From illiquid assets to prestige: how apartments on the first floors became the most expensive


Prixy real estate developers have turned an unpopular home into a unique and in-demand one

Traditionally, apartments on the first floors of houses are not popular. Often, when looking for housing, you can hear the phrase: “Ground floor – do not offer!”. This is the most illiquid property. According to Avito Nedvizhimost, in new buildings, apartments on the ground floors cost 26% less than on higher floors, and are sold for the longest time. Therefore, developers began to leave premises on the first floors for commercial infrastructure. Other developers, mostly high-end housing, have gone further. We began to play with such proposals, turning them into unique and sought-after ones. Experts from the portal, using data from the Touch analytical center, decided to tell what they did not please the buyers of the apartments on the first floors and how they managed to solve these problems.

Crowded and noisy against the silence of the “fence”

The first floors are bad in the first place with a violation of privacy. We have to put bars on the windows and live with the curtains drawn, so as not to interfere with curious passers-by. Quiet and tranquility is also lacking. Gatherings on a bench at the entrance, games on the playground and other noises on the ground floor are heard especially well. In addition, such apartments can coexist with commercial premises. At best, it will be a quiet office of a lawyer or doctor, but they can also open a chain store. Developers solve all such shortcomings by revising the format itself. On the first floors, they began to make apartments with a separate entrance and an adjoining area – a patio. This creates a buffer between private space and the public yard. In addition, there is an additional place for recreation or sports.

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Too dark – thoughtful insolation

Also, on the first floors, there is usually a low level of insolation, especially if the windows overlook the courtyard, overgrown with tall trees, which, together with closed curtains, gives eternal twilight in the rooms. “The problem of insolation of apartments on the ground floors in new buildings is being solved quite successfully by developers. Since they themselves determine the improvement of the site on which the building stands, it is quite possible to position the house so that all apartments receive sufficient sunlight,” explained Sergey Shiferson, managing partner of Touch. According to him, landscaping can be done that does not prevent light from penetrating the lower floors.

What are

formatsHousing with a patio can be of several formats. There are apartments with their own entrance from the street. Or by entering through a common entrance group, and from the apartment you can already go out into the courtyard. A patio is a fenced area or terrace. The fence is made in the form of a hedge or tub with plants. Sometimes it is supplemented with glass panels, wooden gratings, metal and stone structures. Awnings can be installed. Patios can be designed for the warm season or all-season use, for example, with underfloor heating. In the apartments themselves, high ceilings of the order of 6 meters are often made, which allows you to plan a second level or make mezzanines.

How much

In Moscow new buildings, such housing can be bought even in the format of studios. In the Forst business class project in the south of the capital, they offer a studio of 33.3 sq. meters for 19.7 million rubles. But usually these are large apartments. In the complex of the same segment Champine in the South-East district, the area of ​​​​apartments with a patio starts from 77 sq. meters. This is a three-ruble note, which is sold for 32.6 million rubles. In the Primavera premium complex in Northwestern Administrative District, the price starts from 35 million rubles for a one-room apartment with an area of ​​66.6 sq. meters. In the elite project Victory Park Residences in the west, a “kopeck piece” of 67.3 sq. meters will cost 76 million rubles. In the center, prices are traditionally much higher. In the elite club house “Obydensky No. 1” (pictured below), such housing is called a city house. With an area of ​​496.7 sq. it costs 877.7 million rubles.

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So the most unattractive housing on the ground floors turned into a prestigious one. The owners of such apartments can live in the city as in a country house. With an outdoor space where you can even walk barefoot on your own lawn. In good weather, take a sunbath, arrange a vacation with your family, work or invite friends. Although now one cannot count on discounts for such an apartment on the ground floor.

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