Where to escape from Moscow to stay in the center of business life


The long-running covid reality has changed the way people live and work

Birches grow all over the world, but birches grow only in Russia. For example, if you look closely at the map of the Moscow region, you can find “Birches of the River Village”.

The new elite cottage community reminds that it is never too late to reconsider your views on the quality of life and change an apartment in a metropolis for a quiet country house.

Sometimes it seems that suburban life has nothing to do with the life of the capital. One has only to get out of Moscow, you will immediately find yourself in nature with a sauna, a fire and fresh air, where there is only peace and quiet, morning walks in the woods and evening reading in front of the fireplace. As soon as you return to the city, conferences, meetings, forums and meetings begin. From nine to six, there are continuous offices, negotiations, platforms, accountants, lawyers, consultants, and all this in an insane rhythm without interrupting a cup of coffee and a smartphone screen. In contrast, it seems that there is no life in the suburbs as such.

Friends and colleagues only add fuel to the fire:“ Well, where are you from Moscow? Here is work, everything is here: restaurants, concerts, exhibitions. Anything you want. “

But the long-running “covid” reality has completely changed the way we live and work. We learned how to conduct international negotiations at the kitchen table, prepare quarterly reports in a rocking chair, and write business plans on the balcony. The next step is to move to your own house outside the city. Where you can breathe deeply and delight your eyes with nature.

But for this it is not at all necessary to move to the conditional eight acres, which still remain for many a synonym for life in the region. Take, for example, the cottage settlement “Birch River Village”, where it immediately becomes clear that there are at least five reasons to change an apartment in Moscow for your own house in the suburbs.

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1. Architecture and Design

Birchs River Village is a 151-house cottage community located on 60 hectares along Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The architecture is laconic and modern, the design was invented by the Swiss. Houses ranging from 750 to 1500 squares on plots of up to 30 acres. An interesting feature: you can “design” the exteriors of the house yourself. Well, or almost yourself.

< p>Especially for the Beryozki project, the Hals group and the Malikov Architectural Bureau have developed a special architectural design code. It allows the client to improvise with the project of finishing the facades of the future home, but within the framework of an overall uniform style. Thus, the client does not have to invent everything from scratch, waste time, nerves and extra money. You just need to choose one of 63 options for the design code, and at the same time discuss the little things in the form of landscaping the site, small objects and other improvement elements.

2. Location

It's not far. “Birches” are located an hour's drive from the center of the capital. To be precise, this is the 17th kilometer of the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, the village of Soloslovo in the Odintsovo district. Once in these places was the patrimony of Prince Fyodor Vasilyevich Khovansky. Now you can live here.

< p> You can get to Birch by the same Rublevka or, as a faster option, by Northern bypass of Odintsovo.

3. Nature

Yes, you can live not only among high-rise buildings in residential areas or the noisy center of the capital. “Birchs” are surrounded by a real forest on the banks of the small Medvenka river, which encircles the village and “draws” the embankment for walks. Perhaps even on boats. Oh, yes, the “Birchs” are also surrounded by a whole cascade of ponds, which also cannot but rejoice. Some of the permanent “residents” of the village, beavers, feel at home on Medvenka.

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4. Infrastructure

Long gone are the days when life in the country was associated with all sorts of difficulties associated with visiting a sports complex, getting an education for children, or – what a sin to hide? – buying food and clothing. And if the issue of food delivery disappeared by itself with the development of courier services, then wrestling, yoga or fitness classes were really tied to Moscow or large cities of the region for a long time. But in “Birch” everything is different. Tennis courts, jogging and bike paths, playgrounds, functional training areas and even grounds for walking and training dogs. On the territory of the village there is even a real sports complex with an ice rink and, moreover, the campus of the Cambridge International School! In short, literally everything has been created here for children.

5. Walking

Thousands of townspeople daily complain that they cannot leave their homes and just go for a walk – there is nowhere. Of course, when your house is surrounded by exactly the same apartment buildings or, even worse, an industrial zone, then for walks you have to go to some Sokolniki or Fili. In “Berezki” you can wander along the river embankment or go to a picturesque boulevard, or you can just go to the forest, since you are now living in nature.

Moreover, for the maximum comfort of residents, the developer added “digitalization” … A special mobile application has been developed for the residents of the village, thanks to which you can solve any everyday issues in a couple of clicks: from paying utility bills and ordering a pass to the territory to making an application for mowing grass or snow removal.


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