10 secrets of successful bargaining when buying an apartment


With the help of weighty arguments and psychological tricks, you can get a discount and buy a home at a good price

You can and should bargain when buying an apartment. After all, owners usually overestimate their housing. They want to get the maximum, they put in the price a “reserve” for bargaining, or, having “tender feelings” for the apartment and considering it unique, they see in it not just walls. Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains. At the beginning of 2022, 64% of transactions in the secondary housing market of Moscow took place at a discount, as calculated by Inkom-Nedvizhimost. You can almost always count on discounts, the main thing is to prepare weighty arguments. At the same time, there is no need to overdo it and cling to trifles. It is better to resort to psychological tricks and establish contact with the seller. Based on data from Metrium, the Elitnoye.ru portal decided to tell you about 10 secrets that allow you to achieve a discount and make a bargain.

1. Find the unavoidable

Arguments about lowering the price should be balanced, not emotional. Name only significant flaws that cannot be corrected. The basis for the discount may be the location on the first and last floors. Unless, of course, it's an apartment with a patio or a penthouse. A clear bargain – the location of the apartment above, below or near the technical premises. These are boiler rooms and elevator shafts with a constant hum or garbage chutes with unpleasant odors, and the presence of a restaurant or shop behind the wall can also be attributed here. You need to ask for a discount for an unattractive view from the window: on the highway, tram tracks, a noisy street or garbage containers, and even on the entrance canopy, because neighbors from above can dump garbage there.

Housing with an unsuccessful layout should cost less: a small kitchen or adjoining rooms, as in many houses of the middle of the last century. Argument by the fact that every year such apartments are becoming more and more obsolete, and this is illiquid. Apartments with redevelopment are also candidates for a discount, even if the owner presents this as an advantage. During the reconstruction of premises, many violations are often committed: load-bearing structures are broken, new walls are erected, “wet” zones are transferred, and the area of ​​balconies is increased. It is better to refuse to buy such housing altogether, however, if you are ready to independently coordinate all changes in the future, then ask for a big discount.

2. Do not overpay for repairs

Only the general condition of housing plays a role in pricing. Owners often present designer finishes as an additional bonus that allows you to evaluate an apartment more expensively, but it is not necessary to overpay for it. Even if you like everything, and you are not going to change anything after the purchase, do not pretend. Say that in any case you are going to make repairs “for yourself”. On the other hand, “killed” apartments that require serious investments cannot cost as much as housing with at least cosmetic repairs. And there are many such lots, usually after a long lease and at the same time at a market price. If otherwise you are satisfied with the accommodation, insist on a discount.

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3. Look for inconsistencies

Before viewing the apartment, carefully study the text of the ad. People often embellish some parameters, and this needs to be emphasized. It may be written that it is five minutes to walk from the metro station, but in fact it is at least fifteen. Or “proximity to infrastructure facilities” means that it takes seven bus stops to get to school. Be sure to point out this fact, even if you do not have children or they are already adults. They can even change floors: instead of 13, indicate neighboring ones, so as not to frighten superstitious buyers. By the way, this is another great excuse for a discount. Or the ad states that the kitchen has an area of ​​9 square meters. meters, but in fact it is a little less.

4. Consider the motive and the term of the sale

Ask the reason for the sale of housing: is it urgent. For example, you need money quickly to move to another city, study or receive treatment. In these cases, prices should initially be lower, but this is not always the case. And, knowing about the situation of the seller, you need to wrap it in your favor. Another important point is the time the apartment is for sale. Look at the date of the announcement. Maybe they have been trying to sell the house for three months already. This is not a reason for bargaining, but it is easier to bring down the price on “hanging” lots. The owner is likely to be more accommodating.

5. Show that you understand the issue

To buy an apartment profitably, you need to study the secondary market well and know the prices. When bargaining, confidently talk about trends, make forecasts about stagnation and that real estate will soon fall in price. This knocks the ground out from under your feet, the owner loses confidence and is more willing to make concessions. You can also mention that a similar apartment in the next entrance is cheaper or its owners are ready for discounts.

6. Find a benefit for the seller

Homeowners often use arguments that are difficult to refute. The most significant of these is the alternative deal. The seller claims that he cannot (or really cannot) make a discount, because he is tied to the cost of the apartment he is buying in return. Then offer other options in exchange for a discount. Allow to check out of the apartment later, after the transaction, so that the former owner does not remain without permanent registration for longer than the time required by law. Or take out furniture and things not immediately, but after settling in a new place. Sometimes it helps to promise to cover the costs of the transaction, even if they are significantly less than the discount. You can also count on the discount if you pay in cash. This is a rather rare, but the most desirable option for sellers, which significantly speeds up the transaction. The buyer does not need time to approve and formalize the mortgage, and the owner does not need to collect the documents necessary for the bank.

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7. Involve third parties

It is worth going to the viewings with someone close to you, and not alone. Then you can play a mini-performance. If you take your husband (wife) with you, then portray the “evil” and “good” buyer. When the owner is a man, it is better for the wife to take the position of the interested party. She will make compliments about the apartment, which always forms a reciprocal sympathy, because usually housing is criticized, not praised. And the husband – to doubt, which threatens to disrupt the deal. This tactic is effective and will most likely get you a discount.

8. Criticize gently

When looking for the shortcomings of the apartment, remember the sense of proportion, you should not turn to biased criticism and outright manipulation. For example, do not cling to every light bulb. This will set the seller against it, he will not only not make a discount, but he may also refuse the transaction. Talk about negatives in a way that does not offend: point them out with regret, not with accusation. And in general it is better to be modest, even appearance matters. Do not show the owner of the apartment the level of your wealth: do not wear branded clothes, catchy expensive jewelry, watches. If the material status of the seller is lower than yours, then he may regard the request for a discount as an insult.

9. Establish personal contact

On the contrary, diplomacy opens any door. It’s not worth it to start bargaining right away, you must first prepare the ground and try to please the seller. If there are a lot of paintings in the apartment, then you can say that you love them too and praise the choice. Have a small child? Show interest in him, or at least ask about his age. If you have a pet, then pay attention to him, say that you also adore dogs (cats). If the owner is sociable, keep up the conversation on an abstract topic, confidentially tell something about yourself. When a person is attractive, they are more willing to make concessions.

10. Just ask

Even if the apartment has no serious flaws and it is sold at a fair price, it is quite possible to get a discount. Just ask how much the owner can concede. The very formulation of the question suggests that everyone must go to bargaining. Such a trick may well work.


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