Design code as the main argument in favor of moving from a noisy metropolis


The architecture and cultural code of the village unite people of a similar worldview in a natural way, without interviews in the style of the 1990s

You can feel your exclusivity by choosing an expensive house in an expensive direction. But there is a more elegant way – to become a co-creator.

The well-known route along the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. Even those who do not live here from time to time go to his addresses: with tickets or personal invitations to the Barvikha concert hall, in good weather to the Prichal or Veterok. Someone leaves even further, closer to Gorky-10, to the stable or to Lapino.

The further from Moscow, the more personal the goals become. One of the new settlements of Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, Birch River Village, is located 4 km from the respected hospital. Better not to come up with for a family, which, for example, is preparing for important changes in life.

One of the motives for moving out of town is the desire to feel differently. More safely. More relaxed. Become good parents. In suburban living, there is an inward look. This feeling comes when people want to be in harmony with themselves.

Choosing a good country house is not easy. The first lockdown of 2020 triggered strong demand, and as a result, the supply in the elite niche decreased by more than a quarter. The share of new cottages continues to decline and now accounts for only 44% of the market, according to experts in luxury real estate Kalinka Group.

With what budget do they come for houses on Rublevo-Uspenskoe? On average, from 100 million rubles per object. About 65% of the most expensive are offered in the legendary villages of this particular direction. There are more out-of-contract offers than houses built, but times have changed. The educated new elite no longer aspires to compete with the neighbor whose columns are higher.

The architecture and cultural code of the village became a filter and a kind of “safety cushion” to find yourself in the right company. A developer can naturally, without interviewing clients in the style of the 1990s, unite people of a similar worldview. This is important for a respectful neighborhood and a pleasant atmosphere.

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Behind the entrance to the village with a very Russian name, you will not see pine log houses in the style of the Konchalovsky family dacha on Nikolina Gora. In “Birch River Village” all residences are designed in laconic volumes in the spirit of constructivism. The Swiss bureau Shindler + Partner worked on the architectural idea.

Why this style? The developer of the village, the Hals-Development group of companies, has been selling real estate for wealthy people for almost 30 years. Most of those interested in buying residences in this elite “village” have experience of owning expensive properties. Many people opt for luxurious simplicity.

In a suburban project, the company went for an experiment: it invited buyers to decide for themselves how their house should look like. A clear visual guideline was created for the village: the design codes of the facades. No one has ever offered anything like this on the suburban real estate market. These are more than 60 solutions – scenarios of what the finishing of the facade can be. The collection of design codes was already developed by the Russian team of the Malikov Architectural Bureau.

There are as many as 18 residence projects in Birch River Village. Among them are single-level ones, and with spectacular light atriums, strict volumetric blocks and a beautiful turn of the facade. By combining the techniques of design codes, the owner can make his home unique. All details, materials and elements are chosen wisely, all are combined with each other, but at the same time they continue the general aesthetics and modern outlook on architecture.

“In our work we have studied the architecture of private houses in northern Europe, Asia and America – regions with similar snowy winters. Created a catalog of hundreds of tricks. They are combined into ready-made options, but can be used as you like. The choice of materials and technologies was based on environmental friendliness and modern trends in architecture, “says Nikita Malikov.

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There are a lot of details on the facades. They have a hierarchy. Some elements seriously change the appearance of the building, while others do not. This is how the techniques work effectively and effectively thanks to the original architectural proportions and volumes, which were used in the design of the residences by the Swiss David Schindler.

The owners of the residences just need to choose the idea of ​​their future home, the developer submits ready-made design projects for finishing the facades and recommendations on the materials used. There is no need to look for an architect and pay to develop a solution, which is practical and time-saving. You can use the proposed option, you can change it to suit your taste and budget, the variability of design codes makes it easy.

When all the residences are finished, an architectural walk through the Beryozok mini-quarters can be as impressive as the Golden Mile quarters. Each house will become a unique, author's architecture, a project of its owner.

Currently, the exposition of Birches River Village presents 16 houses worth from 92.6 million rubles. The sizes of the residences are from 400 to 1500 sq. meters correspond to the way of life of families, where it should be comfortable to raise several children, receive guests, and place helpers around the house if necessary. The houses are commensurate with the scale of the village itself: 60 hectares of land and the breadth of the surrounding landscape. Panoramic windows offer a view of the soothing Russian landscapes: a long embankment along the river and a cascade of ponds. Luxurious village by the water.

An interesting fact. A birch tree is not such a simple tree. There are about 120 of its species in the world. And birch bark is not only white, but also pink, brown, yellow. The leaves are round and carved. The trees are dwarf and under 30 meters high. Nature has its own design codes. Owners of luxury residences have their own.


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