How the approach of developers to finishing apartments has changed


Developers are more likely to attract famous designers, “smart apartments” have spread and there is more variability

There are fewer finished apartments on the primary housing market in Moscow. In 2022, their share decreased from 63.5% to 58.8%. Building materials became more expensive, and there were problems with the supply of Western materials. In the mass segment, where they are almost never used, the share decreased by only 1.7%, and in the elite segment – immediately by 12.2%. But refurbishment remains an important competitive advantage, especially in the face of declining demand. Many developers not only do not refuse finishing, but also improve it: they carry out repairs more creatively and use modern technologies. Portal “” based on the data of the company “Metrium” has prepared an overview of changes in the approaches of developers to furnish apartments.

Interiors from famous designers

Previously, world-famous designers were attracted to the decoration of apartments only in elite new buildings. Now the trend has spread to other classes. For example, in the projects of MR Group, the interiors of housing are designed by international designers. In the Seliger City comfort and business class complex – by the German urbanist Markus Apenzeller, in the Symphony 34 business class project – by the Spanish design studio Jaime Beriestain (pictured below), in the Mod premium quarter – by the international bureau Leyla Uluhanli Interiors. The developer Optima Development invited the English architect Philip Ball and the Italian designer Lazzaro Raboni to design the apartments of the Prime Park quarter.

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Smart Finish

The digitization trend has also extended to the finishes. Five years ago, projects with apartments equipped with the “smart home” system were isolated. Today, about 15% of developers offer such housing. In particular, PIK, Donstroy, MR Group, FSK, Samolet, Ingrad, Capital Group, Optima Development, Kortros, Tashir and Glorax. “Smart Home” allows you to manage your apartment using an application on your gadget or a virtual voice service. Digital equipment will protect against leakage, fire, burglary, and will allow you to adjust the microclimate of the room and the level of illumination.

More variation in

styleDevelopers began to pay more attention to the stylistic diversity of finishes. They offer up to four interior options. For example, in the business-class complex “River Park Kolomenskoye” (Aeon Corporation in partnership with Ferro-Stroy) and the premium quarter “Prime Park” you can choose the design of apartments in two styles: classic and modern, as well as in two colors: light and dark. The Stein Clubhouse, part of Mod, is available in four finishes by designer Leyla Ulukhanli (pictured below). For the Sienna building of the Symphony 34 complex, Spanish architect Jaime Beriestein designed two renovation styles reminiscent of rooms in five-star hotels: Harmony Soft and Harmony Dark. Three interior options are offered in the Filicity business class complex by MR Group: discreet classic Piano, neoclassic Calando, minimalism Tempo.

Different price packages

Apartments with finishing are popular, first of all, due to its relative cheapness. On the other hand, some are ready to be content with modest interiors, while others want luxurious ones. Therefore, developers are trying to offer buyers various price packages for finishing. In the premium quarter “Prime Park” there are options for the Prime and Prime Plus configurations, in the comfort and business class complex “Seliger City” – “Standard” and “Premium” (pictured below).

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Move in and live

Fully finished apartments are ready to move in, however They usually don't have furniture. Due to the departure of the largest foreign manufacturers from the market, the number of developers selling furnished housing decreased by 3% over the year, to 7%. But by the end of 2022, things began to change. Developers began to conclude new contracts with domestic suppliers. For example, PIK and Samolet have opened online stores under their own brands and offer dozens of options for fully furnishing different premises (pictured below).


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