Buildings of Zamoskvorechye: where to buy an apartment in Zamoskvorechye in Moscow – review of


    On the primary market of the Moscow district there are only five complexes. The most affordable lots offered in the project Balchug Residence

    Zamoskvorechye has always been one of the most popular areas of Moscow. However, for some reason the developers did not spoil it to their attention. Even 2-3 years ago in locations erected not more than 10 new buildings. But today, these projects have either been constructed and commissioned or are in the final stages of construction. Many of them completely sold out. So, according to the head of sales at ZIP Realty Alexander Navickas, practically no lots in the initial sale in the project “Club house, Kosmodamianskaya”, “English quarter” and “Mos Dubininskaya Yard”. However, as said sales Director Sminex Ivan Obukhov, in the first half of 2019, the real estate market of the area of new projects coming out.

    According to the portal “”, today in the primary market Zamoskvorechye, you can buy housing in eight complexes. However, the project Wine House in sale there are only three apartments. Virtually no offers from the Builder of A Residence. In the “Residence Zamoskvorechye” 180 apartments less than 20% of the lots. By and large, at the moment the primary market area is represented by only five projects.

    1 – Balchug Residence

    The apartment complex of five buildings ranging in height from two to seven floors built by the company “Inteko” on Sadovnicheskaya embankment from Bolshoy Ustinsky bridge. The facades are decorated with natural stone Golden sand color. The project has 105 apartments, half of them were already sold. In the underground part of the complex is a car Parking for 194 cars.

    Interestingly, the first case Balchug Residence with a total area of 5 thousand square meters (living – 4, 1 million), the developer wants to sell as a whole. Almost half of the seven-storey building (2 thousand sq. meters) is a 3-level penthouse with a bowl under the pool.

    According to Alexander Navickas is the most underrated project in this location. “The complex has a chic location, says the realtor. On the one hand, the building is situated on the “Golden island” Balchug, opposite the Park “Zaryadye”, to say practically at the Kremlin. But for this location the place is quite quiet, closed from the flow of people walking in the city center of tourists and Muscovites. And the complex has closed territory. This option today can not boast of any one of their competitors Balchug Residence. If you need accommodation at the Kremlin with a closed area, the other options in the primary market there”.

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    Prices in Balchug Residence is significantly lower than the cost of the average buildings of the district

    Cost of square meter in this project starts from 470 thousand rubles. The most affordable apartment of 60 square meters worth 34 million rubles. From time to time, the company “Inteko” announces a shares for lots in this complex. At the moment there is no discount, however, we can assume that a buyer with serious intentions at any time can count on a discount of 5-10%.

    In any case, prices in Balchug Residence is significantly lower than the cost of the average buildings of the district, which, according to the Director of the Department of urban real estate at Knight Frank Andrey Solovyov is 695 thousand rubles.

    To buy property in Balchug Residence

    2 – Balchug Viewpoint

    This is another project of the company “Inteko” in Zamoskvorechye. It is located next to Balchug Residence, but closer to the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, and has the best scenic features. The complex represented by the house of five sections, ranging in height from 4 to 6 floors. In its underground part is Parking for 155 cars. It is worth to note that both projects “Inteko” the number of Parking spaces is significantly greater than the number of apartments, while in Moscow this occurs less and less.

    Just a complex of 116 apartments ranging from 46 to 188 sq. m. Average prices in this project, according to the Agency Knight Frank, the lowest in the primary market C – only 460 thousand rubles per square meter. However, 80% of the lots in Balchug Viewpoint already sold out.

    To buy property in Balchug Viewpoint

    3 – Barkly Gallery

    This is the most expensive project in the primary market of Zamoskvorechye. According to Andrey Soloveva, the average price of a square meter in Barkly Gallery is 2.18 million rubles. Residential complex developer Barkli is located at the address: the Horde stalled, 4A. In total there are 43 apartments (including four penthouses) with the area 74-299 square meters.

    In this project sold about 80% of the area. Interestingly, in the first place has left large apartments

    The high price of housing in this project in the first place is that the apartments are finished. In addition, some lots have a terrace and are located in the fifth through seventh floors – wood-burning fireplaces.

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    According to the portal “”, currently in the project sold about 80% of the area. Interestingly, in the first place has left large apartment. June 2019 to only the lots with an area of 160 square meters, as well as three penthouses – “Moscow” “Shanghai” and “London”. The fourth, dubbed “new York”, has already been sold.

    To buy an apartment in Barkli Gallery

    4 – Ordynka

    The project developer’s Insigma, as the name implies, building on Malaya Ordynka, possession of 25. The residential complex consists of seven buildings. Three historical mansion of the 18th-19th centuries and four new buildings. All height up to 6 floors. The developer calls this format a collection of club houses. Designed as flats and apartments.

    In total 87 lots (58 apartments and 29 suites) ranging from 64 to 316 square meters. The average price, according to Andrey Soloveva, is 820 thousand per square meter. Half the lots already sold. The completion of this project scheduled for 2020.

    To buy an apartment on Ordynka

    5 – “Malaya Ordynka, 19”

    The project of the company Sminex is located near the complex Ordynka and is its main competitor. “Malaya Ordynka, 19” is a 6-storey building with an area of about 20 thousand square meters. In the house 67 lots (including penthouses) ranging from 59 to 276 square meters. The average price, according to Knight Frank, is 990 thousand rubles per square meter.

    The building was built in modern style with stained glass, which occupies the major part of the façade and the surrounding historical buildings it looks like a foreign body. But the construction of the complex has been completed. At the moment the primary market in the sale there is only 1 apartment.

    To buy an apartment in “Malaya Ordynka, 19”

    However, if these projects for any reason are not satisfied, it makes sense to wait for the construction of new residential complexes. According to the Director of the Department of market monitoring and evaluation Savills Anatoly Dovgan, the Zamoskvorechye excellent potential for new construction. According to Agency estimates, on the territory of this district for new development considers the site total size more than 5 hectares, and there are many existing buildings under renovation.


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