How to increase the chances of a quick sale of an apartment


The market price, documents on hand and a good display of housing will speed up the implementation period

Changes in the economic and political situation sometimes force homeowners in Russia to move to other countries for a long time. Many of these owners want to sell their apartment as soon as possible. However, this requires preparation and a thorough approach. The chances to stand out from other options and shorten the implementation time are liquid real estate, put up at the market price, with ready documents and in good condition. Of course, a discount will help speed up the process. Experts of the portal, using the data of the Metrium company, tell how it is now possible to quickly sell housing, both in the country and abroad.

Market price and discount

The first and most important thing is the market price. Both greatly overestimated and greatly underestimated cost will only scare away buyers. For a proper assessment of real estate, you can study the ads for housing with similar characteristics on the sites. It is worth considering the area, transport accessibility, surroundings, the year the house was built, the number of storeys, rooms and legal cleanliness. In addition, you can use the services of instant online assessment, which are available on some sites to search for real estate. After entering the requested parameters, the calculator will calculate the approximate cost of housing. To speed up the sale, set the price 5-10% below the market price, which will increase the number of requests from buyers.

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Finished Documents

If you indicate in the ad that all the documents are already on hand, this will greatly increase the chances of a quick deal. For sale, you need a title document for an apartment, an extract from the USRN, a technical passport, a passport and a certificate of family composition. The title document can be a certificate of inheritance, a deed of gift, a previous contract of sale, and so on. If the apartment was bought in marriage, and it belongs to jointly acquired property, then the spouse's permission for the transaction will be required. Another plus is deregistration. Many buyers want no one to be registered in the housing during the transaction.

Show the product face

A shabby appearance will not do any good, but a neat apartment at times increases the chances of an early sale. With a quick sale, there is no time to put the apartment in order and make cosmetic repairs. But it is better to find time at least to vacuum the rooms, furniture, replace burnt out light bulbs, if there are unpleasant odors, get rid of them.

It's just as important to photograph your home correctly. It is better to shoot during the day and in natural light, removing personal items from the frame. It is also worth finding attractive angles that allow you to focus on the merits, including the view from the windows: the embankment, the park, some attraction.

Another condition is the correct interaction with the buyer: both online and when showing the apartment. Even if the housing is liquid, but when communicating, the owner behaves rudely, and there are many relatives in the apartment, then the buyer simply will not be able to appreciate the premises.

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Remote sale

If the owner of the apartment is leaving in the coming days or has already left the country, housing can be sold remotely, but this will complicate the transaction. To many, it will seem complicated or even fraudulent. If a live meeting with the seller is of fundamental importance, even a discount may not help. jpg” />

There are two options for distance selling. In the first case, before leaving, a power of attorney for sale is issued. You can give rights to a relative, friend or realtor. The choice of a trustee must be approached carefully, since this method of implementation carries certain risks for the owner. They may simply not transfer the money received for the apartment or sell the house twice.

The second option is a remote transaction. Thanks to modern technologies, it can be carried out through electronic registration, being anywhere in the world. Similar services are provided by a number of major real estate services. In this case, the owner will need to involve a third party – a realtor. He will check all the documents and issue an application for the transaction. The service will help coordinate the actions of the participants, and after signing the contract, it will send documents for registration to Rosreestr.


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