Five new buildings in the center of Moscow with the largest selection of apartments


Over 300 apartments to choose from are offered only in the Dau House. About 200-300 – in Life Time, Headliner, Voxhall and “Izzzi on Sadovnicheskaya”

There are 93 projects presented on the primary housing market in the Central District of Moscow, as calculated by the Metrium company. But among them there are few large ones, and even with a large volume of supply. In only one of the complexes, buyers have a choice of more than 300 apartments, in two – a little less and in two more – under 200. Experts from the portal “” decided to talk in more detail about five new buildings in the Central Administrative District, leading in terms of supply, and prices in them.

Skyscraper “Dau House” – 316 apartments

The leader in supply was a skyscraper in the Moscow City business center – the premium Dau House, named after academician and Nobel Prize winner Lev Landau. The high-rise is being built by the developer Summa Elements. It will be an 85-story tower with a total area of ​​143.5 thousand square meters.

The building is designed for 866 apartments with an area of ​​29-1030 square meters. Of these, 316 apartments are on sale, which cost an average of 749 thousand rubles per square meter and 71 million rubles per lot. The minimum purchase price for housing will be 35.3 million rubles for an area of ​​45.7 square meters. m. You will have to wait until the second quarter of 2027 for the keys to the apartment.

Life Time Quarter – 296 apartments

Next comes Life Time's premium quarter. It, like the previous complex, is being built in the Presnensky district, but closer to the Zvenigorod highway. The project is being implemented by Sminex. It is smaller than the previous one – 102 thousand square meters. m, and the number of storeys is much lower. Life Time includes four 23-story towers, a nine-story and a 23-story plate building, and four two-story villas.

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In total, 476 apartments with an area of ​​50-309 square meters are planned in the houses. m. In implementation – 296 apartments. The price level here is higher: a “square” is estimated at 818 thousand rubles on average, apartments – at 94 million rubles. The “minimum wage” is 47.8 million rubles for a footage of 53.1 square meters. m. Life Time will be completed a year earlier than “House of Dow”: in the second quarter of 2026.

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Headliner complex – 284 apartments

Third place was taken by another project on Presnya – the business class quarter Headliner, which the Kortros group is building near the City and Shelepikhinskaya embankment. This is the largest complex included in the selection: 467.5 thousand square meters. m of real estate and ten buildings with heights from 5 to 53 floors.

The buildings include 3,736 apartments with an area of ​​29-118 sq. m. m. There are 284 apartments for sale at an average price of 477 thousand rubles per sq. m. m and 41 million rubles per lot. The price per square meter is the lowest here. Apartments cost from 18.4 million rubles per 30 square meters. The first houses in the project were commissioned in 2019, it is planned to be fully completed in the near future – in the second quarter of 2024.

Voxhall complex – 166 apartments and apartments

The Voxhall business class complex in Zamoskvorechye, not far from Paveletsky Station, took fourth place with a large lag. The developer is the Etalon group. The total area of ​​the project is 97.5 thousand square meters. m. As part of it, four buildings with a height of 18-19 floors and 20-25 floors will be built.

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892 apartments and apartments of 26-192 square meters are designed in the houses. m. Now buyers can choose from 166 lots, costing on average 594 thousand rubles per square meter and 43 million rubles per object. The cheapest lot will cost 70.1 sq. m for 38.5 million rubles. Voxhall will be completed in about a year, in the second quarter of 2025.

Apart-hotel “Izzzi on Sadovnicheskaya” – 163 apartments

The business class apart-hotel “Izzzi on Sadovnicheskaya” has almost the same offer. It is located in the same area as Voxhall, but in a more prestigious part of it – on Baltschug Island. “Izzzi on Sadovnicheskaya” is sold by Orange Life. This is a complex with a height of 6-7 floors.

It contains 444 small apartments with an area of ​​16.4-40 sq. m. m. Buyers have 166 options to choose from at an average price per sq. m. m 832 thousand rubles. At the same time, the average cost of a lot here is the lowest – 17 million rubles, as well as the minimum – from 13.7 million rubles for an area of ​​16.4 square meters. m. The complex is planned to be completed at the end of this year.

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