How the architects of the “Golden Mile” helped a developer near Moscow achieve success


In affordable housing projects, the developer began to use options that are more typical of premium residential complexes

Development company 3-RED (Troika-Red) appeared on the market of new buildings in the Moscow region less than ten years ago, and today it has the developer already has 16 residential complexes, ten of which have been commissioned, four are in the active stage of construction and two more are being designed.

The developer's secret of success is that in affordable housing projects the company uses options that are more typical for premium residential complexes. This does not significantly affect the cost of the square. meters of housing, however, noticeably distinguishes 3-RED projects against the background of competitors.

The childhood of a developer or just a house

“In the life of our company, according to the well-known literary trilogy, three significant stages can be distinguished: childhood, adolescence and maturity”, – says 3-RED Marketing Director Maria Khuramshina.

The developer's debut project was the Akademichesky residential complex (pictured above and below) in the Moscow region of Lyubertsy. The construction of the complex began in 2012. “It is difficult to say anything special about this project, it’s just a large complex for almost 1.6 thousand apartments. There are a lot of similar housing both in the Moscow region and on the outskirts of the capital, – continues Maria Khuramshina. “It is difficult to stand out in the market with such projects, but we wanted to have our own face so that our houses would be different from competitors.”

Akademicheskiy was commissioned in 2014, and Troika began to implement two more projects, also in the Leninsky District of the Moscow Region: the Vidny Bereg residential complex and the May low-rise complex. “These projects were already significantly different from the first, but they can be attributed to the period of childhood, the search for their own identity,” explains Maria Khuramshina.

What is common between the residential complexes near Moscow and the elite houses of Ostozhenka

The youth of 3-RED fell on 2016 the year when the construction of the Novokraskovo residential complex began (pictured below). The company decided to involve in the project the architectural bureau “Ostozhenka”, cooperation with which became a serious impetus for the development of the developer.

Help. JSB “Ostozhenka” was founded in 1989. The first full-fledged work of the bureau was the creation of a reconstruction project for the Ostozhenka microdistrict (hence the name). For a long time, the architects of Ostozhenka were engaged in exclusively elite projects within the Golden Mile, but over time they went beyond the boundaries of the district. In particular, the bureau completed a project for the reconstruction of the Zamoskvorechye quarters, another elite district of Moscow, and later began to work on mass development projects.

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Thanks to the collaboration, 3-RED began to implement options for high-quality housing in the construction of complexes near Moscow. Thus, the Novokraskovo residential complex received a closed guarded territory, and its residents were able to let their children go for walks in the courtyard without any fear. In addition, the first floors with huge display windows were given over to cafes and shops, and rooms for storing baby carriages appeared in the porches.

There is a quarry next to the Novoskraskovo complex (pictured below). Some residents of nearby houses still remember the times when, as children, they caught crayfish and fish in it. But by the time the residential complex was being built, it was not easy even to approach the water.

Troika improved the embankment of the quarry in the summer of 2021. A beach was organized here, wooden walkways were laid, and modern sports grounds were installed. Today, the quarry has become the main resting place for residents of the Kraskovo village – a center of attraction, and 3-RED periodically organizes various master classes here, inviting professional sports coaches.

Apartments of the 1st stage of the Novokraskovo residential complex were sold out in just six months, which is twice as fast as even the developer himself had planned. At the start, housing was sold from 65,000 rubles per square meter. meter, and the cheapest studio cost 1.4 million rubles. Today, according to CIAN, the price per sq. meters in this residential complex varies from 138,000 to 190,000 rubles, which is about 2.5 times higher than the initial price. However, there are not many offers in this complex, a little more than a dozen, because many of those who initially bought apartments here for investment and further resale, kept them for themselves.

Why did the Oblaka residential complex have a sequel

Successful experience ” Novokraskovo ”3-RED decided to extend it to new projects. So, in 2018, construction of the Oblaka residential complex began in Lyubertsy (pictured below). This project also has its own closed area, barrier-free access to the entrances, storage rooms for baby carriages, modern security service and other elements of expensive high-quality housing.

But the main thing in our history was the fact that a new, mature stage in the life of a developer began with the residential complex “Oblaka”. If earlier Troika simply followed the architect as a guide teacher, then in Oblaki the monologue grew into a dialogue: the specialists of the development company began to show initiative and propose their solutions. “We are actively involved in social networks and never deprive residents of the opportunity to comment and criticize us,” says Maria Khuramshina, “thanks to which we were able to analyze and correct their mistakes, as well as introduce new options.” For example, in the residential complex “Oblaka” there is a designer decoration of the entrance halls and other common areas.

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Apartments in “Oblaki” were sold out several months before the end of construction (the house was commissioned by the state commission in 2020). The project turned out to be successful, especially considering that, firstly, the housing market has recently been oversaturated with offers from developers, and, as a rule, apartments are sold within 2-3 years after the completion of construction. And secondly, prices in “Oblaki” were on average 5-10% higher than in other new buildings in Lyubertsy. Buyers, having voted in rubles, showed that they are ready to pay more for better housing.

But Clouds, by the standards of the mass segment, is a relatively small complex, there are only about 1000 apartments. And “Troika” has released a continuation of this project: the residential complex “Clouds 2.0” (pictured above), already for 1900 apartments. “This is not the second stage of the first“ Oblakov ”, but a separate project,” says Maria Khuramshina. If translated into the language of cinema, then “Clouds 2.0” is not the second episode of the blockbuster, but its sequel.

The sequel to “Clouds” has new options that are not in the first project: for example, underground parking, where, in addition to parking spaces, there are storage rooms for residents. And the entrance to the courtyard is closed from cars: the territory is completely given over to children's games and walking.

Sales in the Oblaka 2.0 residential complex started at the end of 2020, and in just a few months about 350 lots were sold. This is twice as much as originally planned by Troika's sales department.

Premium in Yaroslavl and plans for the future

Today Troika is implementing four projects: three in the Moscow region and one in the center of Yaroslavl (pictured below). And in the near future the company will start construction of two more projects, however, the developer is in no hurry to disclose information on them.


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