The five most expensive apartments in new buildings in Moscow


The cost of a part of the housing in the selection is approaching 2 billion rubles, the price of everything else exceeds this amount

Despite the decline in sales, the market for elite new buildings in Moscow continues to show price increases and set records in value. The experts of the portal, based on the data of the Metrium company, have compiled a rating of the most expensive apartments in the primary market of the capital. The first two places in the top 5 went to the “two billionaires”. The remaining three lacked this amount by several hundred million.

Penthouse in Vesper Tverskaya – 2.5 billion rubles

The rating was topped by an apartment for 2.5 billion rubles. Not only the most expensive, but also the largest of those presented in the selection – more than a thousand “squares”. This is a 1067.4 sq. meters, including a terrace of 82.7 sq. meters. The apartment with 4-meter ceilings occupies the entire top floor. You can get to it through a separate entrance group with an elevator and an access control system.

The penthouse is located in one of the two nine-story buildings of the Vesper Tverskaya complex near the Mayakovskaya metro station. In total, 134 service apartments with an area of ​​36 sq. meters. 24/7 concierge service is provided by the Moss Hospitality team. In the stylobate that unites the houses, there is a wellness with a fitness club and a 20-meter swimming pool, a restaurant, lounge areas and a shopping gallery. In the underground part on three floors there is a parking lot for 89 cars. Vesper commissioned the complex about a month ago, in April 2023.

Penthouse in Lavrushinsky – 2.1 billion rubles

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Then comes the penthouse for 2.1 billion rubles, the area of ​​u200bu200bwhich is approximately two times smaller – 459.4 square meters. meters. The apartment is on two levels. The height of the ceilings is 4 meters, in a space with a second light it reaches 7.9-8.2 meters. There are two bay windows, four balconies, a swimming pool and a terrace of 206.4 sq. meters.

Housing is offered in the central eight-story building of the Lavrushinsky complex near the Tretyakov Gallery. The other two houses (“Eastern” and “Western”) included in the project are 14 floors higher. In total, three buildings are designed for 153 apartments ranging from 65 sq. meters. There are also six villas and two retail buildings. Residents will have access to a fitness club, a 25-meter swimming pool, a sauna, a hammam and a hot-tub, a beauty room with a lounge area and a games room. A yard-park will be built on an area of ​​1.4 hectares, and a two-level parking for 279 cars will be built in the underground part. The complex is being built by the developer Sminex-Inteko, who is going to complete it in April-June 2024.

Apartment in the Club House in Gazetny – 1.9 billion rubles

The third place was taken by an apartment valued at 1.9 billion rubles. In terms of area, it is comparable to the leader of the rating – 943 sq. meters. The ceiling height is 3.2 meters. The apartment is located in the “Club House in Gazetny”, located, like Vesper Tverskaya, in the Tverskoy district, but closer to the Kremlin: within walking distance. The five-storey house includes 24 apartments ranging from 68 sq. meters. Underground parking is designed for 25 cars. The building was commissioned by Active Center in 2022.

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Penthouse in Malaya Bronnaya, 15 – 1.7 billion rubles

The fourth line went to a penthouse worth 1.7 billion rubles, with an area of ​​434 square meters. meters. The height of the streams is 3.6 meters. The apartment is surrounded by terraces. The penthouse is for sale in the club house “Malaya Bronnaya, 15”, a seven-story building on the Patriarch's Ponds. The house has 24 apartments with an area of ​​105 sq. meters. Two-level underground parking includes 40 parking spaces. The house was completed in 2019. The developer of the project is Leadstate.

Penthouse in Woods – 1.6 billion rubles

The penthouse closes the top 5 for 1.6 billion rubles. The housing area is 687 sq. meters. The apartment is two-level, it occupies the entire floors. Ceiling height reaches 4.5 meters. Each level has two terraces. Housing is rented by the developer with finishing, a ready-made kitchen and a bathroom.

This is the only apartment in the rating that is not located in the center of Moscow. It is located in the 14-storey building of the Woods complex, which is being built in Ramenki near the Moscow Golf Club. The project also includes an 18-storey tower. In total, 58 apartments with a footage of 17 “squares” are planned in the buildings. The complex will open a fitness center. The yard will be landscaped, a playground will be made. In the underground part there will be a three-level parking for 93 cars. The project is being implemented by AB Development. Buyers in Woods, as well as in Lavrushinsky, will have to wait until the second quarter of next year.


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