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    As a monument of the Soviet architecture of the 1960-ies has received a second life, and why, 20 years later, “house-owner” again on the wave of popularity

    “Building books” on Novy Arbat is not only a revolution in the center of Moscow, which happened half a century ago, but it is the latest sensation. In 2018 Capital Group announced a fully updated “the book” – the Book. And again with a revolutionary concept: such in Moscow is no more. Having been inside, we found that represents the new life of the building-legends.

    1960-e years, without exaggeration, one of the most glorious and probably the most free period of Soviet architecture. For the first time in decades, the Soviet Union returned to the world architectural context, with a bold and full of air modernist projects, most of which, of course, was the construction of the New Arbat (former Kalinin Prospekt, pictured below in 1968).

    Today, the Soviet modernism is experiencing a new peak of glory: the love for the buildings of glass and concrete are recognized masters such as REM Koolhas, against the background of these houses and their interiors removed the clips and organizes fashion shows.

    Started a second life and New Arbat (pictured below). In 2016, the government’s track landscaped, making closer to ordinary citizens: expanded by two meters on the sidewalk, organized, stylish public areas, planted trees, as in Europe. No wonder the project was carried out by an international trio: from the Russian side “Tsimailo, Lyashenko & Partners” and Strelka Architects, from the West by the authors of the famous Copenhagen Park Superkilen Topotek1 the Germans.

    But that did not stop. Closer to people and became the iconic “owner” – the house at the address: New Arbat 15. Few people remember, but originally built by the Kalinin Prospekt “house-books” was planning to make a living: Thor, Mndoyants, Posokhin and Yegerev was going to design on the first floors of restaurants, shops and other social infrastructure, and above apartments. Then “books” gave the ministries because of the governmental status of the track. This decision, as the ban on public access to the roof, “book” (this project also was), associated with hard increase the General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev’s security requirements Kalinin Prospekt after the Kennedy assassination.

    The concept of “stuffing”

    And now one of the “books” – one in which in Soviet times housed the Ministry of coal industry, again open to all. The result of rethinking of the project by Capital Group, the building received a new concept, much more original, fresh contemporary design.

    More precisely three concepts. The Book (pictured below) combines international brand hotel, service apartments that are designed, in particular, long-term lease, and apartments for permanent residence that are offered for sale.

    Of course, such a complex structure would be impossible without major changes “stuffing”. It was changed almost entirely: the work lasted two years. During this time, Capital Group has completely replaced utilities, HVAC and ventilation, fire safety, fixed high-speed elevators, replaced the glazing of facades, entrances and roof of the building.

    More than half-century history of the building – a definite reason for the overhaul with full replacement of engineering communications, especially if we are talking about creating premium project, and even literally in the heart of the city. But there is another reason, and it is a complex concept that combines three different streams: the guests, the hotel also offers serviced apartments and owners of their own homes.

    Requirements three audiences The Book differ in terms of layouts

    “There is no doubt that the 1960s the building of the Ministry of coal industry was ultra-modern, but in 2017, when we started our renovation, we were faced with a very difficult task, – says the project Manager at Capital Group. – First of all, of course, we had to change all internal communications and to create a modern system in an old building, to put it mildly, uneasy. Second, all four “books” of the New Arbat was built, is managed and operated as a single unit. We had to autocomservice not to depend on neighbors. And finally, we had to form three functional areas for three different audiences, each with their needs, with different traffic at different times of day, etc.”

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    Strictly speaking, there is a fourth audience — advanced Muscovites, which are made available in the public areas of The Book (pictured below): restaurant, meeting rooms and the Penta-lounge is a combination co-working space, lounge area and bar, which replaces the traditional lobby the international brand hotel Pentahotel. To get to these zones you can: conference room, of course, have first book, but for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, to work or socialize, just take the lift directly from the main entrance of the building group.

    Such openness does not prevent the inhabitants of the apartments: go to the living area, as in Intermark serviced apartments and rooms at Pentahotel, “the street” will not succeed. Access to the relevant floors only happens on the magnetic card: no need the tolerance and the Elevator is just not lucky guest anywhere except the public areas of the building.

    Just The Book a few available to residents and visitors of the lifts: two work for a hotel and service apartments area, two guest, two for residents (you get them with a separate entrance, which is located in the courtyard), one Elevator available for visitors in the restaurant and the Penta-lounge, one office and a few technical (all service processes all three functional areas, from small repairs to replacement of underwear, still as if on the wrong side of the building, in the best traditions of the service prestigious hotels).

