What do they pay more for, or the main differences between elite new buildings in Moscow and premium ones


Among the main criteria, experts named the location, the intimacy of the project, a large area of ​​housing and unusual formats

The concept of “housing class” in the primary market of Moscow is increasingly blurred. There are no strict criteria. Basically, they are determined by the developer himself when developing a project or realtors, preparing to sell real estate. The buyer, in turn, can only agree or disagree with them by voting with the ruble. Indeed, even in the absence of clear definitions of the class, the price difference is very noticeable. And with the increase in the segment, the cost increases greatly. According to the NF Group, 76 expensive new buildings are being sold in the capital with an offer of 2.1 thousand apartments and suites, including 1.5 thousand lots in the premium class and just over 600 lots in the deluxe. Average price per sq. meters in the deluxe is 2.2 million rubles against 1.1 million in the “premium”. So why are buyers willing to pay twice as much? Experts of the Elite.ru portal learned from representatives of real estate agencies what are the main differences between elite and premium projects.

AREA President Denis Popov:< /strong>

– Mainly, the location distinguishes an elite project from a premium one. Elite new buildings, as a rule, are built inside the Garden Ring, and, in addition, these are the best locations of Khamovniki and Presnya. Premium projects are concentrated outside the Garden Ring, and if they are built in Khamovniki and the same Presnya, then in slightly less prestigious places. Traditional premium locations are Mosfilmovskaya Street, Kutuzovsky Prospekt approximately up to Victory Park, Vorobyovy Gory, Leningradka up to Sokol.

The second distinguishing criterion is the height of the project. Within the Garden Ring there are restrictions on the number of storeys, besides, the “elitism” itself implies both a limited number of apartments and privacy. The third criterion is prices, which imply more significant costs for the developer for the project. Elite projects use more expensive – facade, engineering, – choose more expensive materials. The same applies to parking spaces: if, say, in an elite building, on average, two parking spaces are allocated for one apartment, then in a premium one it is already one to one and a half.

The fourth criterion is apartment design and planning solutions. Despite the fact that today all developers are “smaller”, the general principle remains: there is more and more in an elite project. More apartments with three or more bedrooms, fewer apartments with one. There is also a difference in area.

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Let's take, for example, two two-bedroom apartments in the elite and premium projects. In the first case, the area will be from 140 to 200 or more square meters. meters, and in the second – from 120 to 150 square meters. meters. All rooms in the “elite” are larger, for example, the master bedroom will be 22 or more square meters. meters, and in a premium house – from 18 sq. meters, the second bedroom, living room – everything will be different in scale. In an elite house, each bedroom has a bathroom plus one guest room. In the premium project, one bathroom in the master bedroom plus one guest bathroom is allowed. The same goes for walk-in closets: in the “elite” every bedroom is equipped with it, and in the premium project, only one bedroom can include a dressing room, while the rest will have wall cabinets. In an elite house, a full-fledged room for a housekeeper is necessarily provided, in a premium house there may be a small room for incoming staff, combined with a bathroom.

There are other options that distinguish the elite project: terraces, fireplaces, high ceilings. As for the loggias, I would not just call them a characteristic feature of an elite project: glazed balconies are more typical for premium complexes (after all, their height dictates their need). Open French balconies combined with floor-to-ceiling windows are more common in club houses.

Partner, Regional Director of the Urban Real Estate Department at NF Group Andrey Solovyov:< /strong>

– The limited volume of supply in the deluxe segment is due to its specifics, where the prestige of the location, including the immediate environment, plays a fundamental role. The appearance of such complexes outside the Central Administrative District is rather an exception; at the moment, only one such project is being implemented in the capital. In addition, the plots in the center suggest intimacy, while maintaining the atmosphere of a quiet center with low-rise buildings. Therefore, deluxe class objects are represented mainly by club houses, ensuring maximum privacy and safety of residents. Larger complexes also appear on the market, but in most cases, lots in such projects are distributed in separate small buildings. Differences in classes are also manifested in the project parameters: for example, the number of apartments per floor, the average area of ​​the lot, the height of the ceilings, the parameters of the parking lot, etc. Often, certain “chips” of the project are created, exclusive formats appear that emphasize the status of the owner.

< p>Among the criteria for residential complexes that have changed over time, one can note the parameters of underground parking. Now, for deluxe level projects, the coefficient of availability of parking spaces is on average 1.9, for premium projects, the indicator is approximately 1.3. In addition, not all residential complexes can provide underground parking, it is mostly absent in the reconstruction of old houses. Developers go to great lengths to place parking even in a reconstructed building, so mechanized parking and valet parking services are not uncommon in the center. Sometimes, in order to increase the attractiveness of the project and comply with the class requirements, developers provide, for example, alternative options: ground parking, parking in a business center for rent. Such decisions are a normal practice for reconstructed facilities in the center of Moscow.

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Valeria Tsvetkova, Managing Director of Bon Ton:

– Elite new buildings have low-rise, infill development in the area of ​​the Garden Ring, near the iconic or historical places of the city. A maximum of 2-4 lots can be placed per floor. The landscaping of the inner territory is at a very high level, with private areas for recreation. Materials and engineering are imported, very expensive, from well-known manufacturers. At the same time, such options as a wine (cigar) room, a fur coat store, a wine store, etc. are a thing of the past. It is obligatory to have lots of rare formats in the flats: with terraces, a separate entrance, with a fireplace, with a window in the bathroom.

Director of the elite real estate department of the Metrium company Premium” Anna Radjabova:

– What distinguishes elite projects from premium ones is, first of all, a higher level of prestige of the location, privacy, quality of the materials used and the fame of architects and designers. The vast majority of elite projects in the capital – more than 90% – are concentrated in the Central Administrative District, while there are premium-class complexes in almost all districts of “old” Moscow. Premium complexes can be very large-scale, designed for several thousand residents. In turn, elite projects almost always have a chamber format.

Premium residential complexes are usually built according to individual projects of eminent bureaus. But, as a rule, world famous architects and designers are involved only in the creation of elite complexes. Premium-class new buildings rarely use expensive natural finishing materials, while elite developers always use precious stone and wood, forged metal, etc. The area is also different: the average area of ​​apartments and suites in Moscow's premium projects is 78.5 square meters. meters, in the elite – 158.4 square meters. meters.


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