A treadmill on the roof, or why I bought an apartment in the residential complex “Event”


“I feel like Bulgakov’s Margarita, only without a broom, I just run across the sky, and in 10 minutes the whole city flashes before my eyes”

An alarm clock on a smartphone announces the start of a new day with Funhouse. I jump out of bed like crazy. While I go to wash, I think that I need to change the call to something more melodic. Waking up to the dynamic rock of Pink is completely inhumane in relation to your beloved. However, for something more melodic, I probably won’t get up at six in the morning.

I put on my sneakers and sports uniform and leave the apartment. I take the elevator to the top. I go out on the roof, I get on the treadmill. First you need to warm up at a slow pace. Slowly I run across the bridge to the roof of the neighboring building and there I gradually accelerate. The length of the treadmill on the roof of our house is 280 meters. Plan for today: 10 laps, and then you can do some work on the simulators … On the second lap, I slow down a bit, glancing at the panorama of the city.

Moscow State University, Vorobyovy Gory, Hotel Ukraina, business center Moscow City, Poklonnaya Gora fly by… I feel like Bulgakov’s Margarita, only without a broom, I just run across the sky, and in 10 minutes the whole city flashes before my eyes. More specifically, I'm running on the roof of the 50-story tower of the fourth quarter of “Events”…

“This is a unique project for Moscow, no one has yet built residential buildings with a sky-park on the roof in our city,” the voice of the sales manager brings me back to reality. I am in the office of the Donstroy company, which is implementing the fourth phase of the Sobytiya residential complex. The main trump card of the new project is the sky-park for residents' recreation, which will be located on the roofs of all three buildings. But only two of them will be connected by bridges. There will be a 280-meter running track, outdoor exercise equipment, a recreation area and a playground.

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And at the level of 25-27 floors, all three towers will be connected by wide “sky bridges”, which will accommodate areas for walking, relaxing and working.

The “Event” has other trump cards. Developers of business and premium class housing have long been making entrance groups similar to the foyer of expensive hotels: a large lobby with a seating area, a reception and high ceilings. But, as a rule, the ceiling height of the foyer of modern residential complexes does not exceed four meters. This is somewhat more modest than in luxury hotels. The height of the ceilings in the fourth “Event” is five meters, but visually they will appear even higher due to the vertical elements in the design of the entrance groups.

Art spaces for walking will be created in the courtyard of the complex, as well as children's playgrounds with dry fountain, climbing wall, arches with swings, as well as lounge areas, cafes and restaurants. In each of the high-rises of the residential complex, areas will be allocated for two-level children's play clubs.

The disadvantage of the project is that the construction has just begun, and it will take three of the year. But at the same time, there is a plus in this, at the construction stage, you can buy an apartment much cheaper.

So, in the first stage of the residential complex “Events”, which entered the market in 2018, housing at the start was sold at an average of 180 thousand rubles per sq. m. meter. That is, a three-room apartment of 100 sq. meters cost about 18 million rubles.

The construction of the first stage of “Event-1” is already at the final stage: one building was commissioned in 2021, the rest will be commissioned by the state commission in early 2022. But today, housing in these buildings can only be bought on the secondary market, and prices are twice as high as the starting ones. In the CIAN real estate database, two-room apartments (with an area of ​​​​72-73 square meters) are sold within 29-30 million rubles; and the price of three-room apartments (95-100 sq. meters) starts from 34 million rubles.

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The second and third stages of “Events” are now in the active phase of construction, and there is still room for savings. But if you are ready to wait, then it is better to take a closer look at the fourth line. Sales there started at the end of October. And today, housing in unique skyscrapers with “heavenly” bridges and sky-parks on the roof is sold in the range of 370-420 thousand rubles per square meter. meter. But by the end of construction, according to experts, prices will rise by no less than 30-50%. In addition to the construction readiness of the object, there are several additional prerequisites for price growth.

In particular, today the nearest metro station (Michurinskiy Prospekt) to the residential complex is located at a distance of about 1 km from it. But in the near future, another station, Aminevskaya, will open 400 meters from the Event. As a rule, when a new metro station is opened, housing prices in neighboring houses make a sharp jump upwards by 15%, and then gradually grow by another 5-10% during the year (excluding market price fluctuations). In this case, the price increase will be less, since there is already a metro station within walking distance, but the opening of the Amenyevskaya station will add at least 10-15% to the price of apartments.

The project to improve the Ramenka river valley, where Donstroy, in addition to Events, is building two more residential complexes: projects “Lights” and “River”. For a long time, this area was a swampy, overgrown wasteland with heaps of garbage. A development company is creating a 24-hectare “Event” park here. It will be a large recreation area with a landscaped embankment, boulevards, squares, bike paths and a large natural park. When the landscaping is completed, the prices in all the above projects will increase significantly. In the meantime, apartments in the fourth phase of “Events” are being sold from 10.5 million rubles.


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