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Yesterday, today, and many centuries ago, one of the main criteria for choosing luxury real estate was proximity to the center

The Kremlin has always been the main reference point when searching for prestigious housing in Moscow. “And from our window you can see Red Square!” – Soviet children boasted to each other in a poem by Sergei Mikhalkov.

What is happening to prices in prestigious areas of the center

The most prestigious districts of the capital's center are Tverskoy (the Kremlin itself is located on its territory), Arbat, Yakimanka, Khamovniki and Zamoskvorechye. However, in almost all of these areas, housing prices have recently shown negative dynamics or, more simply put, falling. According to the analytical portal, in January 2024, apartments in Yakimanka fell in price by 1.2%, in the Tverskoy district – by 0.4%, in Arbat – by 0.2%, in Khamovniki – by 0.2 %.

The exception is Zamoskvorechye, where in the same January residential real estate prices increased by 0.6%. Today the average price per sq. meters in the area is only 414 thousand rubles. This is very little for real estate, which is located opposite the Kremlin, on the other bank of the Moscow River, where the name came from. For comparison: the average cost of sq. meters on Yakimanka is 481 thousand rubles, and on Arbat – almost 500 thousand. And we should expect that in the near future prices in Zamoskvorechye will approach the level of these areas. According to the managing partner of Zip Realty Evgeniy Skomorovsky, Zamoskvorechye has development potential comparable to the “Golden Mile” on Ostozhenka, where today prices for apartments, according to, have reached 524 thousand rubles per sq. m. meter.

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“Garden Region”: Rosneft headquarters and the Argentine Embassy

Playwright Alexander Ostrovsky, who was very fond of Zamoskvorechye, called this area a garden region. Thanks to the absence of major highways and active traffic, the atmosphere here is quiet and unhurried. It is not surprising that the management of many large companies liked the “garden region”. For example, the headquarters of Rosneft, the main office of Gazprombank and the Alrosa group, the world leader in diamond mining, are located in Zamoskvorechye. The offices are adjacent to embassy mansions: Cuba, Argentina, Cameroon and Israel.

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Both the level of security and the residents correspond to such an environment. True, most of them pay for the right to live in the historical center of Moscow by living in old houses built during the USSR or even earlier, before the revolution. The best of them – the “Stalin” ones – are already approaching their centenary and are not very comfortable for living. The point here is not even about the renovation of the apartment itself. Repairs are often required for facades and entrances, not to mention engineering.

New buildings: final stage or start of sales

The construction of new houses in Zamoskvorechye has always been sporadic, so the area has retained good density, a balance of modern and historical houses, remained quiet, and most importantly, unlike the rest of the center, low-rise. It is worth noting that new buildings in this area, according to analysts from the development company Rariteco, are the leaders in price growth in the Central Administrative District: in 2023 they rose in price by 39.4%. Moreover, in Moscow as a whole, Zamoskvorechye was second only to Maryino, where apartment prices increased by 53%.

This trend is partly due to the fact that even today new residential complexes in Zamoskvorechye can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most of the projects entered the market several years ago and are currently already built or are in the final stages of construction. A significant advantage is that, having bought an apartment in such a project, you will not have to wait long for a housewarming party. But there are more disadvantages. Firstly, the most interesting lots (for example, those with the best views) have already been purchased. Secondly, the most affordable prices in new buildings are at the start of construction, and by its completion they increase by 20-25% (without taking into account general market dynamics).

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Club house with a French pronunciation

The youngest project in Zamoskvorechye – Club House Quartier d'Or(pictured below). It represents an elite quarter, built in the style of French neoclassicism. The complex will include three buildings ranging in height from six to eight floors, with a total of 73 apartments, as well as three separate villas. The total area of ​​buildings is about 4.3 thousand square meters. meters.

The development company Rariteco announced the construction of the Quartier d’Or club quarter quite recently, in November 2023. And while there is an opportunity to choose the most “delicious” lots at the most attractive prices. For example, residents of villas and apartments on the ground floors will have access to their own patios integrated into the landscaping of the courtyard. And on the upper floors of the buildings there will be six penthouses, from the windows of which there will be views of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Moscow City business center, as well as the famous Church of the Holy Martyr Clement, built in 1762.

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Currently, taking into account both the potential of the area and the construction readiness of Quartier d'Or, this project, according to Evgeniy Skomorovsky, is interesting both for investment, as well as for living. A French garden with an area of ​​about 1 thousand square meters has been designed on the territory of the complex. meters with a waterfall, art objects and rare plants. And the internal infrastructure of the clubhouse includes a gym, a beauty room, a pet washing room, a European-style fresh room, digital boxes for delivery services, as well as a concierge service. Completion of construction of the complex is scheduled for early 2026, but if you want to live in the “garden land”, then it is better to hurry up with the purchase.

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