The rich interior: How to make the rich interior of a house, apartment for low budget pictures and design ideas


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The rich interior” — a loose concept. It’s not always expensive repairs and prestigious designer furniture. Quite possible to do without the Palace excessive luxury and glamour. This means that even an ordinary apartment can be made to look more expensive — and thus not go broke.

Brendan Wong Design

Move the focus to the art
Art objects are almost guaranteed to make the interior visually richer. Not melchite — add a picture, but impressive for its size. Being the most spectacular detail of the interior, it will distract attention from the modest environment.

Tip: it is Better to buy a nice painting of an unknown artist than a reproduction of a recognizable masterpiece. Let your interior will be distinctive. Moreover, at exhibitions, fairs and flea markets can be found standing paintings at a reasonable price.

Nina Frolova

By the way, as art-objects is useful not only paintings, but also sculptures. Plaster busts and torsos look in the shops for artists. Such decoration looks impressive and ironic. And in practicality, the sculptures will not refuse: use them to store jewelry, hats or small bags on long straps. Useful in the bedroom and in the hallway.

Guest: Interior for three friends with designer furniture wood

Blakes London

Add Golden Shine
One of the first associations with wealth is, of course, gold. And although “city Versailles” in a typical small (as in three) still not worth it, the gold accents you can use and need. Moderation! And remember that the background should be neutral and restrained.

Add “chic and Shine” dosed. For example, with the help of mirror frames, lamps with metal reflectors, a coffee table on thin legs. You can play big-time. To let the precious metal to the Wallpaper or furniture.

Tip: do Not love gold? Use the accessories in fashion today, chrome or copper — they have a similar decorative effect.

Kitchen of the week: Draft with copper accessories and apron in the title role

Ekaterina Fedorova

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Enrich interior air
Get organized and free up a shelf or a bookcase from unnecessary things. Half-empty shelves will add the room size and spaciousness, get rid of the visual (and only visual) chaos.

Use vacant place to showcase really favorite and beautiful things. The exposure change by mood and season: do not consider it a waste of time.

Alla Shumeyko

Invest in… the view from the window
Little can so to decorate and to “enrich” the interior as well as a spectacular view from the window. If you are lucky and the room faces a beautiful Park or provides a view of the impressive panorama of the city, take advantage of this.

It is appropriate the minimum the design of the window — let nothing distract you from the main. At the same time will save on the curtains.

You’d be surprised, but the interior with an incredible window on the photo is created literally out of nothing — a balcony the size of a flower box rested on the facade of the neighboring house. The designer has replaced the Windows with French and landed a basket plant: it turned out the green wall and views of a million.

Houzz tour: Apartment garden box, icotom and design objects

Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASID

Place furniture symmetrically
Symmetry is one of the pillars of the interior composition. It is often found in nature, and therefore pleasing look. Symmetrical interiors look calm, majestic and thoroughly and give you a sense of security and balance. Is not the effect we want to achieve “enriching” the interior?

Reception of symmetry allows you to create an impressive space with few resources. Even low-end accessories are arranged on both sides of the composite center will sparkle with new colors.

JWS Interiors

Pick the right ornaments
Stylishly organized space allows the monochromatic color scheme and austere geometric elements. For example, the Wallpaper with the black and white “bars” and the furniture is simple forms with thin metal legs, as in the example in the photo. Such models can be found in the budget brands, and they look very high profile.

Berphin Interior

One, but the vivid detail
Instead of having to furnish an entire room with expensive furniture, focus on just one of the impressive details. It can be a spectacular headboard, carved antique sideboard, inherited from her grandmother, a mirrored wall in the bedroom or living room, elegant Wallpaper (enough to Wallpaper just one wall) or painted.

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L K DeFrances & Associates

Illuminate correctly
It is useful to recall how important lighting scenario in the interior. Sophisticated lighting system will not only make home life more comfortable, but will present the interior in a better —literally! light. A single chandelier in the center of the room — for a long time yesterday. Combine a ceiling, floor, wall and table lamps. Pick your model for each zone of the room.

Lourdes Gabriela Interiors

Deceive the viewer
The rich interior of the spacious interior. If the room can not boast of impressive footage, enhance it visually any suitable way for you.

A lot of them: paint the walls and ceiling in one color, smoothen the transition between the ceiling and the wall with the floor, to blur the boundaries of space; put a large mirror, doubling the room area, use the more visually lightweight furniture (plain, simple shapes and thin legs), spacious lay the Mat on which free fit and a sofa and armchairs, and a coffee table.

Sretenka Architectural Bureau

Use the colors “from nature”
Add to the interior value through natural colors (otenki wood, sand, grass, earth). If the room faces the Sunny side, use a light tone of the selected range: the interior Shine, filled with air and light.

Tip: Mix and match bright finish with natural finishing materials, and not necessarily we are talking about artistic flooring: flooring is much cheaper, but no less natural.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

The dark side
Another way to make the interior visually richer to act to the contrary. Use strong and vibrant shades. If, in order to describe the color, you have to find food Association, you probably chose the right shade. Complex shades of colors a lot in the collections of the British manufacturers. These colors look impressive by themselves and give the situation some psychologically inexplicable solemnity.


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