The best-selling new business-class buildings in Moscow


Business homebuyers prefer the Ostrov, Symbol, Level Michurinsky, Event and Shagal projects

Last year for the market of new business-class buildings of the “old” Moscow was not the best. Sales fell in April, after which they never returned to 2021 levels. Many buyers of this segment have gone abroad. Some, due to declining incomes, preferred comfort-class housing. According to Metrium, at the end of 2022, 13,000 apartments and apartments were bought through DDU, which is 39% less than in 2021 and 2020. Demand has dipped, but still the bulk of it is focused on just a few projects. More than a quarter (26.7%) is accounted for by five new buildings out of 138 in which sales are carried out: “Island”, “Symbol”, “Level Michurinsky”, “Event” and Shagal. The portal decided to talk about the leaders in demand, their features and prices.

Residential complex Ostrov – 7.8% of demand

Ostrov in the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain became the most demanded business-class project in the capital. This is the only complex in which more than a thousand transactions took place, which is comparable to sales in the mass segment. Bought 1113 thousand apartments or 7.8% of the total in the segment. Ostrov is being built by the Donstroy company, and this is one of its two largest projects. On an area of ​​40.4 hectares, 1.5 million square meters will be built. meters of real estate. They will build business and premium class quarters (on the embankment), commercial and administrative buildings, three clusters with schools and kindergartens. Work on the site started in 2021, today six blocks of 893 thousand square meters are being built. meters. The first will be handed over at the end of this year. In total, 12,000 apartments ranging from 27 to 442 sq. m. have been planned in the complex. meters. There are 779 apartments for sale. Average price per sq. meters is 550.4 thousand rubles. The cost of apartments starts from 17.5 million rubles for a studio of 27.3 sq. meters.

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Symbol Residential Complex – 6.1% of demand

The second place was taken by “Symbol” in Lefortovo. In 2022, buyers purchased 861 apartments in the complex, which accounted for 6.1% of the total in the business class. This is the second large-scale project of Donstroy, also for 1.5 million square meters. meters of area, but on a larger plot: 60 hectares of the former territory of the Hammer and Sickle plant. The complex is being built in quarters. The internal infrastructure includes two schools for 2375 places, eight kindergartens for 1030 places, two public and business centers, a House of Culture and Music, sports facilities, adult and children's clinics. Construction began in 2015, the first house was commissioned in 2018. At the moment, more than 500 thousand square meters have been introduced. meters of real estate. There are six blocks in the implementation, two of them are already fully built and occupied. In total, they are designed for more than 10 thousand apartments ranging from 21 to 160 square meters. meters. 644 apartments have been put up for sale. Prices here are lower than in the Ostrov project. sq. meter on average costs 393.4 thousand rubles. The apartment will cost the buyer at least 9.8 million rubles for a studio of 28.3 sq. meters.

Level Michurinsky Residential Complex – 4 .6% demand

The top three is completed by Level Michurinsky, a project of the Level Group in Ochakovo-Matveevsky. Last year, 649 transactions were concluded in the complex (4.6% of all purchases). This is not as big a project as the previous two. On a plot of 7.85 hectares, 250 thousand square meters will be built. meters of real estate. These are 11 houses, a school and three kindergartens. Work began in 2021. The object is being implemented in three phases, at the moment two stages are being built for six houses with a total area of ​​160 thousand square meters. meters. The first three buildings will be commissioned in July-September 2024. The complex will include 3.8 thousand apartments ranging from 21 to 249 square meters. meters. Buyers are offered 139 apartments. Average price per sq. meters, as in the leading project in sales, exceeds 500 thousand rubles and amounts to 501.9 thousand rubles. Apartments cost from 10.6 million rubles for a studio of 22.8 sq. meter.

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LCD “Event” – 4.5% of demand

Then, with a minimum lag of three deals, comes Event in Ramenki, the third project of Donstroy in the rating and also being implemented in quarters. Construction started in spring 2019. Building No. 1 for 63 thousand square meters. meters were handed over at the end of 2021, seven more buildings are being built in five quarters with a total area of ​​456 thousand square meters. meters. In these quarters, 4 thousand apartments are planned for 22-171 square meters. meters. Sales have been completed in the first quarter, 666 apartments are being sold in the rest. The average cost is 479.9 thousand rubles per sq. m. meter, the price of studios starts from 14.1 million rubles for an area of ​​22.5 sq. meter.

Shagal residential complex – 3.7% of demand

The fifth line went to the Shagal project, which, like Symbol, is being built on the former territory of the enterprise: in the southern part of the Likhachev plant in the Danilovsky district. The project is being implemented by the Etalon group. On a plot of 109 hectares, it will build 1.4 million square meters. meters of real estate. They will erect towers, lower houses, townhouses and multi-storey houses on the first coastline, as well as schools, kindergartens, and clinics. Construction began in 2021, the first houses will be completed in April-June 2024. Now three phases are being erected, designed for 2.9 thousand apartments ranging from 27 to 203 square meters. meters. The developer offers 583 apartments at an average price of 381.4 thousand rubles per square meter. The minimum cost of apartments is 11.9 million rubles for a studio of 27.9 sq. meter.


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