“Greenhouse”: the urban utopia of transformation of Moscow in the city


    Once again hearing the phrase “what’s the point of travel, when in “city” all have” browser “Elite.RU” he closed his eyes and presented the life of Muscovites in 200 years

    2218 year

    Two stalkers turned from the Kutuzovsky prospectus to Rublevsky highway. The roots of old trees riddled with a web of asphalt roads, by the roadside stood out the silhouettes of drowned trees buildings. From time to time from the bushes jumped rabbits. The Park Krylatsky hills the road was a wild boar. The senior in the pair stopped at a safe distance from the animal. However, the second round partner, moved forward and stood in front of the nose of a boar. Cleaver grunted and lunged at the unseen creature.


    Architect Boris Thor suggested the Moscow authorities to convert the former quarry area of 100 hectares, located next to the Expocentre, in the modern business center.


    Construction of the first skyscraper of business center called “Tower 2000”.


    The first towers “Moscow-city” was only office and retail space. However, in 2006, selling out the first apartments in the skyscrapers of “City of capitals”, “Federation”and “Empire”.


    In “Moscow-city” there are already 12 built high-rises, the total number of apartments in which reaches almost 3 thousand lots. About 70% of this volume has already been sold. Due to the extensive infrastructure of the business center, residents rarely leave. There are hermits who do not go outside for months.

    Slang for shut-ins at the territory of the business center called “city”. And “Moscow”, despite the fact that the city is located almost in the Central part of the city, call the city beyond. No point to get out in the “Moscow” hermits don’t see in summer hot in the city, cold in the winter. To leave the territory of the business center, in their opinion, it is necessary only for travel to the mountains or the sea.

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    Girl living in the city: how to spend six months in “Moscow-city” and not go out

    “In “city” have a job, shops, cafes, restaurants and everything else you need for life! Why go to Moscow?! – they wonder. Here you can exercise, wander around the galleries “APIMELL” as the streets, with all year round without clothing: it is generally not necessary.” The number of such people is growing rapidly, and psychologists are beginning to use against them, the term “city-depends”.

    2068 year

    The number of skyscrapers “city” rose to 338, and the territory of the business complex has increased at the expense of adjacent areas until 1838 hectares. All wealthy people and 99% of the middle class are moving to live in a “city”. Beyond, in Moscow, lives only poor, dysfunctional elements. The city gradually turns into slums.

    2118 year

    It completed the construction of a glass dome that covered the entire territory of the city. The support points of the design are the skyscrapers. 100% of Muscovites live in the dome, and areas outside of it are overgrown with forest being wild animals.

    To get outside of the Greenhouse makes no sense

    The term “city” is increasingly used to describe the area within the original boundaries of the business centre, and the total space under the dome is called “the Orangery”. The rich and middle class live in skyscrapers and the poor – in the underground Parking. The cars of the inhabitants of the Greenhouse is not needed. Under the dome created a special recreation zone, simulating the climate of different resorts in the world. To get outside of the Greenhouse makes no sense.

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    2218 year

    “Well, again, the drone slammed the third in a month – cursed head of the group, ripping off the helmet of a virtual reality. The evening will report that you were expelled from the research team.” Include on your Dhron recall mode on the autopilot, he pulled out a massive, gelatinous body from the Desk chair and, panting, walked on moving walkways. “Just live in me the spirit of adventure, it is interesting sometimes to take a risk, to see how he’ll react!” – tried to justify the young Stalker, moving after senior his watery shape, not inferior in size to the figure of the foreman. “Okay, then will understand, – has begun to cool the researcher. – You hurry up, soon moving walkways will shut down and will have to walk to a cafe to get to, but that doesn’t make any sense…”


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