Three developers leading the sale of housing in “old” Moscow


PIK lost ground a little over the year, LSR Group became one of the leaders, and Level Group’s results are stable

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2023 turned out to be a successful year for the market of new buildings in “old” Moscow. According to the Metrium company, the number of equity participation agreements increased by 31.8% compared to 2022, to 74.4 thousand DDU, and the sold area increased by 28.5%, to 3.6 million sq. m. meters. At the same time, the total share of the three leading developers in terms of the number of contracts decreased noticeably: from 59.8 to 49.2%. Both the top 3 and the companies’ results have changed. Experts from the portal decided to talk about three leading developers and their most popular projects.

PIK group of companies – 36.3% of all transactions

First place went to PIK Group, which has been leading the ranking for eight years. The group is still ahead of its competitors by a huge margin, which, however, has begun to decline. In 2023, PIK projects (including the Forma company, part of the Group of Companies) concluded 27 thousand agreements. This is 36.3% of the total number of transactions in the primary market of the capital within the old borders. Over the year, the number of contracts increased by only 0.6%, and the share completely decreased by 13.2%. The sold area decreased by 6.5%, to 1.1 million sq. m. meters. At the same time, revenue increased significantly: by 23.2%, to 400.6 billion rubles.

The most successful projects were Lublinsky Park, Matveevsky Park and Rustaveli 14. Last year, the first one topped the ranking of the best-selling new buildings in the mass segment of “old” Moscow, while the others took fourth and eleventh places, respectively. In total, 4.9 thousand transactions were concluded in the three complexes, or 11.7% of the total number in the segment.

“Lublinsky Park” is being built in Lyublino (South-Eastern Administrative District). The complex includes 54 residential buildings, as well as infrastructure facilities: seven kindergartens, three schools, and a clinic. The first buildings were completed in 2020. Now houses are being built with delivery in 2024-2027. Apartments cost from 6.8 million rubles for a studio with an area of ​​19.9 square meters. meters with finished finishing.

“Matveevsky Park” is located in the west of Moscow, in Ochakovo-Matveevsky. Residential buildings, three kindergartens, a primary school block, two schools and a shopping center are being built in the block. The houses began to be commissioned at the end of 2023. The buildings are under construction with delivery at the end of 2024. Prices for this project are higher. The most affordable studio at 19.9 sq. m. meter with pre-finishing costs 9 million rubles.

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Rustaveli, 14 is being built in the Butyrsky district (NEAD). The complex includes 16 residential buildings, two kindergartens and a school. The first houses were delivered in the second quarter of 2023, and those currently under construction will be completed this year and next. The minimum cost of apartments is even higher: from 9.4 million rubles for a studio with an area of ​​19.9 square meters. meters with finished finishing.

Developer LSR Group – 7.5% of all transactions

Second place went to LSR Group, which, on the contrary, significantly improved its results – in 2022 it was not even in the top 10. Last year, the company concluded 5.6 thousand agreements in its projects (market share – 7.5%). The area of ​​housing sold was 213.4 thousand square meters. meters, revenue – 73.6 billion rubles.

The most popular projects of LSR Group are: “Rays”, “Zilart” and “Dmitrovsky Sky”. “Luchi”, where 2291 contract agreements were concluded, are second only to “Lublinsky Park” from PIK in terms of sales in the mass segment. “Zilart” (1018 DDU) is on the fourth line of the best-selling new business class buildings in “old” Moscow in 2023, and “Dmitrovskoye Nebo” (909 DDU) is in sixth place.

Residential complex “Luchi” is located in the Solntsevo district in the west of the capital. The project includes residential buildings, five kindergartens and three schools. The houses began to be commissioned in 2017. Those buildings that are currently being built will be completed in 2024-2025. Housing will cost at least 6.9 million rubles. This is how much a studio of 22 square meters costs. meters.

“Zilart” is sold in the Danilovsky district (Southern Administrative Okrug). The project includes 30 residential buildings, nine kindergartens, a school, a museum, a clinic, a medical center and a hotel. The first houses were completed at the end of 2018. The buildings being built today will be commissioned at the end of 2025. Apartments in Zilart cost from 11.7 million rubles for a studio of 22.8 square meters. meters.

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“Dmitrovsky Sky” is being built in the Western Degunino region (SAO). The complex will be implemented in two stages. The first includes two towers and a multi-sectional building. Also within the framework of the project, two kindergartens and a school will be built. The first stage will be put into operation next year. To purchase an apartment you will need an amount of 9 million rubles. This is how much a studio of 22.6 sq.m. costs. meters.

Level Group company – 5.4% of all transactions

The third place in the rating in 2023, as in 2022, went to Level Group. At the same time, all the developer’s indicators increased. In 2023, 4.1 thousand transactions were completed in his projects. This is 1.5 times more than in 2022. The market share for DDU increased over the year from 5.1 to 5.4%. The sold area increased 1.4 times, to 199.8 thousand square meters. meters, and revenue increased 1.6 times, to 94 billion rubles.

The most popular Level Group complexes are “Level Yuzhnoportovaya”, “Level Michurinsky” and “Level Prichalny”. The Level Yuzhnoportovaya residential complex took fifth place in terms of demand in the mass segment (1,165 residential units), Level Michurinsky (625 residential units) took ninth place in business class, and Level Prichalny was not included in the top 15 of the rating.

“Level Yuzhnoportovaya” is a project at Pechatniki of the South-Eastern District. The complex is building 14 residential buildings, a kindergarten and a school. The buildings being built today will be completed in 2025-2027. Apartments cost from 6.5 million rubles (19.1 sq. meter studio), apartments – from 9.1 million (18.4 sq. meter studio).

Level Michurinsky is being built in Ochakovo-Matveevsky district (ZAO). The project consists of 11 residential buildings, three kindergartens and a school. The buildings will be completed in 2024-2026. Housing prices start from 13.1 million rubles for a studio of 22.4 square meters. meters.

“Level Prichalny” is located in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki in the north-west of the capital. The complex includes four residential buildings: “North”, “South”, “West” and “East”. Houses “East” and “South” will be completed at the end of 2023, “North” and “West” will be completed in the second quarter of this year. Apartments in the complex cost from 13.2 million rubles for a studio with an area of ​​17.4 square meters. meters.

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