Private house in the city: where to find and how much?


Cottages and mansions in the city, experts agree rare for Moscow phenomenon. High land prices encourage developers to squeeze from it the maximum possible profit through the construction of high-rise buildings. However, examples of homes an individual living do exist. And among them there are not only old but also modern buildings. What are their main characteristics and in what locations they are located?

Individual Moscow construction

Under individual housing construction (IZHS) in Moscow will be allocated 11 plots, of which 4 are located in the Eastern administrative district (HLW), that is, within the old borders of the city (the remaining 7 objects are in the Troitsky administrative area). The average plot area is 16 acres. The objects will be sold at the cadastral value, which ranges from 897,7 thousand to 26.7 million rubles, stated in October of this year, the head of the Department of municipal property of Moscow Maxim Gaman. As explained by the Director of the residential real estate Department at Penny Lane Realty Sergey Kolosnitsyn, 4 sites in HLW are located outside Moscow in Kosino-Ukhtomsky district where is an old settlement Ukhtomsky. And yet, this case suggests that the construction of individual houses in Moscow (not counting the new territory), in principle, still possible.

Localization private homes

However, almost everything is already built private houses and mansions are concentrated in the East, and on the prestigious North-West and center of the capital, and belong to the luxury and premium segment. First and foremost, it’s of homeownership in the Silver forest, cottages in the streets of Freedom, in the cottage brattsevo, in the artists ‘ Village in the district of Sokol, a lot of private homes in Krylatskoye, including the territory in the direction of the Strogino floodplain, the Director for company development “Luck” Dmitry Skvortsov. Now in these locations for sale more than 100 cottages and houses. In the center of the private households are concentrated in Zamoskvorechye (14 sites), the weavers (3 objects available for sale), a small number of private homes and mansions are located on the Arbat, Patriarch’s ponds, on the Boulevard ring in the streets Rozhdestvenka and in the Meshchansky district of the capital. Managing partner of “MIEL-offices of real estate” Tatyana Saksonava reminds cottages near the “Grand Park” in the area of Khodynsky field, the village Zarechye. It’s also worth mentioning about the elite village named Larina, which is located in the Lianozovo district, says the managing Director of “Metrium Premium” and a member of the affiliate network of CBRE Ilya Mogunov. In addition, elite private cottages within the ring road can be found in the cottage village Ekaterinovka. Sergey Kolosnitsyn leads to locations such as Fantasy Island, Terehova, Godunovo, Potapovo, the Trinity-Lykovo, the New Manor house by the boatman, the gardener. According to experts, all within the old borders of Moscow is about 1 thousand houses, in the open market represented approximately 150 facilities located within the ring road.

And the old and the new

According to Dmitry Skvortsova, the center has a relatively new (for example, house 2004 building in Meshchansky district on the Big Golovina lane cost 390 million rubles), and restored mansions (for example, the object of the XIX century on Trubnikovsky lane, where in the 1860-ies lived collector and the Moscow Provincial Prosecutor D. A. Rovinsky cost 446 million roubles). To “young” expert include cottage village brattsevo, which is a complex of low-rise buildings in the extensive grounds of the eponymous estate, reconstructed in the framework of the Program of the Moscow Government, as well as cottage villages Fantasy Island and Ekaterinovka. Among the most recent projects we can mention the complex of club houses “Patron” in the historic Zamoskvorechye district. The project consists of 24 apartments, 9 townhouses and 3 two-storey houses with their own fireplaces. The complex is planned to be commissioned in late 2018.

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You also need to remember the LCD Cameo Villas Moscow in the Tverskoy district of the company Stone Hedge. On Dolgorukovskaya street will be built 17 villas of 2-3 floors and area 230-445 sq. m. construction is scheduled to Finish in April and June 2021.

As for the relatively old projects, then so is the village at Falcon. It was built in the 1920-ies of the last century, said Tatiana Saksonava. At the time the project was conceived as a cooperative of writers and artists, so he was called “the artists Village”, which has survived to this day. However, at the moment you can buy luxury homes, revamped and improved in accordance with the requirements of the modern consumer. Basically, it is a new construction with quality materials, meets the requirements of time.

