Noa* introduced the hotel Seehof


Noa* introduced the hotel Seehof.
Image: noa* architecture.


Family-run hotel Seehof islocated in Italy, has an updated design and new apartments and recreation areas, worked out by the architecture Studio Noa*.

Updates were added, 16 new apartments and a new swimming pool and Wellness centre, which offers visitors stunning views of the lake.

Large panoramic Windows, following the lines of the roof, also offer views of the outdoor pool.


Wooden slats cover the walls and ceiling of the restaurant, making the interior more environmentally friendly, and concealed lighting accentuates the design and provides a relaxing atmosphere.


The new Spa centre in a separate room with large panoramic Windows and lounge chairs where you can enjoy stunning nature views.


The updated rooms have private balconies. Stylish interiors and luxurious furniture in each room, of course, correspond to the level of the hotel.

More information is available on the official website of the hotel.

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