What sports do the residents of Rublyovka do?


There is a sports complex with an ice arena for hockey and figure skating in Beryozki River Village

On Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway, the exclusivity of the offer is appreciated. And Beryozki River Village will surprise you not only with modern architecture: the phrase “own ice arena” sounds promising.

The route along Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway can have a variety of destinations. Some go to a meeting at the Michelin Biologie or Lapino for beauty treatments, some take the kids to Cambridge International School, and some go to personal hockey training.

The last two places are located at the same address, at km 17 of the well-known highway. The school and a sports complex with an ice arena are located on the territory of the elite Beryozki River Village, which is being implemented by the Hals-Development group.

The local ice arena is a fashionable place: Ilya Averbukh, and Alexander Ovechkin, and Alexei Yashin come here, at one time Maxim Marinin taught. On the territory of the complex, in addition to hockey and figure skating, there is a lot of interesting things: a classic gym, a class of choreography, stretching, Pilates and even fencing.

You can visit the sports complex freely, you do not need to buy a house in Beryozki for this . However, the residents of the village were not left without privileges and signs of attention: they can use the services of the ice palace with a 20% discount.

Remarkably, this suburban project has atypical not only architecture in the style of modernism, but also the history of development. It is also interesting that the commercial infrastructure here started working even before the end of sales in the village. The complex and the school have become a place where those who have already bought a cottage meet and those who can afford it. Neighbors are already studying in some classes: families give good recommendations to the village in which they have already invested.

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“Twice a week, students come to our ice for physical education lessons. The school and the complex are connected by a warm covered walkway,” says Evgenia Lisina, general director of the complex. We already know all our children well. Many began to attend ice schools. They come just to sit in a cafe, where, by the way, they often speak English among themselves.

Now three children's amateur sports schools are conducting classes at the arena: hockey Slap Shot and Golden Lions, as well as Crazy snowflakes” (figure skating).

The right sport has always been one of the entry points to business circles. And hockey and figure skating are especially loved in Russia, our skaters are the same stars as film actors.

The active season in the complex begins in September and lasts until May. So far, external traffic makes up the bulk of the object's load. All the top commercial time on the ice arena – after 17.00 on weekdays – is booked, and on weekends you can go ice skating, alone or with the whole family, without an appointment.

“We already have our own circle of regular guests. It arose both thanks to our sports schools and evening mass skating, – Evgenia Lisina talks about the life of the complex. – You can go on the ice for the sake of sports passion, or you can arrange a holiday. For many, skating has become a family pastime, because parents and their children also go ice skating.”

Beryozka River Village plans to further develop amateur children's sports. There is interest in the object both from premium sponsors for holding tournaments, and from star schools.

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You will not meet random people at the Beryozki River Village facilities. Hockey and figure skating have always been considered elite sports. Equipment and coaching services are expensive. But both the suburban village and the nearby school set the bar high.

The cost of an annual education on the campus of an international school ranges from 22 to 27 thousand euros, depending on the age group. The budget for the purchase of the Beryozki River Village cottage now starts at about 93 million rubles. This is the price of one of the three houses participating in the developer's New Year's campaign – the Brick project with an area of ​​1072 sq. meters.

At the same time, the cost in Beryozki is one of the most attractive along Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway. According to Knight Frank Research, the average price budget for a cottage has grown by 82% over the year, to 330 million rubles. During the pandemic, the rate of sales at Beryozki River Village has increased many times over, and more than 80% of the lots have been sold at the moment.

What else will a visit to Beryozki River Village be remembered for: the complete absence of chemicals on the roads, they are perfectly white and clean. The fact is that they use an environmentally friendly way to deal with ice, which came to Russia from the Scandinavian countries. Snow roads are rolled evenly with special equipment, if necessary, sprinkled with marble and granite chips on the ice. This method is absolutely safe for residents, pets and birds. Owners of country residences in Beryozki can enjoy a real “European winter”: walking along clean roads and comfortable driving.


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