House in Serebryany Bor was built in the early XX century, in Yekaterinovka — early 2000-ies, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group Ekaterina Rumyantseva. The silver forest and the Village of artists popular among buyers, the demand for the objects located there, is always stable. Ekaterinovka were previously popular, now the demand for it declined slightly, but not disappeared completely.

The issue price

As said Dmitry Skvortsov, the cost per square meter in private households starts at about 170-175 thousand rubles per sq. m depending on the location and the intimacy of the lot. In the historic Zamoskvorechye district presented the house with an area of 2910 sq. m. at a price of 510 million rubles. a XIX century Mansion with a total area of 572 sq m in this location will cost 120 million roubles In the petty-bourgeois district of the capital And stalled house, with an area of 386 sq m can be bought for RUB 129 million Mansion in the Arbat district with an area of 770 sq. m. can be bought for 439 million RUB From 760 thousand rubles to 2.5 million rubles per sq. m. is the cost of mansions and mansion in Khamovniki. A large selection of objects presented in the cottage Fantasy Island (from 500 million RUB over the object), in Troitse-Lykovo (average home value of 550 square meters is 60 million rubles). But the greatest number of cottages in the sale is available in the Silver forest, said Ilya Mogunov. A brick house with an area of about 380-400 sq. m. with furniture and a plot of 10-13 acres will cost approximately 520-600 million. In the artists ‘ Village, you can find more affordable options. Furnished house “turnkey” with an area of 400 square meters and a plot of 12 acres will cost 420 million rubles. In the village of the name Larina for sale house with an area of 1000 sq. m without finishing the plot of about 20 acres for 325 million RUB In the cottage village Ekaterinovka, you can buy a house with an area of 1100 square meters for 450 million rubles (with trim) and a plot of 22 acres. The cost of housing in Moscow the project of Cameo Villas is 145-290 million rubles Despite the high prices, according to the latest information it has already sold 2 of the estate.

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A typical private house

Dmitry Skvortsov describes a typical private house in the city as fully suitable for year round living object with area of 200 sq. m. with all necessary utilities, connecting to the Internet, satellite TV and local communication with the security service, with private cars or Parking spaces. Guarded fenced territory, video surveillance, landscape design and management company — the necessary attributes of a modern cottage settlements in the city. Ilya characterizes Melgunov luxury private home within the old borders of Moscow as the cottage area of about 600 square meters, with the area of 12-15 acres, finished to “turnkey” and furnished. However, the main feature of this home is the high price, says Sergey Kolosnitsyn.

Piece goods

Analysts of “S. A. Ricci residential property” note the rising consumer interest in low-rise luxury projects, villas, townhouses and mansions located in the historical centre. According to them, these objects provide to the owner a liquid long-term investment. The expert of the company “Luck” believes that the construction of houses in the city centre has the primary objective of attracting foreign capital. “This piece goods, which is not designed for a broad audience, primarily because of the Economics of the project — in the capital of the very high cost of land, — says Dmitry Skvortsov. — The developer is not beneficial to expensive land to build objects of economy class, so, first of all, this market will be targeted at buyers of luxury and premium segments”. “It is difficult to imagine mass building in Moscow similar objects”, — says Tatiana Saksonava. Within the old Moscow site are quite densely built up with apartment buildings. Not all homeowners are comfortable this neighborhood. This is especially true of single objects.

Developers of cottage settlements country have expressed cautious attitude to the construction of individual houses in the city. “First, this building must be very well planned in the context of architectural, urban and city development with the prospect of 30-50 years, says commercial Director KP Golden pine Anton Alimov. — Second, such households should not be just expensive, and very expensive. Hence the increased requirements for the status of the area where the construction is planned nearby, and infrastructure to similar households”.

Obviously, for the mass buyer the suburbs for reasons of lower prices is a much greater interest than Moscow. Homeownership in the city are a unique product. They will surely find their buyers. However, this market will remain narrow and very specific.


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