Why business housing differs from Khrushchev as well as Toyota Land Cruiser from Zhiguli


Prices for Moscow apartments of “business” classes and higher often raise questions from people. But there is no such reaction to quality cars

When it comes to prices for Moscow apartments of “business” and higher classes, people often react with the phrase: “Yes, for that kind of money, you can buy three villages in the Ryazan region! (or, for example, a recreation center on the Sea of ​​Azov) “. At the same time, high-quality cars do not cause such a reaction: “Mercedes” are not measured by either Zhiguli or Gazelles.

Perhaps this is because we see cars on the street and can estimate the difference between the convenient and necessary minimum, and the real estate is hidden from the eyes of strangers behind walls and fences. And it's much more difficult to assess comfort. But two apartments of the same area may differ much from each other much more than the new Toyota Land Cruiser from the old Zhiguli.

Let's try to understand what a modern business-class project is, and it is better to do this with a specific example. As a visual aid, let's take the Seliger City residential complex, located in the north of Moscow, near the Seligerskaya metro station.

1 – A pond with a beach and a barbecue area

The territory of Seliger City occupies 2.8 hectares, for comparison: these are four football fields. The residential complex is fenced and guarded. Pedestrians can enter the courtyard with a fingerprint or electronic card, and an automatic number plate reader is installed for the entry of cars.

The planning of the territory was carried out by the specialists of the Wowhaus bureau, known for the projects for the improvement of the Gorky Park and the Crimean Embankment. The bureau's specialists used the concept of a “courtyard without cars”, that is, almost the entire space is a pedestrian zone, and cars, having entered the inner territory, immediately go to the underground parking.

The courtyard is closed from the city noise by residential buildings. The courtyard of the complex will house a skatepark, a hockey rink, a football field, a workout area and other sports facilities; a chic playground and street chess have been designed for preschoolers and primary school children; and residents of the older generation will be able to walk along the health trail and spend time in comfortable recreation areas.

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There is also unusual for Moscow new buildings yard option: a park with an artificial pond. A pebble beach has been created on the shore of the pond, where sun loungers are installed in summer, and a special barbecue area is allocated. In fact, the specialists of the landscape bureau tried to recreate the atmosphere of a country hotel.

The height of the buildings is from 8 to 45 floors. The well-known Dutch bureau MLA + was responsible for the architectural concept of the project. The multi-storey buildings of the project look like a single ensemble, although they differ from each other by the shades of clinker tiles, the rhythm of the windows and decorative elements.

The interiors of public areas will also be different. The lobbies of the buildings, named after the artists, are decorated with fragments of their paintings. And the decorative walls of the Bering building resemble in their outlines the island of the same name, named after the great navigator.

3 – “Smart House”, storage rooms and a bathroom for guests

In the residential complex “Seliger City” apartments ranging from 27 to 104 sq. meters. All of them are equipped with a smart home system. In the basic version of this system, sewerage and water supply pipes are equipped with special sensors against leaks, and the front door will remind of itself if everyone left the apartment, leaving it unlocked.

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The buildings of the first stage have lots of an unusual format for Moscow “ urban villa “. These are apartments located on the first floors of low-rise buildings and have their own entrance. All “villas” have panoramic glazing, and to ensure privacy, their level is located 2.5 meters above the main level of the courtyard landscape.

The high-rise buildings on the upper floors of Kandinsky and Van Gogh have apartments with full glazing. Do not confuse this format with floor-to-ceiling windows when it comes to large windows. Full glazing assumes the complete absence of external walls, including corners. At the same time, the ceiling height in such apartments is 4.2 meters, which allows you to make a mezzanine floor.

Of course, there are apartments in Seliger City with ordinary windows. But there are many of them, even by Moscow business class standards. Even in studios, there are two windows, and in “euro-two” apartments with an area of ​​60 sq. meters – 6 windows: two in each room and in the kitchen.

Many apartments in this residential complex have wardrobes and storage rooms. And in lots from 50 sq. meters designed by two bathrooms: the main and the guest.

4 – Compare prices

Interestingly, the difference in prices between classes of housing is less noticeable than between classes of cars, or even comparable. For example, the cheapest apartment on the secondary market near the Seligerskaya metro station costs 8.5 million rubles. We are talking about a classic “odnushka” with an area of ​​33 sq. meters in the Khrushchev house in 1967 on Angarskaya Street. At the same time, prices in Seliger City start at 8 million rubles. For this money, you can buy a studio with an area of ​​27 sq. meters. Although, as you already understood, today not only the apartment itself is important, but also what is behind its walls.


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