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The wall behind the toilet seems to be almost useless: it would seem that there may be placed, excluding pipes and communications? It turns out, over the toilet tank to hang a lot of things… beautiful.

Designer Alexander Voronov

Picture for toilet
Than the wall above the toilet tank worse than any other in the house? In fact, nothing. So, it can perfectly decorate not only fun Wallpaper or a tile pattern, but… the provocative graffiti.

Valery Design

Classic alternative painted on the wall picture — cute posters, signs or picture in the frame. Valuable items reserved for other rooms (due to high humidity in the bathroom), but the prints in a sealed frame here.

Pavel Burmakin / SumburBuro

By the way: If the tank isn’t sealed shut, to hang the picture in the toilet is still possible. The question that this (most likely) will have to lower the tank with the usual height from the ceiling to a height of about 1.3–1.5 m.

Notice the wardrobe and drawers — if the ceiling of the toilet is located at considerable height.

Maxim Samsonov

Tip: a Similar decorative effect can produce and interior vinyl decal. These stickers can be any size and shape: from simulation classic paintings to fantastic compositions.

Olive Juice Designs

Wallpapers c ironic view of
Paintings can be hung in the bathroom not only in frame — unpredictable solution which will allow you to visually enlarge the tight space of the bathroom (and to demonstrate their sense of humor) — modern mural.

This beach with white sand and turquoise waters or the new York subway — you decide.


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Kati Curtis Design

Private collection
Not so important, what it is: paintings in the bathroom, the collection of ceramics, souvenir plates from travels or remaining from previous repairs fragmented tiles — the main thing is to be on the wall, interesting composition.

Enough to change a symmetrical hanging to creative chaos to freshen up the look of the room.


Quite often (due to lack of space) we are forced to look for unconventional solutions, for example, a toilet tank which uses the water from the sink for flushing. Depending on design, sink can be placed directly over the toilet or beside him, like the Roca W+W photo.

Court Atkins Group

The mirror over the toilet
To in the United the bathroom wasn’t going to waste the space, hang a mirror just above the sink and above the toilet. Look in such a mirror will be more convenient, even if you approach him together. In addition, it is visually enlarge the room and add light.

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Marina Zhukova

Handy mirror and an isolated toilet. Although, it would seem that this is not the item that you expect to see here. Pick a frame under the style of the interior, or play on the contrast — an interesting effect is secured.

Rethink Design Studio

Laura Hammett Ltd

Open shelves
A simple shelf to place not only over the sink — it will be useful over the toilet. One or more, on a single line or “ladder”, made of glass or wood — there are plenty to choose from. A good place for shelves in the niche over the toilet.

There is always something to keep from scented sachet in vases to rolls of toilet paper. This also put the posters in frames, if there is no desire to drill into the wall. And combined bathroom to place towels and toiletries.

Stephen Chung, Architect

The bookcase, over the toilet
Ordinary bookshelves are useful in the bathroom fans to read in the toilet. There will be enough space not only for periodicals and a few favorite volumes, but for different trifles and bathing accessories.

It is important from time to time to change the exposition of the books that they are not damp, especially if the room can not boast of good ventilation.

: Engage not only the wall behind the toilet, but adjacent to it.

Black and Milk | Interior Design | London

Shelves over the toilet
Choose specific models of shelving for a bathroom provided for the toilet or sink is empty space. Or buy a normal rack and remove the extra bottom shelf.

The advantage of this design — additional useful space (the rack space is quite a bit). For example, rails on the sides you can hang hooks and hang the towels on them.

Alexei Ivanov and Pavel Gerasimov|Geometrium design

Built-in wardrobe
Don’t wish that things were on the mind? Pay attention to wardrobe. It can be mounted or outdoor, with solid or glazed doors. Some models originally equipped with a towel, so that additional hooks and rails in the bathroom do not need.

Sarah Greenman

The usual open shelves can be replaced by a wicker hanging baskets: metal and willow twigs or plastic. They are suitable for towels or toilet paper than for tubes and jars, but things in the baskets perfectly ventilated.

Peter S. Balsam Associates

Roof rails
A metal rod will be useful not only for hanging towels right on them. You can Supplement their hooks (on the model of the same rails in the kitchen), hung baskets or other containers. This open design visually looks easier than a massive wardrobe. But the order here you need to watch more carefully.

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Twist Interior Design

Beautiful fabrics deserve not only a window. Elegant curtains are able to decorate the bathroom, especially decorated in a classic style. The function of such curtains may not be only decorative or easy to hide shelves or niche, so their content was not always in sight.

Tip: a blank window with lights mounted behind the curtain, will allow to achieve maximum realism and will simulate the window in the bathroom.

Barc Architects Ltd

We are accustomed to the fact that the bathroom light is on the ceiling. But why not raise a little light show? Led tape around the perimeter of the wall provide ample light, elegant look, long serve, and even save energy.

Make Interiors

Tip: Even regular bras installed over the toilet tank, it will look more spectacular than a banal shade”tablet”.

Buro Brainstorm

Washing machine over the toilet
Not full size, of course, and compact, specifically designed for placement on the wall. Alternatively, in a niche formed by the installation that can accommodate the water heater.

Igor Kurkin

The towel rack over the toilet
Most often it is placed on the adjacent wall, but nothing prevents to hang a towel bar directly over the toilet.

Paul Rice Architecture

Yes, it may look weird. But, if you can’t part with the “blue screen” even in the bathroom — for example, love to see the morning news while taking a shower — why not hang the screen on the free wall above the toilet.

Tip: There are models of built-in TVs — they are invisible in the off state, and the inclusion of “appear” on the glass. This model can be mounted behind the mirror or lacquered glass Cabinet doors. However, such TVs are made only under the order.

Natalia Mitrakova

Doors technical Cabinet
If the toilet is suspended, often the wall behind the lid is “walled in” installation and a built-in tank flushing. Over it or leave the niche (example pictured above) or organize the plumbing closet.

Use the decorative features of the wall the same way you would use conventional surface — decorated screen behind the toilet unusual tiles, and the upper part of the wall (or doors plumbing Cabinet) paint in pleasant shade.


What else, in your opinion, can serve as a decoration of the wall behind the toilet?


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