Flora and elegance: the hotel is in an old building in Paris


    The Le Belleval in the heart of Saint-Lazare in Paris is named in honor of gardener-botanist of the XVI century by Pierre richer de Belleval. His life and work is reflected not only in name but also shaped the style of the hotel: the elegant Parisian classic, made with love for flowers. Interiors with fine furnishings complemented the Wallpaper, knitwear and accessories with the image of flora. In some rooms the floral motifs devoted an entire wall (in the courtyard), and some is only a subtle accent. Please note, as originally made cupboards in the rooms, they resemble a rope swing — such details seem to take guests to the summer garden, where roses bloom and buzzing insects. Stunning hotel with interesting design and French charm!

    Topic: French chic at Grand Pigalle in Paris

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