    New life “house-books”: three in one

    Requirements three audiences The Book differ in terms of planning: short-term rental involves one scenario of use square meters, long term – another permanent residence – third.

    On floors 2 through 3 and 6 through 11, which are reserved for “Pentahotel Moscow, Arbat” (a lifestyle brand in the international Rosewood Hotel Group), such as available hotel rooms in three types: Standard (20 sq m), Plus (from 27 sq m) and PlayerPad (from 33 sq m). The design of the rooms is minimalistic, with a separate retro-inclusions in the form of a stylized telephone – Hello to the Soviet past. Thus, curiously, the theme of wall decoration in the form of maps of the city, which applied to “Pentahotel Moscow, Arbat”, is subsequently reconstructed in other hotels.

    Intermark serviced apartments designed for a longer stay: you can live comfortably here for months. Accordingly, the choice of layouts for them more range from studios to four-room apartments from 30 to 85 sq. m. two and three Bedroom apartments have two bathrooms.

    Residents of serviced apartments can choose whether to use the full range of services of hotel service or to manage a home independently. The cost of accommodation in this area starts from 8000 rubles per day, and loading is close to 100%.

    In “Pentahotel Moscow, Arbat” at the time of publication download, by the way, is absolute, which is not surprising: at the cost of the night from 5000 rubles to this level of service, such and such a location there is nowhere else. Here it is necessary to add that George is also a unique lifestyle concept: a hotel designed so that guests feel members of a progressive community and have the opportunity for informal communication. For this there is the Penta-lounge – simultaneous reception area, informal communication, work area and a bar.

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    By the way, the owners of the Apartments enjoy The Book the entire social infrastructure of the building at a discount, and Penta-lounge, and restaurant with continental Breakfast, and fitness area with panoramic views of the Arbat lanes.

    Apartment for jacket or family housing

    “Book buyers of the Apartments (photos of the apartment below) – and the Muscovites, and inhabitants of the Russian regions, young people from 18 years and adults held people, and singles and couples. About 40% acquires apartments as investments for rental and for resale. 60% – people who intend to live in the apartment permanently. Among the latter, by the way, a lot of families,” says Director of sales of the Capital Group Oksana Diveevo.

    “The interest in The Book family buyers may seem surprising, but only at first glance, – says Ms. diveeva. – Remember that initially, “books” was planned to make a living, and despite the subsequent change in function, appearance and location of buildings remained the same. Of course, without the appropriate “stuffing” and it is not only about communication but also about the layout of the floors in the building hardly could be anything but irrelevant “apartments for jacket”. But there are thoughtful planning, and The Book immediately gets the status of a unique for Moscow residential buildings, homes with views for literally everything in the capital: on the old Arbat lanes, all the “seven sisters”, the “city”…”

    Of course, thoughtful planning did not appear by themselves, they worked with the requirements of modern buyers. As a result, in The Book now presents a large number of types of layouts of residential apartments from compact 27-40-foot studios to two penthouses with an area of 180 sq m with a terrace and views on three sides (only two of these lots). From family buyers, which, according to Oksana Diveevo, now account for about 30% of the demand, especially demand for apartments with an area of about 60 sq. m. Available and special items on 12-13 floors with a ceiling height of 4 meters, and on the 26th level – limited pool of apartments of 150 sqm with a ceiling height of 6.5 meters.

    All 178 apartments of the number originally available for purchase with premium finishes, air conditioning, equipped kitchen with Bosch appliances. We should also mention the functionality of the layout: even a compact 38-metre apartment has everything necessary for life, including family life a young couple with a small child.

    The price of The Book Apartments will grow by at least 15% in the next three years

    I must say that The Book Apartments, being the offer without exaggeration piece, quickly found new owners. For the first month after the opening of sales were sold about a third of the apartments, says Oksana Diveevo. “Most actively at the start, of course, did the investors (currently, the minimum price starts from 20 million), – said the expert. But now we see great interest in the project by future residents is mainly wealthy families, most of whom this is not the first purchase of real estate, which is always seen immediately, since such buyers literally to the cm know what area and what kind of layout they need”.

    In the future, according to Capital Group, prices on The Book Apartments will grow by at least 15% in the next three years. As for the rent – now rate on the purchased rental units begins from 110 000 rubles per month and can reach up to 500 000 rubles. This is easily explained: The Book has no analogues and is not expected. The next “books” over time will also receive a new life, but housing them will not be.


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