Mikrotrend: Arches in the interior


Centenarians architectural scenes, loved by the ancient Romans, the arch was so popular in the 90-ies of the last century that have become almost a symbol of bad taste. The last 30 years to enter into the interior of the arch was solved, not every designer. But now arch again in every second European project. They obvious demand and fashion.

Look arch in 2020 is different: different proportions, materials and even colors. Explain what has changed. And that is important to consider if you are averse to arrange in the interior of the arched doorway.



1. The proportions of the arches became more stretched vertically

Unlike traditional classical arches, new — narrow and elongated upwards. It form new arches gives a sense of fresh trendy solutions.

2. The arch is no more massive framing
If earlier opening could make wooden frames, the new “fashionable” arch incredibly.

By the way: Over the door do not have to do real-arched doorway (non-standard doors on the arch can be quite expensive) — there are decorative techniques for visual lengthening height. For example, the arch painted on the wall.


3. Fashionable arch highlighted
It is this feature rarely pay attention not designers. But it makes the modern interior arches fashionable. Just color the inner ends of the openings or the wall around the arch in quite contrasting to the interior color — and the arch will sparkle!

Mon Habitation Concept | Paris, Lille, London

4. Arch has ceased to be the only opening
Arches were popular in the Wake of the General trend geometric. Their use is now not only a traditional way — for openings, but for the facades of the cabinets and for wall decor and shower enclosures. The modern design of the arch allows experiments.

Novell Design Build


1. To attract attention

The arch is a perfect frame for what you want to attract attention. Whether painting, printmaking or just a beautiful bra. In the project pictured above arch accented fireplace portal.


Photo: visualisation of the interior project, where with the help of the arch focused on the unusual lamp

Photo from instagram mattermade

2. To unite the disparate objects

Arch, especially flatter, slightly elongated horizontally than vertically, perfectly combines a few items, even if they are heterogeneous and scattered. And if inside the arch rhythmically positioning the same section of cabinets, for example — we will get a perfectly precise and absolutely classic harmonious composition.

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Lagom architectes

3. Enter the color
The inner end faces (slopes) of the arched openings, painted in a contrasting interior color, enrich the overall color scheme.

Photo from BocadoLobo.com

It is possible to paint as the interior space of the arch, and the entire circuit, including the floor.

Photo from casadiluce.ca

4. To add intrigue
For this you need only to hang in the arched doorway curtain! The simpler and more concise in content and color will be the decision — the better. Choose the intense colour of the fabric with an absolutely minimalist opening. A rich décor associative will remind Cutesy alcove or cabaret it is unlikely the desired images. Therefore, the reception draped in the arch — the Amateur and for special occasions.

Studio Enjoy Home

5. New perspective
Traditional welcome when through the arch you can see the next arch. If arched enfilade has no place — use Wallpaper.

Photo from cocolapinedesign.com

When talking about the spacious rooms, arches literally strung space. Arched doorway, is especially highlighted, insistently beckoning to enter.


On the facades of cabinets. Arches can be a decoration of custom-made furniture. In the photo above — the London Studio project Studio Ben Allen, below, the Paris draft.

Batiik Studio

Most of the arches in the furniture — not a single item, and repeating. For example, two or three arches on the facade of a long line of cabinets. Not necessarily the same! Look at the photo: one arch was erected over the niche under the table, and the second focuses shelf / wardrobe or other piece of furniture. The height of the arches may be different.

Buro 19.23

Photo: arch (here drywall), decorates a niche under the couch, in the closets, allows you to select this area on the General background of the rectangular contours and to draw more attention to the sofa. Internal compartment space becomes cozier and more original

Mon Habitation Concept | Paris, Lille, London

The arched form is universal — you can make any seat or bed

Charlotte Fequet

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Agence hivoa

At the head (at the back of beds or benches in the kitchen). To the bed in the bedroom, you can come up with a complex composition, to use more modern colours and materials. But this option is quite eccentric due to the saturation of decorative techniques can quite quickly get bored. Perhaps that is why arch is most often used in the design of hotel room design hotels.


In the form of a mirror. Round and elongated oval mirror has already become a distinctive feature of fashionable bathrooms. And keep this topic high arched mirrors.

Tatiana Artemieva / Art&Eva

Photo from crithome.com

Arched mirror in the bathroom can be maintained with arched openings shower or flat decorative display on the wall. One trendy color plus an interesting texture combined with the shape of the arch will give your bathroom a completely fresh, easy and even a little playful.

Tatiana Artemieva / Art&Eva

Photo from homestolove.com.au

Fencing the soul. Framed by thin strips of metal such arch is the quintessence of the current trend: single detail bright, light, transparent and conditional mean in a minimalist frame. The only negative — the fence will have to be custom-made.


Just a photo: tub in bedroom — 20 examples

Batiik Studio

Partitions. In black metal frames, with corrugated or transparent glass, arches look very impressive. If this is the doorway to the living room or dining room, it makes the entrance to the room more festive.

Tatiana Artemieva / Art&Eva

Photo from estliving.com

Of course, it is about custom design, and therefore they will cost more expensive than usual. But such a partition is needed only in the interior — in the most significant place.

M68 Béton – Teintes – Matières

Important: the Theme of the arch is necessary to maintain in the interior. Let one or two small details, in the form of furniture or picture on the fabric / Wallpaper, light, ball shape, but circular or sinuous in the room must be present.

Arches in the modern style in the living room and other spaces

How do you feel about the new fashion on the arches? Ready to use modern arches in their own house or apartment?


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