It is necessary to mention further communication with the client is going more comfortable.

People appreciate sincerity. And be sincere in their adjustment

But you should not lie. If the other person will understand that you lie to quickly get him to the confidence, the level of that confidence to you very quickly approach zero.
Remember how in the “Diamond hand”:
– You are participating in the initiative?
– Participate. Why would I lie? And why did he ask? It’s not taxi driver, this is the bandit!

People appreciate sincerity. And be sincere in their adjustment. Better to say that I don’t really like football, only watch the world Championships, and doing skiing. As for the reverse side, if you notice that you adjusted, and the source is not very interesting, we can just say that my hobby, family structure or model of the car is irrelevant to our conversation.

Customers should note, quite often rebuilt in conversations with realtors, without noticing. There are open people, but there are not many, the most psychologically comfortable to answer the questions not earlier than on the second or even third meeting. If you see that people are reluctant to answer your questions, I recommend to postpone the tuning for another time. Let’s say after the next show you can see why the option does not fit, and find out additional details.

Manipulation of emotions: laughter and tears

We are often faced with situations when people are using emotions to try to achieve some goals. Range of emotions is multifaceted. That and laughter and anger and tears. For example, in my practice a case when the apartment business-class “House on Begovaya” there were two customers – a woman and a man. The latter offered more money.

The woman, on hearing this, threw a tantrum, cried, asked to give shelter to her, appealing to the fact that she has children. We represented the interests of the seller and, probably, it would be silly if we called the landlord, “is one buyer makes more money, and the other crying: who are we to sell?”. Housing of course went to the man who paid a great price.

Every experienced agent faced with a situation when he tells the client the amount of Commission, and in response…

Quite often, the customers manipulates the aggression: “I have three days to leave, and you say that in a week will be ready! Not good enough!”. Laughter is used less often, but too happens: for example, buyers can smile or even laugh out loud, showing that property price is unrealistically high.

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And of course, every experienced agent faced with a situation when he tells the client the amount of Commission, and in response… And in response you can see all range of human emotions. Some accept to accept the harsh, angry, others raise their eyebrows eyebrows, saying, “why is it so expensive?”, still others smile or laugh… the Purpose of emotions – without a word to demonstrate my position.

What to do when your partner tries to push your position with the help of emotions? Need internally to remain an observer – to make the emotions of other participants is not affected by your. If your client, then you need to prove complicity, but not to lose good sense, not to fall into the emotions of the client. You can try to tighten in emotion the opposite direction. We can say that it is very important for your client that the apartment is really like, and not enough money and so on.

But it is important not to play too. If performance is delayed, while the opposite side starts to get nervous, waiting for the action to complete, you should give your client a glass of water, a Cup of tea or try to bring him to another room, and to come back and try to continue negotiations. Without audience, people will quickly calm down and return to negotiations.

If tears come from the person who is your contractual partner, that is to say “let me be for 10-15 minutes, and you calm down and then continue the negotiations.” Or to use the softer option is to leave the room, for example, explaining that you need to make an important call.

The manipulation of intelligence: “Vedomosti” or Baba Klava

It’s simple. Sellers of apartments regularly appealing information about that soon everything will go up – “take it, then it will be too late.” Buyers, on the contrary, regularly somewhere I read that apartments become cheaper soon, they say, “in a month I’ll come to you and offer a million dollar cheaper”.

Most importantly, whether the price of your apartment that is right for you

Well, if the analytical arguments of interlocutor you are the counter-arguments. For example, you say that yesterday “Vedomosti” wrote that the real estate in Moscow falls in price. And you answer saying that today “Kommersant” wrote that housing on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where you just sell the apartment more expensive.

However, counter-arguments at the right time are extremely rare. If you do not know, ask the person to give it source to send the link. Very often the answer is not get, because people very often take this information from the ceiling, from somewhere in the Internet, or “Baba Clava told”.

In the end, not very important, what happens with the Moscow real estate as a whole, where prices are falling or rising. Most importantly, whether the price of your apartment that is right for you! If interest from buyers is, they regularly call and come to the auditions, then the price is fair and lower it should not be. Just explain to the buyer that this house, on this street, and at the moment this is the best offer.


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