How to arrange furniture in a small room: 12 ideas and tips


The question is, how to arrange the furniture in the room, relevant to areas of any size. But the smaller the area, the harder it is to solve this problem.

In compact space the choice of each item should be justified. And often requires serious intervention in the construction of buildings, design of furniture “made” the room. Check with your designer before repeating a variant of arrangement of furniture in his small room.

Valentine Savoskul

1. Move shelves
This solution is not for everyone, but if your space allows — organize mobile bookshelf. In the project pictured above they move across the three rows of rails parallel to each other.

Tip: Consider the depth of the furniture and the gaps needed to shift. Be sure to make a drawing by hand or draw with virtual interior design in one of the free online planners.

Raad Studio

Raad Studio

The idea with the photo: Regiment of “leaves” in the passage above the stairs (next frame). Advantage of this solution is that place in a small living room doesn’t disappear permanently. Minus is that for the nomination of the extreme sections of the wall in the living room will still have to release.

Another 300 photos of interiors with examples easy storage

Michael K Chen Architecture

Michael K Chen Architecture

Another example is a retractable excerpts from “multifunction wall”: a computer Desk is easily converted into a dining (photos below).

Michael K Chen Architecture

Michael K Chen Architecture

And this is the hallway in one of the American design projects. The retractable section and puffs add to the bar seats, and when not needed, fold back. The principle is the same: pull out a section when required.

2. Turn the rack
The idea of shelves, parts of which rotate between rooms. Useful, for example, to store cookbooks in the living room or have one TV for two rooms. To implement this in the context of an apartment building only if the partition curtain.

Bild Architecture

Bild Architecture

3. Bed in the closet
How to arrange furniture in a small living room like in the photo? — Use convertible beds. For example, lifting. In this case, you do not even need to “clear” space on decomposition: simply remove the cushions from the sofa, lower the bed. And ready: the room has changed.


Important: Furniture for a small room does not have to be compact. Size bed to donate just do not have.

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Julie Nabucet Architectures

4. Staggering under the podium bed
Photo: don’t know how to arrange furniture in a small room, where there’s no space, use a retractable bed.

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Julie Nabucet Architectures

The solution, as pictured, allows you to partially slide the bed under the raised part of the floor, turning it (with pillows) into a couch. When the bed is stowed, built-in shelves are an important part of cozy small living room.

Small bedroom (9604 photo)

Kimball Starr Interior Design

4. Move the table
Furniture for a small living room, as pictured, choose quite difficult. So, a Desk with an adjustable stem will allow you to turn the living room where you can drink coffee and read the newspaper in a full dining room. If you put a table soft sofa, behind it will be equally convenient and have a snack, and watch a movie.

Sidorova Julia

Idea: Vyvorachivaya table can be used in a folded state and mounted across.

Hovanskaya Olga

Idea: the composite table is assembled from several fragments: part parked in the living room part of the kitchen. All countertops are displayed at the same height and move along the groove in the sill. A great example of a mobile arrangement of furniture in the room where you often receive guests

Géraldine Laferté

5. Folding table that can be hung on the wall
Pictured here and below is an example of how you can accommodate the necessary furniture for small kitchen with smart transformation. When the little wooden panel raised, kitchen appears additional free space. In the lowered condition, it turns into a dining table for four.

Géraldine Laferté

Please note on the seat: usually, if there is folding table and folding chairs. In this project the role of the stools are hollow white boxes: they are just four, according to the number of seats.

Atim Spa

Photo: the compact variant of furniture mechanism that literally kept “in the drawer”; the Italian manufacturer offers section for kitchen sets (to extend the working surface) and for mounting on the wall to make a dining table from a console shelf



On the photo: a variant of the same idea, but a folding table mounted in the Cabinet. When you open constitutes a “transfer window” from the kitchen to the living room

Layout small kitchen (30588 photos)



6. Built-in Bureau
Once these secretaries were in every second Soviet house. Today on folding table tops, Desk forgotten, and for good reason: the Bureau allows it to fit workspace and storage in a small space.

Michael K Chen Architecture

Complicate the task: how do you office in the partition at the wheels? The main thing — to take care of the locks to eliminate accidental rolling.

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7. Retractable tabletop
The design of the space in the photo is a good example of how to arrange working space in a small living room, small bedroom. Often the kitchen can be found pull-out cutting boards — why not do the same thing with the desktop? On a extended table have enough space for a laptop, but if you need to free up space, you can always push that back.

Géraldine Laferté

8. Blocks
Another idea, how to place furniture in a small room. In the photo — example of the furniture modules, you can rebuild the current challenge: make a sofa couch, coffee table and a few seats invested in each other.

Architectural Studio Ruetemple

Architectural Studio Ruetemple

A similar idea of design of the room, but with the modules of the sofa. Today they are collected in a giant bed, and tomorrow became a separate armchairs.

Brian O Tuama Architects

9. Built-in sofa
The last thing we think to build is furniture. And absolutely nothing! After all, under the seat, you can organize a roomy storage units, and furniture to make precise measurements of your room (the desired height, depth and width). See the example in the photo above — in the side section under the rack made a convenient flap for storing bedding.

Moodhouse Homestyling

Gristmill Builders LTD

10. Hammock
No sofa can not twist and clean “in the pocket”. No full-size sofa to fit in a small living room, if it already has a sofa. A hammock can be!

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Paul Langston Interiors

On the photo: note the mirrored base of this sofa — it seems that the seat floats above the floor


11. The magic of mirrors
Although mirrors can’t physically expand the space, we should not underestimate them. Strategically placed wall mirrors small apartment will seem bigger, and the space of the room visually expand.

Specht Architects

Redesign London Limited

12. The space under the stairs
The problem of how to arrange the furniture in the room is relevant not only for small spaces. For example, in a townhouse, almost half of the room (living room) can take the stairs. The space under it is used with advantage. It is best to install shelves there for storage (photo above). Or Supplement the shelf top, with her on one of the steps.

You live in a small space? What you got to use it optimally? Share in the comments your ideas of design in a compact room: small living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other


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