Three myths about the premium housing market, or why “elite” is not only the “Golden Mile”


Many myths and marketing tricks are hopelessly outdated. The concept of luxury apartments is not keeping pace with the evolution of complexes

The topic of elite housing is surrounded by a large number of myths and marketing “chips” that have not been related to reality for a long time. It should be admitted that twenty years ago they took place in the real estate market, but now they are hopelessly outdated. Premium housing has changed a lot in recent years, the class of new houses has grown sharply, as well as the quality bar in terms of layouts, decoration, and infrastructure filling of projects. It turns out that & lt; a what href = & # 8220; https: //— eto-ne -tolko-zolotaia-milia-61537a3e28cfb11c38d6b8b8 & # 8221; target = & # 8220; _blank & # 8221; & gt; notions of elite housing do not keep pace with the evolution of residential complexes.

Myth one: “Real elite housing is only club houses, no more than ten apartments”

Developers and realtors have been persistently trying to introduce this idea into the minds of buyers since the early 2000s, but a beautiful marketing idea crashed into reality. There are few club houses, and, as it turns out, life in them is far from the standard of comfort. Yes, there are few neighbors in the house, but their own territory is small, and sometimes it is not at all. Around, we often see not the safest environment.

The internal infrastructure is also “far from ideal”, because it also needs to be maintained, which is problematic to do in the framework of small projects. It turns out that it is in large complexes that you can create a really high-quality living environment.

Myth two: “elite housing does not age”

Enter the most prestigious houses in Moscow, built twenty years ago, and you will be surprised how “tired” they look. And it's not just about physical wear and tear. Small and dull halls, ill-conceived layouts, tiny windows, “unfashionable” decoration are striking. And today even new business-class houses in all respects outperform yesterday's premium real estate.

New houses are also interesting from an investment point of view. At the moment, you can make money on the real estate market only by investing in the most liquid new buildings in the early stages of construction. Of course, we are not talking about doubling the invested funds, as it was in the early 2000s, but high-quality new “business” and “premium” class projects have been adding 30-40% to the price at the start of construction in recent years. However, it is important to choose the right object here.

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Myth three: “Only houses on Ostozhenka, on the Golden Mile deserve to be called premium”

This myth was actively funded the first developers of the area, but in recent years it has pretty much collapsed almost to the ground. First, premium houses appeared in Khamovniki, Zamoskvorechye and Kutuzovsky. Over the past 5-6 years, the geography of the “elite” has completely lost its contours, because upscale houses began to appear throughout the city.

Today we see places where new premium clusters are being formed. Among the interesting locations, one can single out the area around Paveletskaya, located next to the Moskva River and the Garden Ring. Here, on the site of the former industrial zones, one of the largest business clusters in Moscow has already formed with offices of international and Russian companies from various business sectors. In addition, the entire urban infrastructure is provided to the services of residents and residents of the district: metro stations, schools and kindergartens, cafes and restaurants, shops and beauty salons, an embankment. Residential real estate developers, of course, did not stand aside, and more and more prefer Paveletskaya and its environs.

Of particular interest is the cluster at the junction of Zamoskvorechye and Danilovsky District. It combines all the advantages of central locations. The city center with its incredibly wide range of possibilities is located within walking distance. And at the same time, this island is very quiet, a kind of stress-free zone has formed here, where it is pleasant to live. An additional bonus: in the coming months, a large shopping and entertainment center Paveletskaya Plaza will open here in a new format for Moscow. A large picturesque park with an open-air cinema, active recreation areas and restaurants will be laid out on its roof.

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The park with an open-air cinema will soon be competing with another space located nearby, within the premium residential complex HIGH LIFE 11. Letnikovskaya.

Perhaps this is one of the best examples confirming the thesis that new projects in the real estate market have reached a completely different level of quality and comfort. The residential complex takes into account all aspects of premium-class housing: an excellent location, comprehensive services for residents, thoughtful planning solutions with several types of finishes and, of course, a lobby of the level of world luxury hotels, from which, in fact, acquaintance with the house begins.

The entrance lobbies (photo above) owe their ultra-modern appearance and special atmosphere to the famous Spanish interior designer Jaime Beriestain. But this is not enough. The developer of the complex tried to take several steps into the future by offering new options for the market. Let's dwell on just a few of them.

Inside the complex is not just a “courtyard without cars”, but a real two-level oasis with a picturesque park. It creates a complex relief with many spaces for active rest and relaxation. The green landscape will create an atmosphere of privacy and silence in the very center of the metropolis.

All apartments have panoramic glazing. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the facades are almost entirely made of glass enclosed in thin metal frames. Future residents will be able to fully appreciate the breathtaking views of the Moskva River, the city center and Moscow City!

The area of ​​the club infrastructure HIGH LIFE Letnikovskaya, 11, which is available only to residents of the complex, is almost a thousand” squares “. You can easily disconnect from the bustling metropolis by sitting on the terrace or in the lounge area in the courtyard. There is no need to leave the complex even if you are planning to celebrate an important event with friends or the whole family. At your service is a special space that can be easily transformed into any format of events, and the club cinema is perfect for watching your favorite movie by the whole company.


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