“Residence in Vsevolozhsk” – the only new building on Ostozhenka


    Countdown: the potential primary market of the “Golden mile” is only 10 projects

    The primary market in Ostozhenka district today represented by only one project – a “Residence in Vsevolozhsk” which builds the company “Lider-invest”. In the future this area could be built nine apartment complexes. This will come to an end. More free sites on Ostozhenka no. Started the countdown of an era for the real estate market. The era of the “Golden mile”.

    The story of the “Golden mile”

    The “Golden mile” referred to the quarter between the streets of Ostozhenka and Prechistenskaya embankment, where the most expensive and prestigious residential complexes of Moscow. However, this explanation is only necessary for those who the last twenty-five years was in a lethargic sleep. The prominence of the elite area spread as far as beyond Moscow and beyond the narrow circle of real estate professionals. Anyone, no matter who you ask, will say today that the “Golden mile” is a street Ostozhenka, where you can buy the most expensive apartment in Russia. And 15 years ago housing prices in the “Golden mile” were all among the highest in the world: in 2003, the prestigious British magazine Wealth-Bulletin included Ostozhenka in the top 10 most expensive streets in the world. Apartments in this area at that time, sold an average of 40 thousand dollars per square meter.

    The birth of the “Golden mile” is considered as 1989, when the USSR Council of Ministers was adopted the project of reconstruction of territory of the district. Ostozhenka was waiting for the fate of the Arbat, built 15-storey towers of yellow brick. So party functionaries of the Soviet Union represented a luxury property. The reconstruction project was made by a small design team, based at the Institute MARCHI. However, in the early 90s ceased to exist not only in the Council of Ministers, but also the Soviet Union, so the plans were never realized.

    Ostozhenka from other areas of the center were distinguished by the absence of dense Soviet development

    After the collapse of USSR the concept of a few years spent on the shelf, and then received a second birth. However “prestigious” houses of yellow brick to build no one was going. New development project was developed of the newly created Bureau “Ostozhenka”, consisting of six people. Its head Alexander Skokan can be considered one of the founders of the “Golden mile”.

    The formation of Ostozhenka as an elite area due to the founder of the Rose Group International (RGI) Boris Kuzinets, although the first elite house in the area was built by another company. According to the Director of Department of consulting, Analytics and research Blackwood Alexander Shibaeva, the first project of the “Golden mile” became “the House in Gagarinsky lane”, commissioned in 1997 by the company “Restoration-N”. Boris Kuzinets at this time just acquired a plot of land. Later the developer explained in an interview with Forbes magazine, bet on the place he did because Ostozhenka from other areas of the center were distinguished by the absence of dense Soviet development. Settlement houses, for example, on the Arbat was going to be the RGI company to a large amount, whereas the resettlement of small businesses and the old barracks Ostozhenka huge funds were required.

    From 1997 to the present time in the area of Ostozhenka-Prechistenka was commissioned 38 houses

    But the area had its pros and cons. On the one hand, Central location, proximity to the Kremlin and good transport accessibility. On the other – the area between Ostozhenka and Prechistenka not taken place for the life of the elite, historically this was not the prerequisites. But building capacity was the most significant argument. Kuzinets managed to convince prospects of the area brokers. Apartments in the first project Rose Group on Ostozhenka (house 19-21 in 1-m the Zachatevsky lane) at the start was sold for 3 thousand dollars per square meter, and the time of the construction cost has doubled. Despite the fact that other developers first luxury homes in Moscow prices after the crisis of 1998 did not exceed 2 thousand dollars. Having finished the first draft in 2001, Boris Kuzinets started next, and behind him on the street and others pulled the developers of the company “Barkley”, “donstroy”.

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    The district of industrial zones and barracks was to become the first in the elite enclave of the capital. All, according to Alexander Shibaeva, 1997-present district of Ostozhenka-Prechistenka was commissioned 38 dwellings (including apartment complex and the projects of reconstruction of buildings). The greatest building activity took place in the early and mid-2000s years. Most buildings are six in the year – was commissioned in 2003 and 2009-m years. For comparison: in the period from 2013 to 2017-th year on the Golden mile in total were built only five projects.

    One in the field

    Recently, the construction boom verse. According to managing partner of the company Point Estate Irina Kalinina, at the moment the primary market is the “Golden mile” consists of five complexes. Four of them have been built: apartment complex Nabokov last year, “Maple house” – in 2015, “Club house on Smolensky Boulevard” – in 2013, residential complex “Ostozhenka, 11” – even in 2010-m. However, these projects sold out, according to the Point Estate, 27%, 73%, 96% and 89%, respectively. It turns out that new data centers are not called, but in the primary market they are presented.

    Real new building on Ostozhenka is one – “the Residence Vsevolozhsk”. This two-piece club house with a height of six floors. The building has 21 apartments ranging from 100 to 250 square meters. Through planning decisions it is possible to combine several apartments into one, with an area of 700 square meters. The top floor of the complex is given under the penthouses. There are only three, from 200 to 250 square meters and a ceiling height of 4.2 m. In the underground part of the structure is two-level car Parking for 45 seats.

