How to choose an apartment in Moscow, taking into account the development of the area


Studying the plans for the development of the location will allow you not to make a mistake that costs your nerves, quality of life and money

When considering buying a home for themselves or as an investment, buyers usually take a close look at the area. However, the prospects for its development are often forgotten. On the one hand, in an already settled location, the quality of life may deteriorate and the cost of housing itself may decrease. For example, a highway will be built under the windows or buildings will be erected. Although they may be just the necessary infrastructure. On the other hand, buying housing on the site of the former industrial zone, you can save a lot. Later, residential areas, business centers and metro stations will appear here. However, it is better to know the possible dates in advance. Therefore, even incomplete information about the future will help not to make mistakes and make the right choice. portal experts found out what parameters and sources to pay attention to in order to assess the prospects of a location. The article uses data from Metrium.

Transport accessibility

The key factor that people pay attention to when buying a home is transport accessibility. After all, it plays one of the most important roles in pricing in the Moscow housing market. Therefore, first of all, it is worth studying promising schemes for the development of transport infrastructure. There is a lot of information on this topic on the website of the Moscow construction complex. For example, about where new branches and metro stations will be built, how the street and railway networks will develop. In the area under consideration, an MCD station or a road bridge may soon open, and the road to the center will become shorter. But the highway may appear right under the windows of the house, and living in such an apartment will become uncomfortable, and difficulties will arise during the sale.

It is indicative that over ten years in the secondary market of Moscow prices have risen the most in more accessible areas and locations where transport accessibility has improved. According to Cyan.Analytics, the leaders were the districts of New Moscow, and the first place was taken by Vnukovskoye with a 2.6-fold increase in cost from 2012 to 2022. Since the accession of these territories, transport accessibility in them has changed dramatically for the better. The rating of areas with the maximum rise in prices also includes territories within the old borders, where new MCC or metro stations have been launched. For example, in the Yuzhnoportovy district, where prices increased by 2.3 times, the Dubrovka MCC station was opened (pictured above). Three more districts with a 2.2-fold increase: Koptevo with a new MCC station Koptevo, Sokolinaya Gora with three new MCC stations and the Elektrozavodskaya metro station on the Nekrasovskaya Line, and Marfino with a new MCC Vladykino station and Okruzhnaya metro station Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line.

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Construction next door

If the area is young, then it is necessary to carefully study plans for its development. For example, in a wasteland next to the house in which you are looking for an apartment, they may suddenly begin to build a new building. Then, for several months or years, you will have to live with closed windows in order to reduce noise and not inhale the dust from the construction site. Or a short-sighted investor will buy an apartment for quick resale, and large-scale construction will be started on the site next door for a long time.

The reverse situation may also occur. There is a possibility that in a couple of years a sports complex will be built within walking distance from the house, and the empty area nearby will turn into a park. It would be a shame to miss out on this option, acquiring a more expensive apartment instead of it and without the necessary infrastructure. In any case, the interactive map of Moscow Construction Sites (pictured above) on the website will help. Here you can find information on all objects planned for construction and under construction, indicating their purpose and deadline for commissioning. Not only residential buildings are displayed, but also healthcare, educational and cultural facilities, hotels, religious buildings.

Redevelopment of the area

It is also worth checking the prospects for the integrated development of the location. If it is located in the “rusty belt” of Moscow, then in subsequent years the area may get rid of the reputation of industrial and non-environmental. The list of industrial zones that are planned to be reorganized is on the already mentioned website of the capital's construction complex. A large-scale program for the redevelopment of industrial areas has been launched in the city since 2011. Since then, more than a thousand buildings have been built with a total area of ​​32.7 million square meters. meters, including 420 residential buildings for 22.6 million “squares” (data from the Moscow construction complex). Residential areas, business centers and parks appear on the site of warehouses and production facilities. In addition, in some locations, previously closed access to water is being reopened, which significantly increases the attractiveness of the location (Marc Chagall embankment in the photo below).

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Buying an apartment in this area, you can save a lot. In a few years, living here will be no less, and perhaps even more comfortable, than in a long-settled area. The difference in the availability of infrastructure and its quality will be reduced or leveled out altogether. Also, good prospects for the development of the location seriously affect the investment attractiveness of real estate in it. After the renovation of the territory, the cost of the apartment may increase. It should be borne in mind that, on average, an apartment building is built for three years. And, depending on the size of the territory, the implementation of the entire project can take decades.

For example, in 2015, on the site of the Hammer and Sickle industrial zone (60 hectares), they began to build the Symbol business class complex. The first house was handed over in 2018, and the newest houses under construction will be put into operation in 2025. Also in 2015, a part of the ZIL industrial zone (65 hectares) began to implement the Zilart business class project. The first houses were completed in the same 2018, the newest of those under construction will be ready in 2023. The redevelopment of both industrial zones is planned to be completed in 2028. In 2021, next to Zilart, they began to build another business class complex – Shagal (a plot of 109 hectares). The houses currently under construction will be handed over in 2024-2025, and the entire project in 2030 (Symbol, Zilart and Shagal projects in the photo below).

It will also be useful to familiarize yourself with the master plan on the website of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow, although the real development of the city does not always fully correspond to the scenarios. The master plan defines the urban planning strategy, and also presents a vision for the future development of the city. The current general plan of Moscow is designed until 2025, New Moscow – until 2035. It will also not be superfluous to look at the public cadastral map. Here you can find out about the permitted uses of land located near the future apartment. Almost all information in urban planning documentation is duplicated in the form of maps. In this case, you can configure the display of data only for the necessary parameters.


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