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    The Correspondent Of The “” learned opinion of the designer and the architect, and the owner of the company planning to purchase an apartment in the project

    At the end of the current year the company “Hals-development” promises to deliver state IFC Match Point located in the area of Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Major construction work has been completed and currently is a decoration of the facades. The correspondent of the portal “” visited the construction site of the complex, where he talked with a potential client who is planning to purchase apartments there. In addition, we learned opinion about the project from the professional real estate market experts.

    About the project, pricing and discounts

    Company “gals-development” has become a fee-developer Match Point (pictured below) in 2018. According to the project, the complex will be located apartments with total area of 1545 square meters 28-185. At the start of sales of the lots cost an average of 150,000 rubles per square meter. And the available apartments were sold for 4.6 million rubles. However, during construction the price increased several times. Currently, the average cost of square meter in the complex is 265 000. 70% of the apartments “gals-development” has already implemented.

    Today the most expensive offer in the IFC Match Point – a penthouse of 180 square meters – is estimated at 55 million And the available – the Studio is 28 square metres – sold for 6.9 million rubles. The shares described in the sales Department Match Point, held regularly: discounts range from 5% to 10%. In addition, the possible interest-free installments with the initial installment from 40% for up to two years. A mortgage loan with an initial payment of 10% if there is a certificate 2-NDFL, it is possible to take 6.9%, which is almost comparable with the level of inflation in the country.

    The buyer Evgeny Sobolev (pictured below), co-owner of Atelier men’s suits K&S Tailoring:

    – Our Studio has recently changed its “residence”: it was near the metro station “Voykovskaya” and a few months ago, we moved on Kutuzov Avenue to the bridge Bagration. And now I slowly began to look for a new apartment in the vicinity of this area. Kutuzov Avenue – very convenient location, a historically prestigious area, close to the centre, on the other Bank of the Moscow river, is located the business center of the capital “Moscow-city”. And to live close to work, I think, wants everyone.

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    Most of all my Match Point project was interested in the location. On the one hand, infrastructure Kutuzovsky prospect. Walk to the metro to go just 5-7 minutes, and this is very important because I have two daughters of school age. On the other, next to the complex there are two huge recreation areas: Victory Park and Filevsky Park. And the street Vasilisy kozhinoy very quiet: I watched the complex on a weekday around five o’clock in the evening, and there were very few cars. It’s amazing!

    The second thing I liked – the views from the Windows. Due to the large parks surrounding the complex, and the absence of tall buildings around, the views from the upper floors of the complex, Match Point is fantastic. Moreover, not only in the direction of Victory Park, but from the street Vasilisy kozhinoy.

    Third – the apartments themselves. All lots have Windows in the floor and free plan. Personally, I liked the apartment with an area of 119 sqm on the 28th floor, but they are more than 30 million rubles. For me it is still expensive…

    Designer Tatiana Kuzmina (pictured below):

    The complex Match Point I liked very wide range apartments: there is a modest Studio, and penthouses. And importantly, even in the basic layouts offered by the developer, very well used area. Of course, apartments with large corridors is primarily a problem of housing built in the Soviet Union. But they fall in new buildings in recent years. In this project, the area is compact and well used. I think that if customers decide to make repairs, focusing on the basic layout, you will be able to cope without the help of a designer.

    Secondly, almost all apartments have a rectangular shape. I came across a housing with a triangular rooms, various curves and other irregular shapes. These flats are even professional designers bring a lot of “headache”. And though sometimes it’s fun to solve the puzzle, what to do in the fifth corner of the room, for the buyer it is always a problem. For any custom layout is always a loss of space and additional investments. For example, furniture for non-standard facilities will have to be custom-made that more difficult and expensive than buying ready-made furniture.

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    I liked that the apartment Match Point, including a small square designed two tap tower. Even if you live in an apartment with only two people, then it happens that one of them in the kitchen is gaining the kettle, and his household, taking a shower, your skin feels the flow of hot water. To put it mildly, unpleasant…

    Rough ceiling height in the normal lots is 3.1 meter. This height will allow you to do normal gypsum ceiling, where you can place electrical wiring. And in the final finishing height will be approximately 2.8 to 2.9 metres. The penthouses rough ceiling height is even higher – 3.5 meters.

    Well, and, finally, about the window. Windows in apartments Match Point a lot, and they’re big in the floor. Think about this option nothing not need to explain it: sunlight is necessary for space and for human health. Of course, vitamin D can be in the drugstore to buy, but they say that chemically synthesized vitamins the body can absorb bad…

    Architect, Vice-President of the Union of architects of Russia, General Director Asadov, Andrey Asadov (pictured below):

    – The facades of the complex, in my opinion, made successfully, and the professional is immediately obvious that they are in trend architecture of residential complexes, business-class: here you can find a combination of modern materials, particularly stained glass, with classic elements – pillars, and cornices. This gives the project and of modernity and respectability.

    For example, complex Match Point can be traced all the current trends in the residential real estate business class in Moscow: district building, no cars in the yard, on the rooftop of a 3-level Parking, facades with high quality finishes, strict and business architecture, thoughtful landscaping, including a small terrace on the roofs. But high density development. This “fee” for life in any world capital. I noticed the highlight of the project: the volleyball arena, which without a doubt will be a good element of the sports infrastructure of the complex. This a good location there are costs in the form of adjacent Railways and Kutuzovsky prospect, therefore, from the urban planning point of view, it is very important to provide convenient pedestrian path to the metro station “Victory Park”. Construction of a pedestrian bridge planned by the city in the next year or two.


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