Undervalued real estate in Moscow: West Degunino district


Where to buy a new building so as not to miscalculate? In this review, we will tell you about a location that was not previously considered particularly prestigious

Large and not too densely populated Western Degunino district until recently it was not considered particularly prestigious. It is mainly old, including Khrushchev's buildings, and industrial enterprises, many of which no longer work. Although, from the point of view of the “wind rose”, the north of the capital looks much more attractive than the east and southeast, and even the city center.

The main inconvenience experienced by the residents of Western Degunino was the lack of a metro. But with the opening of the Seligerskaya TPU and the Verkhniye Likhobory station, the situation has changed.

In this area, there are more than ten kindergartens, six schools, including a music school, a college, five cinemas, and its own health center, as well as shops, supermarkets and shopping centers. Everything is fine with greenery: the recreation area “Deguninsky Pond”, and the Levoberezhny forest park, and the Fedorov park, etc. In general, there are no problems with the infrastructure in West Degunino, but they are available with housing.

Let's start with the “secondary housing”. Today there are just over 600 apartments for sale, but the quality of the property is usually poor and the prices are overpriced. For example, a “kopeck piece” with an area of ​​50 “squares” in a panel house built in 2002 will cost 13.9 million rubles, a “one-room apartment” of 40 square meters. meters can be purchased for 9.6 million rubles. “Treshka” in the house, erected in the pre-perestroika period, will cost about 16-17 million rubles.

And the prices for “secondary housing” in West Degunino continue to rise. Over the past year, real estate here has risen in price by almost 15%. For comparison: in Moscow as a whole for the same period, prices increased by 12.5%. It is interesting that in the neighboring area – Vostochnoye Degunino – secondary housing has risen in price by only 10%.

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Developers were the first to appreciate the potential of West Degunino. Today, there are 14 new buildings in the district, some of which have already been commissioned. Several projects, in particular Ilmensky 17, Dmitrovsky Park and Businovsky Park, belong to the mass segment. But higher-class projects are also being brought out in this area. This is “ApartVille Fitness & amp; Spa (Apartville Fitness and Spa) “,” Love and Pigeons “,” Summer Garden “,” City “,” Talisman on Dmitrovsky “and” Trinity “.

One of the most interesting projects in the area is Seliger City (photo above) from MR Group. The architecture and infrastructure of the complex was handled by specialists from the MLA + architectural bureau from the Netherlands, known all over the world. To create the project of the local area, specialists from the Wowhaus Architectural Bureau were involved, who created interesting public spaces in Moscow: Gorky Park, Shelepikhinskaya and Krymskaya embankments.

Note that the developer is going to equip in the “Seliger City” not only the space next to the houses, but also the adjacent urban area in the highest class. On 4 hectares, there will be its own area with a spacious entrance to the pedestrian alley, an artificial lake with a beach, luxurious sports and playgrounds, as well as places for recreation. According to analysts of the Est-a-Tet company, Seliger City is in the TOP-5 of the capital's new buildings with the best sports grounds.

The layouts in Seliger City are ergonomic and varied. You can choose lots with floor-to-ceiling windows on high floors (33-45 floors) or cozy apartments in low-rise blocks with French balconies. Large apartments have second bathrooms and dressing rooms, small ones – niches for closets. Ceiling height – 2.85 m. All lots are given to buyers with pre-finishing.

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But housing is not only an apartment, but also what is behind the walls. Public areas in the Seliger City residential complex include a stained-glass lobby, a lounge area, waiting areas, storage rooms for strollers and even places where you can wash your pets' paws. The underground parking for 1,100 cars will be equipped with a tire inflation point and a charging station for electric vehicles. It will be possible to drive there automatically, the system itself calculates the license plate.

A lot of interesting electronic “chips” are designed in “Seliger City”. For example, each apartment has a “smart home” system with a mobile application, through which you can issue a pass to guests and send data on water and light to the management company. The system is equipped with movement indicators and provides an opportunity to switch the apartment to the “we came/we left” mode.

Prices in Seliger City are higher than in new economy class buildings, but not critical. The most affordable lot is a studio with an area of ​​26 sq. meters – it costs 8 million rubles.

Buyers have already appreciated this project and are actively voting for it with a “ruble”. According to the Metrium agency, in 2020 Seliger City entered the top five business class new buildings in Moscow in terms of sales.

Needless to say, after the complex is put into operation, the apartments in it will grow in price , and buyers will not have to doubt the high liquidity of their real estate.


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