    Developer the only new “Golden mile” is the company “the Leader-invest”, the assets of which 27 projects, seven have already been built, the rest in progress. The complex project created by the architectural Bureau “Mashproekt” under the leadership of Ilya Mashkov and Alexandra Kuzmina. The building is executed in style ar-Deko. The facade is decorated with ornamental patterns and natural stone. Over the front door will be attached to the coat of arms of “Residence”.

    The crisis has seriously corrected the prices on Ostozhenka. “Golden mile” doesn’t beat world records. Today, according to the managing Director of “Metrium Premium” Ilya Melgunova, the average cost of housing in the secondary market of this area is equal to 1,085 million rubles (about 18 thousand dollars – “Elite.RU”) per square meter. At the moment the most affordable offer of the secondary market of the “Golden mile”, according to Ilya Melgunova, this apartment of 133 square meters, which is sold for 75 million rubles; the most expensive penthouse with an area of 2.56 sq meters 1,932 billion And the average lot value in Ostozhenka – 291 million (with an average area of 270 square meters). The prices per square meter in the “Residence in Vsevolozhsk” will start from the level of 800 thousand rubles and finish at 1.95 million “Low they will not name, – says the managing partner of the Agency real estate ZIP Realty Eugene Skomorovsky. – However, for the elite club house in this location they are quite fair”.

    Expert opinions on LCD “Residence in Vsevolozhsk”

    Ekaterina Rumyantseva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group:

    The first impression of the project, the buyer receives when looking at the facades. “The residence Vsevolozhsk” stands out from the series of elite facilities for its architecture: the authors were able to make the appearance memorable, unusual. For the facade will be used natural stone, forming a geometric pattern. Spacious stone and marble entrance lobby adds to the impression of the project.

    Sizes and layouts of apartments – from 100 to 250 square meters – a good and marketable for this location. A significant advantage is the location of the complex on the first line of the street, in a quiet side street, where penetrates much less noise. Green patio complements a pleasant feeling of tranquility. It is worth noting another important customer benefit of home – security apartments spacious, wide Parking spaces: the apartment has two Parking spaces. The entrance to the Parking is a classic ramp, which is also appreciated by buyers.

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    Catherine Semikhatova, the co-founder of People2People design Studio:

    This house has many interesting aspects. First, the creators of the project receded from the neighboring buildings, letting in a small alley sunlight. To let light inside the buildings trying all architects, but in the “Residence in Vsevolozhsk” “missed” the sun is not only inside the building but around it. It’s cool! After all, developer it agrees, deprive themselves of expensive square metres. This solution is a great compliment to the city, and it is worthy of respect and support.

    Secondly, I liked the geometry of the structure. Due to the large number of Windows, the facade doesn’t look bulky, on the contrary, is present. The facade reminds me of school notebook, striped, where instead of beautiful letters “read” ornament. The decor on the buildings, of course, not uncommon, but at home with art Deco can be counted on the fingers. Thirdly, in the facades are used natural materials, creating a noble and beautiful combination of old, so the house will attract attention many years later.

    Fourth, entry. It is designed in the form of a rectangular portal using the second light. In its decision, as, incidentally, in the ornaments of the facade, visible ancient Egyptian motifs. However, the architecture of Egypt suppressed the man, he felt a small speck of dust before the Majesty of the power of the gods and pharaohs. And in the interpretation of Egyptian motives of the authors of “Residence in Vsevolozhsk”, on the contrary, there is ease.

    A little bit about layouts. Of course, without finishing they are very conditional, but even in the mesh, which is now well seen guest and private zones. Clearly, where the kitchen, living room and hall, where classrooms and bedrooms. The division into these zones is very frequent request to an affluent audience, and felt that architects should take this into account. Another important criterion of modern luxury housing out of the bathrooms directly to a bedroom. This is only possible when a large number of pipes and their proper location. In this project it is taken into account.

    Well, the main thing – the developer has not withdrawn from the plan. It often happens that in the beginning of the project the developer is actively supporting the interesting ideas of architects, but by the end of construction starts to save. But here the developer has not stinted nor for premium finishing materials or on square footage. And it turned out quite impressive!


    The construction of the “Residence” is almost completed: the decoration of facades, public areas and installation of elevators and key collection will begin in the fall. But the point in the modern history of the development of the “Golden mile” this project will not. Already during the writing of this article the editors of the portal “Elite.RU” it became known that on market street will soon be a new project. A group of “Stroyteks” in the near future will begin construction in the Pozharsky lane club house Grace Villa into 11 apartments. Though the official start of sales is not. And before the end of the year, according to the forecast Irina Kalinina, there will be two projects: the complex “levshinskiy” and club house, the construction of which promises to proceed “horn development”. However, the end of history is already visible. “New sites on Ostozhenka for the construction of a bit – location is densely built up,” says Ilya Mogunov. Overall, adds Irina Kalinina, the “Golden mile”, there are nine promising but are at an early stage of development of the sites. We can say that “Residence in Vsevolozhsk” Ostozhenka began a countdown.


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