Coworking suburbs: the market is gaining volume


    The most flexible workspaces is concentrated in Moscow, Stupino, Lyubertsy, Mytischi, Dubna and the wedge. While the regional business community is very interested in this format. For example, last year businessmen appealed to the head of the Corporation for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the request to include in the service “Business Navigator SMEs” addresses of coworking, functioning on the territory of Moscow region. The occupancy of sites, which, depending on the object, ranging from 50 to 80%, also is convincing evidence of their relevance.

    The functionality of coworking, the cost and conditions of rent, mode of operation differ considerably. So, the network operator can offer its residents participate in affiliate programs from leading Russian companies (accounting and legal services, telephone, opening a Bank account) at a reduced rate or even free of charge. The cost of floating point starts from 690 rubles per day. For this price, the tenant can obtain unlimited high-speed Internet, refreshments, secretarial support, access to MFPs and the opportunity to attend educational events. Month rent reserved seat in the standard network coworking will cost about 10 thousand rubles. Part of the bonus package will include the use of meeting room for five hours, personal Inbox, accounting and legal services. In General, pricing in the market is quite flexible: widely represented variants with billing for three months, month, week, day, hour and even minutes. Most co-working spaces open only on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 (or 8:00 to 20:00). However, began to appear and projects functioning around the clock. They usually include gyms and slipboxes. For example, wedge the loose place in the coworking will be 100 rubles per hour rental and 5 thousand rubles per month. Thus in addition to the standard elements of infrastructure present hotel for conference participants. In Khimki rent loose place 24/7 is worth 8 thousand rubles per month, fixed — already 16.5 thousand meeting rooms are rented separately at a rate of 700-1100 rubles per hour, meeting room — 2500 rubles per hour.

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    When assessing the effectiveness and relevance of the Moscow coworkings some standard settings that are specific to Moscow or St. Petersburg, such as the proximity to the subway station — are irrelevant. However, here we consider the level of transport accessibility, and often security at least natural spaces. Already today, high-quality co-working centers have opened in most municipalities of the region. In the eyes of the local business community they may become an attractive alternative to traditional offices.


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