Five criteria by which you can evaluate the reliability of a developer


You should focus on the history of the company, the state of construction, cooperation with leading banks, reputation and bonuses

The construction industry's transition to escrow accounts and project financing has protected homebuyers in new developments. The emergence of new defrauded shareholders is now impossible, but long delays in the delivery of houses and changes in the original concept are not a thing of the past. To avoid this, you need to choose a developer responsibly. Now in Russia, according to the “Unified Resource of Developers,” 2,750 developers are building housing, of which 138 companies are located in Moscow. Experts from the portal, using data from the Metrium company, talk about the five main criteria for the reliability of a developer.

Meeting deadlines

First, you need to check whether the developer is meeting the deadlines for commissioning projects. This can be found on the website of the “Unified Resource for Developers” Each developer here indicates the share of housing under construction with a postponement of the commissioning date (from the date in the first version of the project declaration) and a rating depending on it. The calculation takes into account houses completed over the last 3 years. The rating has values ​​from 0 to 5. The maximum value indicates that the prospect of timely input is close to 100%.

You can also check compliance with deadlines on the website “Nash.dom.rf”. The proportion of buildings with delays in terms of commissioning is indicated here, and data is also provided for the last 3 years. For reliable developers, the share should not exceed 25%. However, a company may have long-implemented projects or no projects at all. For new players in the market, it is worth researching the owners. If the company was founded by people from other well-known developers or general contractors, then this is a big plus.

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Active construction on site

It is also important how actively the construction of the complex of interest is underway. The website “Nash.dom.rf” will also help here, on which the developer is required to publish at least three photos from the site. From them you can understand the nature of the changes. For example, creating a pit, laying trenches, installing piles and foundations for an ordinary high-rise building takes an average of 4 months. Then they begin above-ground work, and the entire construction cycle lasts about 3 years.

It’s even better if the developer’s website has a live broadcast from the site. Then it's worth watching her. Thus, the movement of workers and equipment indicates that construction is being carried out not only on paper. This is relevant exclusively at the stage of excavation and installation of floors, because when finishing the buildings, many workers are already employed in the buildings.

Project financing and accreditation in the largest banks

The next criterion is that the developer obtains project financing from leading banks. For example, in Sberbank, VTB or others leading credit ratings, for example, from Expert RA on the website Banks must conduct legal, audit, financial and technical checks of developers. The larger the credit institution, the more thoroughly the inspections are carried out. In the latter case, the possibility that construction will be stopped due to bank bankruptcy is also excluded. The reliability of the developer is also evidenced by the large number of accredited banks, the operation of special mortgage and installment programs.

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Reviews from the media, brokers and clients

In addition, it is useful to study publications about the developer in leading media. The very attention of the federal media to the developer speaks of his high status. In addition, you can obtain information about the company from realtors cooperating with it. A third party, although interested, provides more meaningful analysis. You can also look at reviews of developer projects on the Internet and even, if possible, communicate with home owners in person. They can talk about “pitfalls” and non-obvious points.


Developers can also have regional, all-Russian and international awards. The jury of prestigious competitions and awards includes architects, engineers, designers and realtors who evaluate companies and their projects according to selected criteria. Typically, competitions take place in several stages, starting from the selection of applications, announcement of the long and short list and ending with the determination of the winners – the best of the best.

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