Christmas tree — a real object of worship: in December, he dressed up alone, families and companies. How to make this stylish and unusual? Look inside 10 clear color schemes that you can use as a cheat sheet.

First, let’s talk what to start from in choosing Christmas decorations.

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From the Chinese calendar
From the coming year is color: I mean the Chinese calendar and the popular mythology that surrounds the animal years (in 2019 is a yellow pig). You can argue that according to the Chinese calendar the year begins around February and you will be absolutely right. And yet, answering the question of what colors to decorate the Christmas tree in 2019, it’s best to focus on this clear symbols.

Say, the animal most suited brown and yellow tones, well-tested Christmas classics — gold Christmas decorations.

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From the stock bulbs
Decide whether you are ready to use the old decor. For example, if the red balls a lot and they are still very even nothing, then it is possible to manage the purchase of party of gold, silver or even some to taste — decorate a Christmas tree in two colours.

Tip: Think for the future. Buy four sets of Christmas balls — say, red, gold, blue and silver: all these colors combine well with each other. Want, use a combination of the two shades, want — three. Every year you will have a new scenario of the decor.

Inlaca (Interior Shop)

Look in the attic of a very old Christmas balls and figures: perhaps they have become vintage? Decorated so the tree looks very touching. Not to mention the fact that it makes you remember childhood and to share feelings already with my own children. How many of you use shades, it doesn’t matter. Advise is not to hang these toys are too tight — even around these sentimental art is “air”.

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Personal preference
In Scandinavia the Christmas tree sometimes decorating so that generally it is not clear whether the holiday ahead, whether the New year has passed, and the toys are already removed.

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And in America, on the contrary, prefer to “wrap tightly”. A good tone is to decorate the Christmas tree in red color, and the more elaborate, the better. At the base is certainly a box of wrapped gifts (wrapping paper is chosen to match the balls).

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From the interior
Tree element for the interior is unusual, not everyday. Normal that it stands out and it attracted all eyes. What are the strategies?

  • If the wall is bright (as in the example pictured above), perfect contrast to her balls, combined with white or silver.
  • If shades much “take” from the interior of the base two, and the third pick up on the contrast (see example below).

The idea with the Owners living “pulled” all the colors of the interior to decorate the Christmas tree for the New year. Take a look: and balls, and garlands duplicate the color of the chairs

Emma Green Design

Photo: the interior with purple and blue accents it is not surprising that a Christmas tree dressed in the same colors

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John Lewis & Partners

By the way: it is necessary to Focus not only on the color of the walls, but, say, the upholstery of the sofa and color of metal fittings. In the example in photo blue and silver toys were selected to match the bedspread. Soft beige shade in this composition acts as an accent.

How many colors should be on the tree
I insist two or three, otherwise from the trees to ripple in the eyes.

If you are using bright lights, which flashes with all the colors of the rainbow, no theory of color combinations for her “work”. Colorful lights — self-contained element of decor, they do not need support; simply buy a box of solid balls.

Tree Classics

In the photo: Christmas tree in red, gold and silver colours

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Decorate the tree in red: parse color scheme
The red color is not the most favorable the year of the yellow pig. But as an interior designer I’m sure it’s a “classic” Christmas decorations. Decoration based on red shades and this year will be in demand. First, not all superstitious; second, it is the most sonorous and the most traditional color, it contrasts nicely with the green of the trees.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme No. 1: Red, gold, silver
A win-win for many years, still alive Christmas hits of Frank Sinatra. Please note, I deliberately distribute the colors in equal proportions: they are in harmony with the green branches, and with each other. This same circuit can get ideas for decorating gifts: choose gold wrapping paper and red ribbon complement, or opposite, to take the red packaging with silver print.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme # 2: Red, gold, green
Green color refreshes a bit the usual scheme. In addition, the green balls you can hide the insufficient density of branches — for example, if you do not decorate the fir-tree and pine.

For this purpose, suitable and green garland — it should be placed closer to the trunk. Start with garland, then go to the hanging balls.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme No. 3: Blue, red, white
Another “proven” gamma for those who trust the tree the role of accent. This time I distribute the colours are not in equal proportions, take more blue balls: they so stand out against the green pines. Unlike red balls, they have to “take a number”, ThuOba not to lose in the fight for the attention.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme No. 4: Yellow, blue, red
Closer to the color of the year according to the Chinese calendar: enter a shade of yellow and combine with a contrasting red and blue. Please note, need just blue, not blue (it almost “falls” on green background).

I warn you once: this scheme is for bright and uncluttered — maybe even empty rooms. Bright tree will fill the space entirely — if not physically, then visually. Try to dress so it is fir, not pine or fir.


How to decorate a Christmas tree in gold, yellow, orange colors
Gold tone festive in themselves, and yellow are associated with Christmas citrus. Such scales should adhere to if you want to decorate a Christmas tree in accordance with the Chinese calendar.

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Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme No. 5: Yellow, orange, tangerine
Two of the last shade is very similar, and if the coloristic nuances don’t matter, just take the yellow plus orange (by the way, the balls in all seriousness, you can replace these tangerines). In this case, two citrus hue should be used in equal shares. The scheme is very cheerful and reminiscent of summer — ideal for those who January 1, crashes in Bali.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme No. 6: Green, orange, pink
Idea for those who are a little restrained combination shades and monochrome palette. It would seem, pink and peridot — not the most predictable pair, but if I want to “shake up” the overexposed interior, this is the approach you will need.

Fact: Pink and orange — are themselves exacting color, it is better to use in a restrained modern interior.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Scheme No. 7: Green, beige, brown
Beige and brown are also suitable to the mood of the coming year: the pig is called not only yellow, but earthy. These colors are not the usual Christmas decorations, but they go perfectly with the tree. I took three colors in equal proportions so that the composition was completely calm and harmonious.

Yastrebova Yulia

How to decorate a Christmas tree in blue and silver color
Another popular palette, this time built on a combination of cool colors. This tree seems as if sprinkled with snow, even if you are not using any special tools — all for a cold glare.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Diagram No. 8: Blue, cyan, white
This combination of cold tones associated with the magical shimmer of snow in the cold, so it fits in a Christmas atmosphere.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Diagram No. 9: Blue, purple
This color mix looks very festive and unusual. However, this will not fit any decor: if you have a beige or brown wall, it is better to choose a decor that’s warm. But on a white background, this tree will look very impressive.

If blue really doesn’t fit anything, replace it with white or silver: they too, of cold colors, but not as catchy purple will be the soloist.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Diagram No. 10: Cream, silver, black
Almost in the spirit of Chanel: the little black accent reigns. Dark balls should be very little, otherwise it will be grim: trim their silver balls and a large amount of neutral decor — for example, in beige tones.

Studio interior solutions “Decept”

In the photo: Christmas tree decorated in black, silver and muted gold tones they successfully replace the beige create a sense of the decor with history. You can beat this range and a little different as pictured below, where each toy is a combination of several shades

Corynne Pless

What color is the strategy pursued by you? Think whether it is about the combination of colors of the balls? Share in the comments!


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